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Thursday, August 11, 2005

So, today was registration day...I got my books! ^__^

I'm taking:
English 10
AP European History
Spanish 2

Yearbook is cool because my english teacher from last year is also yearbook teacher.

So here's what happened today though...

For Chemistry, I got Mrs. Anderson, my sisters Chem. and AP Bio teacher for the last 2 years...Well, Sarah wasn't exactly the nicest student, she despised Mrs. Anderson, so, here's how we though the first day of school might go...

Mrs. Anderson: McDougall...Any relation to Sarah McDougall?
Me: Um...Yes...
Mrs. Anderson: ARe you gonna sleep in my class?
Me: Maybe...But I prefer to not pay any attention by drawing. Sleeping is Sarah's thing.
Mrs. Anderson: T_T

Spanish will be cool, because when we were getting my Spanish book, the first one my sister picked up was hers from last semester...XD And she conjugated all the verbs in the back, so it's kinda of like the in Harry Potter. Sarah's the Half Blood Prince (er. Princess) and I'm Harry...Except, I know it's my sisters book...I'm so weird...XD

Anywho, so yeah. I got my Instant Star CD yesterday...It accidently went to the neighbors...O.o Damn you USPS! TT

Sarah and I also watched Nausicca of the Valley of the Wind...I love studio Ghibli movies...Just not Kiki's Delivery Service...That one is ok, but I don't like it much. I liked Nausicca though, especially since Shia LaBeouf playing as Prince Asbel. XD And I loved the little fox-squirrel.

So yeah, that's about it for today. We have to go get a birthday present for my aunt. I'm not sure of what she would want though...Niether is dad, and she's his sister...T_T

Ja ne!


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