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Friday, February 18, 2005

Man, my teeth huuuuuuurrrrrt...Pain...Not only did I get my braces tightened yesterday, but I also got chains put on them and they used some metal lace stuff to tie some of my teeth together so they move forward...Ow...I can't eat anything...

Anywho, I've been watching Beyblade on weekday mornings at...5:30. Good show, good show...But WTF is Ray? He's got pointy ears and little fangs!!!!!! If someone could tell me, that would make me very happy. ^^ Thank you!

Ahh, Friday again, and another 3-day weekend. Life is good. ^^

Well, that's all I guess...'Cept it's raining like a crazy monkey...Yay! No P.E.!!!! ^_____^
Bye Bye!

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Monday, February 14, 2005

Well, I haven't posted in a while...I guess just cuz I've been feeling really crappy, both physically and mentally. Joy.

So, I'm feeling alot of separation anxiety, or something from my sister, because she has been going out alot with her friends, and w/this boy Aaron...She's 17 right and going to college in a year, and it makes me nervous and sad...I really don't want her to leave...She's my best friend.

That, and school has just been crap. So much work, and I hate my new scheduel. The classes are so damn quiet it's irritating, and I've been a little on the whiney side lately so it pisses off my teachers...*sigh*

I also got moved away from Edison in C.P. Bio because of a seating chart (damn those things). He only sits a row behind me, but he sits aaaaaaalll the way on the other end of it...*sob* I thinks he's kinda annoyed too, because all I talk about is ToS...I should focus on my studies more. ^^;;;;;

I also missed 3 days of school last week, due to one, I was ill, two, it was the time of the month and three, on Wednesday, I had a serious emotional break down, if you can believe that.

So it basically goes like this:
I hate my art
I hate my friends
I hate how I sing
I hate my sister
I'm jealous of my sister
I despise my cousin
I feel ever so left out
I feel like I don't fit in

And well, I think you get it...I feel better now though, I had a loooooong talk *coug*twofrickin'hours*cough* and we sorted some crap out. Now my mom is no psychiatrist, or therapist, or what ever the hell they are, but she's pretty damn good at getting to the root of the problem, considering, she also, had a crappy life...

I'm afraid of rejection...Started IN PRESCHOOL!!!!! DAMN!!! That was a long time ago...T_T in preschool people. C'mon now, there must be somthing wrong with me.

All I know is I've never been able to have/make really good friends, except my friend Ashley, and Ayako-chan was a good friend for a while, but since we're at different schools, we barely talk. Darcie is becoming a better friend. We chilled at the mall today with her 6 year old sister and played DDR. Fun.

It's just, I tend to make friends with kids who are...Abnormal...No I shouldn't say that, that's rude. Like...Er...Autistic kids, down syndrome and stuff...Not now, but to put it simply, I make friends with people who have problems, be it parents who jerk their kids around, or kids with disabilities...I'm always there, and I guess, I don't want people to think I'm weird to hang around kids like that...Or that I don't really want people to know I volunteer to help kids like that...

Mom also says that I overwhelm people with my "oh so perky self" and I'm intimidating.

But then I realize that I've done more in 13 years then they will all do from now on to the here after...I guess.

Anywho, you probably didn't really want to here that.

So there are auditions for the spring musical tomorrow, and Darcie insists I try out, but I can't, even though we both signed up late. I can't because I didn't have time to practice or get a monologue to memorize, since I only signed up Friday. I want to do it, but I'm not ready for it...*sigh*

I failed my science test too, and since it was the first one of the semester, it was 30% of our grade...Dammit. But see like, my teacher said it was just going to be on fossils, but no, she added stuff to it from the days I was absent, and only gave me half of what I needed to study, and 5 minutes to study it...*grumble* *grumble*

Damn...It just hasn't been my week.

Also part of it is because I am merely bored with school, and would rather play ToS, which I have almost beaten for the 4th time now...^^;;; Yeah, I'm obsessed, but I have nothing else to do...Except study...T.T Grr...

Ah, Zelos my love! I shall miss you dearly! Why shall I miss him? Because, I have vowed (For ToS fans: I vow to save the two worlds...Bwahahaha!!!!) *cough* I have vowed not to pick up the controller starting the rest of the day until Spring Break...It's not that far off, right...*worries* Gah, this sucks.

Yes, I, Ichigo Kaiba...Ichigo...Shall be celebrating my 15th birthday in a month and some odd number of days. Yeh...I'M GOING TO KNOTTS BERRY FARM!!!!! I think...But I finally get my laptop...Yay...*happy place* ^_____^

Its so weird, the only person who I "know" that has the same birthday as me, is Dearka from Gundam SEED, March 29...I know no other. Hmm...Not in Italy, Hawaii or Temecula...Weird...Oh well, at least Dearka is hot.

So yeah, that about sums it up...Or...Explains all of it...O.o I dunno, well, bye bye!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

   I Have Not the Faintest Idea...
*sigh* I haven't felt good today...Tired, headache, tired, tired, tired...And school just seems to be getting longer and longer each day...*sigh* I wish I didn't have to go to school...Or I could go to Yugi's school, where they play Duel Monsters all day...^_^ lol!

I am almost to the end of the third time playing ToS...FUN! *hugs game box* Best game ever! I'm gonna start it again, because I'm trying to get all the costumes for the characters. Then I'll work on doing all of the sidequest in another new game...I'm in my happy place!

T_T...I dunno, just T_T...*yawn*...
*listening to iPod*

I'm gonna buy the new Disney Mania CD...^__^ Yesh, I like those CDs!Mucho, Mucho! Me likey da pop-ness...Yeah, I'm still a pop person...But I likey da R&B and da Hip/Hopiness as well. I lurve alternative too...But I looooove JPop!!!! And Tales of Symphonia! I want that Cd...^_____________^ *happy place* *sigh* Zelos! *glomps Zelos*

...Yeah...I got new Shounen Jump today! Read the one's I like...Yu Yu Hakusho, Yuugiou, and Shaman King...Good stuff! ^_~, but man, that Ren Tao is a piece a work...Little twit...T_T *stabs him*
Ren: Gahh! X_X
Ichi: Muhaha!!!!!

So yeah, all day, I've been reciting lines from ToS! ¡Muy me obsesionan con ese juego! (I am very obsessed with that game!) lol!

So yeah, and Edison got me into this thing: "Yo tengo un gato in mis pantalones."...I have a cat in my pants...That's all he learned in Spanish class apparently, because he says it everytime I bring up my Spanish class...He's in Orchestra so he don't gotta take no Spanish class...He plays violin!

So we had a sub who was from Russia today in Geography...A Russian sub?! WTF?!?! All our subs have accents, it's annoying...There's a French one too, and these two particular subs are always like, "I have an accent." and I'm like, "Well duh!"
*sigh* I guess that's all in my boring life...*cough* *yawn* Zelos! *drool* Yeah, ok! Bye bye!

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

So we were talking about evolution during Biology today, and how humans came to be. Edison and I were bored so we started writing notes to each other...This is how it turned out. (Note: There is reference to ToS so some of you might not get it)

Ichi: I think we all came from wolves...lol!
Edison: I've been thinkin since FMA that if a human and an animal had a baby we'd get chimeras. Don't you agree?
Ichi: Not exactly, there are alot of other components to a chimera, it's not necessarily like FMA.
Edison: It was just an example. Two different things having babies make chimera's the idea.
Ichi: Ok...Sure. I still think we're all wolves. That would be sooooo cool! If not then we're Aionis like Noishe!
Edison: Aionis, first choice, wolves second, summon spirits third choice.
Ichi: Summon Spirits? We came from Summon Spirits??? COOL!!! Aionis seems to be the most logical idea...I wish Alchemy were real. I could turn my pencil into a milkshake! lol...
Edison: I'm the son of the summon spirits of light and darkness. How abbout you?
Ichi: WTF?! I don't get it!
Edison: Think. We came from summon spirits, I'm light and darkness. You?
Ichi: How is that possible??? There is no magic in the real world unless your saying mana exists. If that's the case then I'm wind and ice!
Edison: How can Sylph and Celcius have children???
Ichi: I dunno. How does something that looks like a Duel Monster, a rainbow bird and a girl that sits on a moon have kids? They said in the game that summon spirits don't have gender or age. anyway, those are just the elements I get on quizzes on quizilla. I get fire too.
Edison: You're right. I only said light and dark because people say I'm half nice and half evil. Plus, most of my favorite videogame characters are part light and part dark.
Ichi: Yesh...I see...At least I didn't say earth...I HATE GNOME!!!! HE'S PURE EVIL! GAHH! *sigh* Ok. I'm headed twoard the temple of lightning in my game...I HATE VOLT TOO!!!!!
Edison: If only Corrine wasn't killed.
Ichigo: Yeah that was sad...*yawn* I think I'm going to take a nap when I get home...
Edison: It should have been Zelos instead. (oh no he didn't)
Ichi: YOU BAS****!!!!
Edison: It's true, Zelos should have been killed because no one liked him.
Ichigo: No! It was really only Sheena and Genis who didn't like him! HE LIVES!!! HE LIVES!!! Zelos is muuuuuuuch cooler than YOU!!!! lol, j/k
Edison: Seriously, no one liked him...Well maybe Colette, but she's it.
Ichi: T.T I like him...^__^ He's uber cool! *hugs Zelos*
Edison: You think I'm crazy for talking to Black Mage, but here you are hugging Zelos...

And that's where the conversation ended...The bell rang and it was time to go home. Sorry if you don't really get it, I just thought I would post it since I had nothing else to say. Oh yeah...So On my finals...

Math: 65% ...I failed.
Biology: 61% ...I failed...again...
English: 77% It's better than 60%.
Spanish: 89% Yay!
Health: 100% Yay X's a million!
P.E.: 100% ( didn't run the mile though, because whether or not I did, my grade would have stayed a B)

*sigh* I didn't do too well, but they didn't affect my grades much. In math, I still have a B, in Biology, I have like an 83.4, which is a B, and that 77% actually boosted me up to an A in English...Lucky me! ^__^ I should study next time though huh? I never learned good study habits though, because I went to a crappy DOD school in Italy where everything was so damn easy...
...Well, that's all...See ya!

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Ha ha ha!!!! OMG, I must be either psycho or hooked because I have started yet a third game of Tales of Symphonia. I beat for the second time last night, and today, I'm already almost done with all of the seals in Sylvarant...Tomorrow I don't have school either, so yeah, I'll be playing more...

I dunno, I guess I play it so much because it's not like my friends invite me anywhere, and my sister is always busy, so I don't really have anything better to do.

I told myself that my goal today was to get Zelos and Presea back into my party, and guess what...I think that's gonna happen. I'm obsessed, so sue me.

It's fun too, because after you beat it you can inherit your money and stuff fromt he previous game into a new one, so I inherited money and costumes...Genis is dressed up as a Katz, Lloyd as a Pirate, Raine is in her formal outfit and Kratos, is well, Kratos.
Fun stuff!!!!

Damn, I forgot I still have to do two human ranches...T_T annoying little buggers...

So yeah, that's about all...Oh yeah! I got an 89% on the multiple choice Spanish final, and in the speaking and writing part I got a 18/20 and a 36/40...Happy day!!! I don't think I did too hot on the CP Biology exam though...Oh well, it's not like I'm failing the class. Well, bye bye!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Anime Otaku-ness!

Created by babypetsarekool and taken 123 times on bzoink!

What's your name?Jenny
What do you wish it was?Ichigo
What's your eye colour?Blue
What do you wish it was?Purple
What's your hair colour?Brown
What do you wish it was?...I dunno, Aqua maybe...
Do you know any Japanese?Hai!
Do you want to know any Japanese?More, please!
Do you like to draw?Duh...
If you do, do you draw anime?DUH!!!
Can you say the word SIT in Japanese?OSUWARI!!!!!
How about PRIESTESS?Miko!
Drop and give me 50!...Fine, but you'd better pay me back...
Are you bored with this quiz?I don't know.
If you are, TOO BAD!
Who's your favourite anime character?Yami/Yugi and if the ToS charas count, then Zelos and Presea!
What anime character do you want to marry?Zelos or Yami Yugi
Do you know what Yu Yu Hakusho is?Duh. It's about Yusuke Urameshi and his friends, and they fight Demons!
Do you know what Petshop of Horrors is?I've heard of it.
Is Fish Eye from Sailor Moon a woman, or a man?*shudders* Sailor Moon, *hurls*
Do you like to drink tea?Yesh.
Do you like junk food?Yesh.
If you do, what's your favourite kind?Cookies.
Do you have a myOtaku account?Yeah! I'm known as Zap29!
What's your favourite fruit?Grapes, Apples
What flavour is best? (Spicey, sweet, sour or juicy?)...Sweet and juicy!
Do you hate this quiz now?Maybe...
I'll shut up.
No really, I will...

Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!

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Monday, January 17, 2005

   Dude...I dunno.
Yes, yes...My site is much Symphonia-goodness!

I'm working on a fanfic about YGO and ToS...I started it last week, but I had tons of homework and it sat there for a long time, but this week end, it's gone from three and a half pages all the way to 22! Booyah! I'm so cool!

Zelos: No...
Ichi: Awe, that's mean.
Zelos: I'm the cool one remember?
Ichi: Yes master Zelos...T_T *mumbles* One of these days, Lloyd, Yami and I will kick your sorry ass...I don't care how hot you are.
Zelos: What was that?
Ichi: Nothing Zelos-sama! *hugs*
Zelos: ^__^ Yay!

I'm a bad dedicated student...I haven't studied for finals...But the problem is, is I don't know how to study...^_^;;;;

How can I not know how to study? Simple, I went to a DODs school for four years and didn't learn good study habits...The work was all to freakin' easy.

*sigh* I'm gonna fail all my finals...Except Health, cuz that's just a poster...^_^ And P.E. because it's just a written quiz about Tennis, and...Dammit, I have to run the damn mile! T_T stupid P.E.

If I was in Hawaii, there would be no speaking of the mile, because we simply did not run in P.E. there. Except around the campus in Middle School, but that was all. I don't want to run the f-ing mile...Oh well, the two final days are half days so it should be cool out when we run...I hope so.

Next semester, we get student email accounts! Yeah! Party over here!

I don't feel like going to school anymore though...It boring...But I do get to see people...But wait, I don't like people, what the heck am I saying...Well, there is Edison, and Khoa can be enjoyable to talk to...sometimes...

I'm not so sure about Sora and Riku's group. Kelsey bugs the crap out of me...She's always like, "Yugi(anime club nickname), can you make me a copy of this picture, Yugi, can I read this, can I look at that...GOD DAMMIT! ITS SO FREAKING ANNOYING! And she doesn't leave me alone on AIM, so if I'm talking to Edison, I have to put up my away message until she signs off...But then Edison is usually gone. It's so f'd up.

Grr. Just grr.

Zelos: Don't worry! I will make it aaaaaaaaallll better!
Ichi: Really...
Zelos: Yup! *hugs Ichi* Hugs make pepole feel better!
Ichi: *hugs back* I guess so.
Zelos: *touches Ichi's butt*
Ichi: PERVERT! *smacks Zelos with plastic hammer*
Zelos: @_@
Ichi: Grr...T_T

I've been to Ayako-chans site alot lately...Reading old posts and stuff...I MISS AYAKO!!!! She's still not allowed on, and it makes me sad...*sobs* I have much to tell her about Symphonia-ness. Ayako's parents are mean...They don't let her do anything she wants...They always want her to be little Miss Perfect, and she just needs to be a kid. Oh well, I'll get to see her sometimes next year, hopefully they'll still let her go to Chaparral and hopefully, I'll still be here, because dad says we probably won't move now.

Wow, I guess I'm just in the mood to write today, I've been on this damn laptop since I woke up this morning. Typing away, and occassionally reading fanfics or taking quizes...I have no life.

Well, no, hmm...How did Riku and I put it...? Oh yeah!

"It's not that I don't have a life, it's just that no one understands it!" ~Me and Riku

Yesh, we thought that up. I think it's a good quote...

My room is a mess...But tomorrow I was planning on Symphonia all day, instead of being on the compy. not that it's any better for me...Oh well, at least I'm not bored.

So anyways...I don't know if I'm gonna post my fanfiction...It's weird...

Fanfiction.net is a piece of crap too...It pisses me off and it takes off my stories most the time without reason. I could go to mediaminer.org, but if I do post it, it will most likely be on Fanfiction, at Sagasaki's site, or on my Fanart Central account. The link to that is under my website. Just click the link up on the side bar.

It's still an if though if I post it so don't expect it anytime soon...I still wanna write more chapters. Maybe two more before I post it...I'm on 5 now.

If you want any info on the fic (which I doubt most of you do) just PM me, and I'll send you details. There's only one OC in it, and I can put her info up now.

Name: Kaori Kaiba
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5'6
Weight: 108lbs
Class: Swordsman...Err...Woman.
Race: Human
Hair: Light Brown/Long hair
Eyes: Light Purple
Build: Average
Weapon: Reverse Blade Sword/Spirit Energy
Occupation: Student

Kaori can be shy, yet friendly and although she seems happy, she's got inner demons tormenting her. She can be very loud, and will get upset when peoeple annoy her. She tends to feel sorry for herself, but she has the ability to make others feel better about themselves. She uses a reverse blade sword, because she won't even kill her enemies, and she only uses her spirit energy if it is needed.

If ya'll want any more info, like life story, then again, PM me, although I'm sure none of you are that interested...Yeah so.

I should probably go to bed. It's getting late here is Caly (it's like almost 11 at night), and I've been on this laptop since 9am.

So, Oyasumi-nasai!

(Oh yeah, I bought this really adorable Manga yesterday...It's by the artist/author of DNAngel...It's called Lagoon Engine, I suggest you check it out!)

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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Ahh, three day weekend...^___^ Yay!

Too bad I gotta study for finals...T__T oh well.

That can wait for a while, right now, there is to be much playing of the Symphonia-ness.

I put new music up...It's Lloyd's theme! ^_^ *hugs Lloyd*

Lloyd: ^__^

I guess that's all...Dammit they havent' shown any new episodes of Yuugiou...I hate KidsWB...
T_T Ok, then, bye bye!

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Thursday, January 13, 2005


What Tales of Symphonia Guy would you date? by Blackscarf
Favorite Color
WhenJune 15, 2078
How it will goYou held his hand during the scary part of the movie
At the end of the night, you'll getA second date
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Woo!!!!! Yeah, I got Lloyd for mah date!!! wOOt! Screw you Colette! *hugs lloyd*

Zelos: *sniff*
Ichi: *hugs Zelos* I lub joo!
Zelos: ^__^

Not much to say, except I'm feeling better and I gots a three day weekend ahead of me! Yesh! Well, bye bye!

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

...Finals are getting closer and closer and closer...*sigh*

Anywho, it's been raining almost all of the last two weeks, but today, it is supposed to stop...Darn, I like sitting on the bleachers in the gym and listening to music...I don't wanna go outside...Good thing the field is gonna be soaking wet for like, the next month...

My portfolio is due tomorrow...I'm almost done, I just have to organize and decorate! ^__^

So, my sis and I beat Tales of Symphonia, and as soon as we beat it, we started another game! You can use this thing called GRADE to buy settings, (like how much money you had, or what costumes you got) and put them on your new game...^__^ We're also making different choices so the game comes out differently.

I've been sick all week too...Too bad I have to go to school...Man, I really want it to rain some more...

Yeah, so, I haven't talked to Ayako for like 3 weeks...She got an iPod for Christmas though. Err...I dunno when she can get back on the compy...

Yeah, so anyways, we might be moving this summer...Dad wants to got to London...Sure, I guess I could go overseas for what is it, a third time, since Hawaii counts as overseas too...Gee, I'm so excited. Oh well...It's better than Temecula...

Anywho, I must finish getting ready for school...Bye Bye!

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