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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Zelos: What?
Ichigo: *sobs* Make-up...*sniff*...work...
Zelos: Oh...Sucks for you...*smirk* I'm gonna go play that Zelda game...
Ichigo: Jerk...TT I HATE MAKE UP WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zelos: Geez, chill out...You've got most of it done...Right.
Ichigo: Hm...Oh, you're right...Let's see, I finished Geography, Biology, and most of the English I missed...I just have to do 3, count'em 3 concept maps on themes from the book we're reading with quotes and crap...Great. TT And this weekend, I've got some make up Spanish, and 4 math worksheets to make up, along with what ever other homework I have...Lovely...I promise I will never be sick again...*cough*
Zelos: You're still sick now though...That means you should stay home with me and the kitties. ^^
Ichigo: Yeah well, if I miss anymore days, my grade will go down...What are ya gonna do...The school system bites.
Zelos: That's why I had my hunnies in school take notes and stuff for me...^^ I graduated at the top of my class.
Ichigo: Go to hell.
Zelos: Only if you go with me, babe.
Ichigo: Riight.

On the plus side, on Friday, my sister and I are going to her friend Gina's house for a make-up party. We get to try out all these eyeshadows and make-uppy stuff. Her friends wanna give me a make over...I tend to dress down...(that means a sweatshirt, t-shirt and jeans, I wear that everyday...I like being comfy...) But I admit, I need some style. The jeans and stuff are getting old.

Well, I gotta go do more math...Yipee...TT

Presea: *dressed as Klonoa* Wahoo!
Ichigo: TT
Presea: Loople-do!
Zelos: Um, Presea, we aren't in Altamira, remember.
Presea: Wahoo!...Oh, yes, so it would seem...
Zelos and Ichigo: Yeah...
Ichigo: Bye!

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Monday, April 18, 2005

I stayed home again today, but I have to go to school tomorrow, or I'm screwed.

Even missing one day is bad, you miss a ton at my school, so I'mma have a TON of homework this week...

Oh well, I started my ZelosxPresea fic, I may change it though, I wrote the prologue from Zelos' Point of View, but I may change it to Presea's.

*watching The Fabulous Life of Celebrity Couples* Celebrities suck...TT

Zelos: I'm a celebrity...
Ichigo: Yeah, but your also an anime/videogame character...
Zelos: true...
Ichigo: Yup. ^^ *snuggles next to Zelos* You're comfy. XD
Zelos: Um...Thank you?

*sigh* My sis and dad stayed home too...XD

Well...Hmm...I dunno, I guess that's it really...My ears are itchy...o.O

Yeah, Celebrities have waaaaay to much money...It pisses me off, but it's a waste of energy being mad about it...

So, that's it...I'm tired, and I'm gonna go read fanfics. ^^ Bye bye!


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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Ichigo: *hugs Zelos* You're my anti-drug!
Zelos: ^^ *hugs Ichigo* Yay!

Anywho, did any of you catch FMA? It was so sad!!! Poor Al...*hugs Al* Ed is so mean sometimes...TT He should have just told Al. TT *smacks Ed with Pow Hammer*

Well, I still feel pretty crappy, but now it's really just my head being stuffed up. My body still kinda hurts though, but I don't have a fever. It's really hot for some reason though...I was freezing an hour ago...o.O

I don't wanna go back to school on Monday...Screw school, I wanna stay home with Zelos! *snuggles up next to Zelos* Inuyasha is almost on...^^ Sesshoumaru is fiiiiiine...^^
Zelos: Hey. TT
Ichigo: I love you Zelos!
Zelos: ^^

So yeah, well Inu is on now, good bye!


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Saturday, April 16, 2005

   I'm sick again...TT
Oh man...I don't feel good...At least the lizard ain't in the house anymore...But I missed my timed writing today...Crap...

Yeah, I stayed home again. My throat is killing me, my head is stuffed, and my body hurts...Partly because I ran the mile yesterday, but also I feel like I'm coming down with the flu...

Yesterday, I did my best mile ever! 11'38. Yes, that is my best time...I'm an artist not an athlete...-_- Yup Yup. But I passed this time. Except running the mile made me feel worse...

I wanna go to bed, but I gotta stay up for Gundam SEED at 10. I have to tape it for my sis...She's at a party with her friends...Lucky. My only friend is Edison, and that's about it...^^ But he's a good friend. ^^

I wanna write a fanfic, but I'm stuck on how to write the one about Genis being a werewolf (I have like, a paragraph), and I have ideas, I just can't write them, I can think them, but not write...Stupid...I might write a ZelosxPresea (Zelsea) if I have time or if I feel better.

I'm falling over...*sigh*...*leans on Zelos' shoulder*...Sleepy...
Zelos: *hugs Ichigo* I don't like it when your sick...
Ichigo: Yeah, well, I don't like it either, but I gotta deal with it. TT
Zelos: *sigh* Yeah, I guess...Harry Potter is stupid.
Ichigo: Eh?
Zelos: I don't like it.
Ichigo: Well, I do, and we're watching it so shut up.
Zelos: Fine. TT
Ichigo: You're just mad because you're not in it.
Zelos: Well, yeah. Malfoy is cool though...He's baaaaad.
Ichigo: And hot. ^^
Zelos: Hey! His face loses out to mine by at least 3 lengths!
Ichigo: And now your comparing yourself to a race horse...Ok, what ever.

So yeah...Zelos has made me lots of tea and he's been shoving vitamins and losenges down my throat. I feel so loved!
Zelos: ^^

And yes, I live in dream world, I know Zelos ain't real. ^^ I wish he was though.

Blah...I feel like crap! Gosh darn it! Grr...

Well, good news, dad's going to Japan on business in August. ^_____________________________^
List, list, list o' things that daddy will bring home for me!!!!
He always does...

Hmm...I want Koala Bears...(it's like Pocky, but there little cracker koala bears with the filling inside)...Oh, oh, oh!!!! I know!!!!! ZELOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIGURINE!!!!!!!!!!! YESH!!!!!! THAT IS WHAT I WANT!!!!!!! And Kratos...^^ Yum...XD I could get them online, but their "Trading Figurines" and chances are slim at getting them, plus, the site they have them on is sold out...TT Grr...I just want some Zelos goodness people! Don't deprive me of it or I will get pissy! I need a Zelos to stare at everyday and procrastinate from my homework...*sigh* I hope he can get one for me...^^

And, I dunno what else I want...I have to think more. Maybe some posters.

So yeah...I guess that's all. I'm gonna go snuggle up next to my Zelos Welos and watch more Harry Potter(Zelos: I wanna watch something else. TT)...Shut up...Bye bye!

Zelos: Don't laugh, you'll cough alot.
Ichigo: *cough* Yeah, well...Flay is dead...Bwahahahaha!!!! *cough* Yeah...No, Kira belongs with Lacus, Authrun with Cagalli, and that's that...^^


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Thursday, April 14, 2005

*listening to Almost by Bowling for Soup*

Ahh, good song!

There was no lizard IN the dishwasher, but it may be under it...Blah...*shudders*

So I decided I don't like ZelosxSheena pairings in fanfics (Sheena's a slut, Zelos is too good for her...And he's mine...^^ *hugs Zelos*). I decided I like somewhat odd pairings...SO! I am now a proud PreseaxZelos supporter (just because they are my two favorite characters) But I dunno. I just thought it was a cute idea...4 years in the future, love between two people so far apart! *sigh* How romantic. ^^ But, Presea is older than Zelos anyway, so it's not necessarily bad. XD

Yeah, so. Anywho...I'm gonna go, just thought I would leave you with those bits of info. ^^ Good day to you!

Quote of the Day:
"Well, I had a giggle fit and I feel dandy!" ~Me

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

   Eww...Lizard dishes...
Ichigo: I think I'm gonna be sick...Those damn cats.
Zelos: Hmm...What's wrong my hunnie?
Ichigo: Rocky brought another Lizard in the house today...I HATE reptiles, snakes, lizards, etc...Turtles are cool though, but anyway...Bleh...It ran into a cupboard that can go either into the floor, sink, dishwasher, or other cupboards...Guess where it went...
Zelos: Outside?
Ichigo: No...There are strange, animal like noises coming from the dishwasher, which is running...
Zelos: Oh...Eww...
Ichigo: I am so, not unloading the dishes tomorrow...Eww...Just, eww...
Zelos: Damn cats!
Mithos: I agree! Let's turn your cats into lifeless beings! First cats! Then...THE WORLD!!!!
Ichigo: No...TT Bleh, I just can't stand reptiles...Gah! They are so disgusting and jumpy and slithery...Bah. I can't even look at pictures of snakes in books because they are so creepy.

Gah! So yeah, we'll have reptiley fresh dishes in the morning...

Well, school went ok today, I didn't have too much make up work to do, but some stuff I didn't get so I have to ask my teacher tomorrow.

We also had a counselor come in to talk about classes for next year. I'm gonna take these classes...

*A/B means semester 1 and semester 2

English 10 A/B
Geometry A/B
Chemistry A/B
AP European History A/B
Year Book A/B
Spanish 2 A/B

Yup, good scheduel I think...Man, I'm gonna be a sophmore...Damn...I'm gettin' old. My sis is leaving for college next year...*cries* Oh well, more allowance for me!...Dammit, more chores too...TT

Well, I should go. Ciao!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

   I dunno...
I took a nap today and had the weirdest dream (it's still Monday when I'm writing this)...Yeah, so, it was really confusing, but Genis was in it. And it was dark, and there was this girl, and she didn't know who she was or anything, and Genis was turning into a...Werewolf...But it was really cool, and I'm gonna make a fanfic out of it...I was there too, and Genis and I were looking at the stars...It was fun...But then...My grandma show'd up and started rambling about how she was gonna die or something...That's the second dream I've had where Grandma was giving hints about dying...No...The third...Oh well, she's definitely not going to be in the fanfic...^^;;;

So yeah, I'm going to school tomorrow...*shudders* Spring break was...Fun? while it lasted. Great, now I get to go be alone at school...TT At least I have my cats at home.

Zelos: And me!!! *hugs* XD
Ichigo: Riight...*hugs back* ;3

I've been thinking about this for a while, and I decided if there was a ToS character that I really related to, it would probably be Mithos. Just for the fact that we would both do anything to protect our sister's (yes, I actually get along with mine...Her and my friends are shocked). And just because we're alot alike. We don't really trust other people, I want to create my own world and so does he...And I dunno...I guess also because I can almost do his voice and I know most of his lines...^^ I play that game way too much...

So what about you? If you've played ToS, then tell me who you think you most relate to and why? I'm just interested to see. ^^

So yeah, I should probably go to bed...For you see, it is late...And I must get up at 5:30. Good night all!

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Monday, April 11, 2005

   Today is a Summer Service Day...
Ichigo: Today is a summer service day. Today is a summer service day. Today is a summer service day.


Ichigo: Today is a summer service day...Today is a summer service day. O.O *zombified state*


Mithos: *sigh* Zelos, like this. *takes Zelos' shield and hits Ichigo over the head with it*

Ichigo: @_@

Mithos: There. ^^

Zelos: You little brat, you knocked her out!

Mithos: But it shut her up.

Zelos: True...But now she can't get motivated for school!

Mithos: Not my problem...It's early, I'm going back to bed. Nighty Nighty!

Zelos: Grr...Alright, I guess I'll do this post then. As you can see, Ichigo does NOT want to go to school. Going to school is NOT her cup of tea at this moment in time. This is because not only does she not want to go to school for social reasons (she has no really good friends, she doesn't like people, etc. etc.) she is also...Sick. She felt like crap yesterday, and ontop of feeling like crap...She...Has...Girly problems...o.O

But wait, what's this?!

Her dad just said she could stay home from school! YAY! Now I won't be stuck with just these idiots. ^^ Joy! *throws confetti* Oh, hey, she's awake.

Ichigo: Zelos, shut the hell up, I'm going back to bed. TT

Zelos: Ok...^^ *hugs* I'll take good care of my sick little Ichigo today! Just you wait and see.

Ichigo: Just shut up. TT

Zelos: Ok...^^

Ichigo: Oh yes, and if I don't stay home tomorrow, expect another 'Summer Service Day post.' Thank you and good night.

Zelos: Hmm...I'm gonna keep on talking. It's fun controling the post! ^^ So anyways, yesterday, (when Ichigo felt like crap) I decided to try my hand at Tales of Symphonia, which of course, I star in.

Lloyd: Star? No, no, no, I'm the main character not you. TT

Zelos: Shh...People don't know that.

Lloyd: Yes, they do.

Zelos: No they don't.

Lloyd: Yes they do.

Zelos: NO THEY DON'T!!!


Ichigo: SHUT THE HELL UP BOTH OF YOU OR I'LL KICK YOUR SORRY ASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hits them w/plastic hammer*

Lloyd and Zelos: Yes, ma'am.

Ichigo: Jeez, some people, they're so rude...TT *goes back to bed*

Zelos: No they don't...TT

Lloyd: TT I'm not even gonna argue about it.

Zelos: Well, anyways, I was playing right and--

Ichigo: Shut...Up...*tapes Zelos' mouth with Duct Tape*

Zelos: Mmph!

Ichigo: No brownies for you...TT Computer!

Computer: This post will self destruct in...



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Saturday, April 9, 2005

I made this!

Your Tales of Symphonia Guy by IchigoKaiba
What's your ToS Race
Favortie Color?
Your ManZelos Wilder
Quiz created with MemeGen!

^^ I gotsded Zelos! ^^

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Wednesday, April 6, 2005

   Hey, why in the heck?
*sigh* I'm poor again...

Oh well, I got some damn good DVDs at Best Buy yesterday!!!

I bought the last Tsukihime: Lunar Legend, the 5th Azumanga Daioh, and the first DNAngel (which actually wasn't worth the 29 bucks they charged for it TT)...I also bought another iTunes card to get songs online! ^^

I love DNAngel as the manga, but the anime isn't that good, they completely screwed it up, but Daisuke's and Dark's hoTT-ness make up for the wasted money...Dark's voice is also done by Vic Mignogna, the voice of Edward Elric. He's such a great voice actor!!! One of mah faves...^^

So yeah, Tsukihime was sad, and Azumanga was hella funny! *snickers* Kimurin and Kaorin's Flower Garden...BWAHAHAHA!!! POOR KAORIN!!!!! *laughs hysterically*



So, that's kinda been it, I'm gonna play ToS, I gotta beat it again before Monday...Yeah...

Well, see ya!

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