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Thursday, October 20, 2005

   New Fanart!
Hokay. So. I posted more art, one of Zelos, and one of Colette. Please vote! ^_^

So things are going good I guess. I'm bored out of my mind...Gotta get ready for school, see ya'll later!

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Friday, September 30, 2005

Well, I'm sick today (my throat is killing me), but I'm going to school starting 4th period (which is in like, 15 minutes), because I have stuff to turn in for Yearbook, a test in Chemistry, and a debate in AP Euro. I hope I didn't miss much in my other two classes.

I hope you like my new layouty thingy. XD I love teh Chibiz! *glomps Zelos* So cute!

The rest of my site kinda looks like...A packet of starburst...But those are tasty!

I drew a pretty cool piccu of Colette that I may post. And Kai said she's gonna try to burn photoshop for me. I kinda know how to use it, because I was in a computer class for design and stuff in 7th grade. That was three years ago, but I'm hopeful I still remember...To bad I heard that Photoshop is near impossible to burn...^_^;

Well, gotta get to school. Tootles!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

   Tis' been a while...
Howdy people!

How's life been treatin' ya? Sorry I've been gone a while, put part of it is school and part of it is sheer laziness. But it has been an eventful week, so now, I will tell you about it!

Well, so it's been past the due date for dropping classes, but I had a major panic attack about AP Euro and all my other classes this weekend and tried to drop it. Because I haven't been "Academically Misplaced" it would have been difficult to transfer into World History, so my counselor and teacher, who both thought I would do fine convinced me to stay.

My Chem. Teacher also brought a Taratula and a Wasp to class in the same jar...She found them in Wine Country having a bug battle, and captured them...The tarantula is currently sitting at my table, and I'm less than pleased...Luckily for me, it's not moving AT ALL, so it most likely, is dead...I almost feel sorry for it...I mean, it fricken lost to a wasp...ONLY ALMOST THOUGH!

Today was especially great, because I got to use the almightyness of the yearbook pass, and went to the library without a signed note from a teacher or hall pass...XD It was during Yearbook of course, I'm not going to abuse my power...I SWEAR, I'M NOT!

Speaking of power, Kai (a girl) the president of out Anime Club and I have become friends during the school year so far, and partially on over the summer, because she's on DeviantArt. Well, last week, I helped her out a lot with posters and set up for Club Rush (where you go sign up for a ton of clubs) and that was fun. She was greatful I think, we were kind of in a rush to get the posters done.

Anywho, today we had elections for Treasurer and Secratary since the two who were going to do it bailed (one had football and stuff). So...Hee...Hee...Guess who is now the Treasurer of the CHS Anime Club! XD ME! HAHA! I'm so happy! Sora got Secratary. But it was cool, because 20 people out of like, 30 or 35 voted for me, and half of them I didn't even know because they were Freshman.

I was especially happy though, because Edison, Jhoemar and Jared (Sagasaki) all voted for me. They've been my best friends so far this year (except for Chris, but he hates anime). XD I'm just so happy! People know me at the school now, in Yearbook and Anime Club, and I'm making friends with other kids in all my other classes too.

It's also cool, because this one boy, Jake, who was in my mom's art class in Hawaii, lived on Ford Island with our family friends, and was the kid in Pearl Harbor who watched the planes go by (you know, the part where the kid runs to the fence and sees them, he was on all the popcorn bags). Well, he sits behind me in Chemistry class, so we get to talk sometimes! XD He's on the wrestling team.

Well, I guess I should go for now, I have to write an essay on why Calvanism was so successful...I hope you all are safe and happy too! Ja ne!

BTW, if you want to see Kai's artwork, you can go here, she's really good:
Kai's DeviantArt

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Friday, August 26, 2005

   Ho Hum...

So the first week of school has been good so far. I met back up with Sagasaki and Sheldon, they're good, but they've gotten so much taller! XD Well, people do that.

Chemistry is putting me to sleep though...Yearbook is great so far, and so is English and AP Euro!

I did finally get my summer assignments done. Phew...

Updated my gallery, click the button at the bottom of the page. I made a construction paper version of Presea for my English class. We were doing "I Am" poems, and since we were supposed to make a background of something we liked, I put Presea, for videogames and anime! XD

Well, that's all I guess. Tomorrow I get to go spend three pointless hours in San Diego while my sister and her friend Alexis hits the Coldplay concert...Dad heads to Korea/Japan as well.

I made him a very long list...XD

Well, Ja Ne!


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Sunday, August 21, 2005

   Not here, not now, watching my frustrations grow...
Currently: iPod-ding, Listening to the Instant Star soundtrack, and procrastinating from my last two essays...

So, I've fallen back into my Yuugiou obsession, thanks to a few quizzes on Quizilla...Marik and Bakura quizzes are fun...XD Wow...That was weird...Yeah ok. So yeah, Yuugiou, all good...Ignoring the fact that they aren't showing the Memory World Saga on American television, THE DAMN BASTARDS! But...At least 4kids isn't dubbing it...Phew. I WILL GET YOU 4KIDS! JUST YOU WAIT!

They have the liscence to Ojamajo Doremi...Yet another good anime they're going to destroy...*sigh* Not that I've seen it, but I picked up a flyer for it in Japan, a Doraemon one too...I think 4kids should dub Doraemon, that's actually 4-KIDS...Ha...Get it...Yeah...Nevermind...

So anyway, school starts tomorrow...Ku Ku Ku...I got my haircut on Wednesday, as well as bought a ton of new clothes, because all I really wear are jeans, t-shirts, and sweatshirts...I needed some style and color, and now I have bright orange and bright green and a jacket that looks like starbursts, but that's ok, because I picked them out...XD I like my new clothes.

Zelos: I do too...
Ichigo: No one asked you... ... *glomps Zelos*
Zelos: ^_^

Yeah, so, anyway, an essay and a half to go, they aren't due until Friday, which is when my dad leaves on his Korea/Japan trip, my brother goes to Iraq, and my sister goes to the Coldplay Concert in Chula Vista. Wow, what a day that will be. And I don't even get to go to the concerts. I have to hang out with mom, the whole night...I mean, not that that's a bad thing, it's just that Fridays are new Degrassi and Instant Star days...

Well, better get back to those essays...Grr...I'm kinda nervous about school tomorrow, but not that nervous...Ya'll know how it is...

Yup...So, that's it...I guess...Bye bye!


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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Tales of Symphonia of course...I may put up a Yuugiou one later...

Anywho, I got a call from my brother yesterday, he said he spent a lot of money on videogames and a PSP before he heads to Iraq. XD He'd better let me play the PSP when he gets back.

So anyway, I have to finish both my essays tomorrow, because Wednesday we're going clothes shopping for school...And I need new Vans shoes...Mine are rubbing off on the bottom...TT

So, yeah, that's about it...Hope you like my wallpaper. Ja!


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Saturday, August 13, 2005

So, I finished one essay, still have two to go. I'm gonna do 'em tomorrow...Then I have to handwrite (I'm typing them first so I don't waste paper).

Anyway, Thursday night, after registration, it was my Aunt's birthday and she came down to our house we had Hawaiian food because they opened an L&L Drive In here in my town...Well, at the same time, I found out my brother is going to Iraq at the end of the month. He volunteered since he is in the Air Force.

I'm nervous about it, but it's good for him to get away. He lives in a different state in his grandparents basement...So yeah...It may give him some time in the barracks to figure out what to do with his life...^^...His grandparents are really mean...I hope he figures out something...XD

So yeah, I guess that's all.

Bye bye!


"I don't wanna believe in your merry-go-round. Stop picking me up
when I want to be down. Scratch my nails on the floor and I'm liking the sound. What's the breeze upon my face? How dare you invade my space." ~Lillix

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

So, today was registration day...I got my books! ^__^

I'm taking:
English 10
AP European History
Spanish 2

Yearbook is cool because my english teacher from last year is also yearbook teacher.

So here's what happened today though...

For Chemistry, I got Mrs. Anderson, my sisters Chem. and AP Bio teacher for the last 2 years...Well, Sarah wasn't exactly the nicest student, she despised Mrs. Anderson, so, here's how we though the first day of school might go...

Mrs. Anderson: McDougall...Any relation to Sarah McDougall?
Me: Um...Yes...
Mrs. Anderson: ARe you gonna sleep in my class?
Me: Maybe...But I prefer to not pay any attention by drawing. Sleeping is Sarah's thing.
Mrs. Anderson: T_T

Spanish will be cool, because when we were getting my Spanish book, the first one my sister picked up was hers from last semester...XD And she conjugated all the verbs in the back, so it's kinda of like the in Harry Potter. Sarah's the Half Blood Prince (er. Princess) and I'm Harry...Except, I know it's my sisters book...I'm so weird...XD

Anywho, so yeah. I got my Instant Star CD yesterday...It accidently went to the neighbors...O.o Damn you USPS! TT

Sarah and I also watched Nausicca of the Valley of the Wind...I love studio Ghibli movies...Just not Kiki's Delivery Service...That one is ok, but I don't like it much. I liked Nausicca though, especially since Shia LaBeouf playing as Prince Asbel. XD And I loved the little fox-squirrel.

So yeah, that's about it for today. We have to go get a birthday present for my aunt. I'm not sure of what she would want though...Niether is dad, and she's his sister...T_T

Ja ne!


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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

   Lodoss War
Currently watching the Records of the Lodoss War...It's pretty good, and it's kind of like Lord of the Rings. It's got Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Mage's, and Priests...You could also say its like Tales of Symphonia (but, that could just be me ^^)

I was surprised though...Why? Because there are two voices in this show that are done by 4KIDS people, Lisa Ortiz,who plays Deedlit, and is best known for playing Serenity Wheeler in Yuugiou, and Ted Lewis, who plays Etoh is also Ryou Bakura in Yuugiou. They're acting is really good in this series, so that can only prove that they are the two best voice actors from 4KIDS. It's extremely dissapointng that they're wasting their talent on all the edited crap 4KIDS has been putting out...But, I guess they love what they do.

Lisa and Ted, I commend thee.

My dad and I went out to breakfast today. I got chocolate chip pancakes and sausage...It was good. Then we went to Best Buy, and I picked up the Lillix CD, it's pretty good. I looked for the last volume of Azumanga Daioh, but they didn't have any copies of any of the volumes...For that, I will now shed an Emo Tear...*tear*
Then I came home, and my sis got her Coldplay tickets in the mail today, she's so excited. I"m happy for her, she loves Coldplay! I'm not fond of them though.

My Instant Star CD should be here soon, I'm tracking it online. ^^ That's so handy! It went from Texas to California in one day! XD It'll either be here today or tomorrow, I think.

Registration day is on Thursday...I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! I wanna go back to school, so badly. The summer is so boring, I really miss year round school. XD

Well, I guess that's all for now...I'm going to watch Nausicca later...I gotta do those essays, my goal is to have them done by Monday.

Oh well, at least I don't have to read a book on Psycology and Uncle Tom's Cabin like my sis does. Heh, heh. Sucks for her.

Bye bye!


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Monday, August 8, 2005

   Hmm...I don't...Know...
...So, it's been an uneventful monday so far, with the exception of my sister acting like a complete doofus.

Currently watching "2 Stupid Dogs" I used to watch it all the time when my family was overseas on Cartoonnetwork (that, and Discovery channel were the only English television, other than news). It's still kinda funny, but not as much.

So I finished reading for AP Euro, now I just have the three essays...Yeah...TT I'm gonna ask my dad to help me since he's a history major. My sis said she would help, but she's been really...ahem...Witchy lately. It's kinda pissing me off...

So yeah, that's about it, other then I have been drowning my self in fanfiction...XD

So, I finish this post now, saying that my Instant Star CD has gone from Canada...To Texas...And I live in California...Darn you, USPS! Oh yeah, and Winx Club sucks.

"Well indn't that cute-BUT IT'S WRONG!"

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