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Friday, September 30, 2005

Well, I'm sick today (my throat is killing me), but I'm going to school starting 4th period (which is in like, 15 minutes), because I have stuff to turn in for Yearbook, a test in Chemistry, and a debate in AP Euro. I hope I didn't miss much in my other two classes.

I hope you like my new layouty thingy. XD I love teh Chibiz! *glomps Zelos* So cute!

The rest of my site kinda looks like...A packet of starburst...But those are tasty!

I drew a pretty cool piccu of Colette that I may post. And Kai said she's gonna try to burn photoshop for me. I kinda know how to use it, because I was in a computer class for design and stuff in 7th grade. That was three years ago, but I'm hopeful I still remember...To bad I heard that Photoshop is near impossible to burn...^_^;

Well, gotta get to school. Tootles!

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