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Friday, August 26, 2005

   Ho Hum...

So the first week of school has been good so far. I met back up with Sagasaki and Sheldon, they're good, but they've gotten so much taller! XD Well, people do that.

Chemistry is putting me to sleep though...Yearbook is great so far, and so is English and AP Euro!

I did finally get my summer assignments done. Phew...

Updated my gallery, click the button at the bottom of the page. I made a construction paper version of Presea for my English class. We were doing "I Am" poems, and since we were supposed to make a background of something we liked, I put Presea, for videogames and anime! XD

Well, that's all I guess. Tomorrow I get to go spend three pointless hours in San Diego while my sister and her friend Alexis hits the Coldplay concert...Dad heads to Korea/Japan as well.

I made him a very long list...XD

Well, Ja Ne!


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