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My name is Jenny, but I'm known around here and on Fanart Central and Deviantart as Ichigo. I <3 Anime and being on the yearbook staff at my school (so many cool programs!) I'm mostly on Deviantart now (cuz my friends from school are there), but I will update here on occassion.

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Thanks so much Ghost Xi!

Monday, January 2, 2006

   It's been a while...
Hello all.
It has been a long time since I've updated here.
Why, I haven't updated since October. Boy howdy. (don't ask)

Anywho, nothing new here. School is going to be a pain during the next few weeks, I still haven't done my homework that was assigned over break (and we go back tomorrow, this homework consisted of an essay, portfolio and book report *sigh*) and yeah. Yearbook deadline soon yo, and my groups pages are a wreck.

So anyway, Christmas and New Years sucked because my family was sick, so we're celebrating them again on Saturday and Sunday. XDXDXD


I got an Aru (Alphonse) plushie. I hug it a lot. He's so squishy! XDXDXD I love it.

Well, like it says in my intro, I'm on DeviantArt now. That's where my friends from school are, so that's why I update there more. If you have a DA and want to find me, click on teh little button the side bar that says "Website" and you will magically be transported to my DA page.

You can check out my mad (but crappy) Photoshop skills yo.

Well, bye bye.

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