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Monday, April 4, 2005

Bwahaha!!! I downloaded a bunch of songs from the Tales of Symphonia soundtracks! Now I don't have to pay! ^^ Please don't arrest me!!!! ^^;;;

Yeah, so that's about it, I'm gonna go beat ToS again tomorrow (it's still the 3rd). I just have to kick Mithos' butt again, and then I'm gonna try Mania Mode...I think...^^

So yeah...^^ Now I have ToS on my iPOD!!! ^^ Zelos' theme! La di da di da!

Oh yeah, have any of you noticed (and this is really stupid) that Tales of Symphonia is ToS and the Tower of Salvation is also ToS...Hmm...I must ponder this...THE MILLENNIUM RUBIX CUBE!!!!!!!!!

Ack, sorry! ^^ Well, bye bye!

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Sunday, April 3, 2005

I bought a plushie of Momiji's bunny form at Walden Books yesterday! *hugs* It's soooooo cute!!!!!

FMA last night was hella scary...*shudders* Tucker creeped the hell outta me.

Inuyasha was soooo cute last night when Kagome got sick!!!! He made her medicine and stayed with her until she got better!!! ^^ They are so cute together!!! SQUEE!!!

Yeah, anywho..I'm bored, and I still have another week of break! I WANT to go back to school.

*sigh* So, I'm gonna go beat ToS again, and start it again...See ya later!

Oh yesh, I also bought new DNAngel and Fruits Basket!


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Saturday, April 2, 2005

   Who is the lolo, who stole my pacalolo...Ah, I love that song...^^

I want a Zelos figurine...*sob* But they don't have any...TT I've told you this before...TT Yeah...

So, like, I got up at 6:30 this morning (and it was already freakin' sunny out) and got ready to go volunteer (I have 96 and 1/2 hours thank you very much) and so dad and I drove down there this morning, it's like, far away (not really, like a 25 minute drive) but yeah, so we get there, and it's closed for Spring Break, but I had looked on the calender at the website and it said classes started again on April 2. Grr...So dad and I got breakfast at Jack in Box (but it was kinda gross...I like hashbrowns though...^^)

Gah...Bored, bored, bored.

I wanna write a fanfic, but I don't know what to write about. I have all these ideas, I just can't write them down...TT

Maybe I'll make a Zelos Plushie this week, or over the summer. Mom is in school though so she can't help me...My sis can though...^^ (and she can drive, MUHAHAHA!!!!)

*listening to Just Lose It-Eminem*

*Now listening to other song...*

Told you I was bored...*sigh*

Blah...I think my sis and I are going to go spend my birthday money...^___^ On stuff...I dunno what yet, she wants me to buy her DVDs, but she didn't buy me anything with her birthday money, so I may not get her anything...I'm so mean. ;3

The Pope died...I'm really sad...I've been to the Vatican, and I even have his autograph, and stuff, because my sister and I had out communions in Italy. We're in his record books. I really am very sad...It's quite depressing, because he was a great man. I wish I were in Italy right now with that crowd...

Usually I'm not religious or anything, I'm independent when it comes to that, but my family is still catholic and I grew up around it, so I'm extremely sad.

Note: I'm writing all of this at random times, I started writing this post a noon, and it is now 1.

*sigh* Well, guess I'm going now. *sings* Bye Bye Bye!

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Friday, April 1, 2005

   Shoobi, doobi, do...
Ichigo: MITHOS! *glomps*
Mithos: ^_^
Zelos: Hey!
Ichigo: *hugs Zelos*

You know, Mithos is one of my favorite characters...I also have had this strange obsession with drawing him for like, the last 3 weeks...Why do I like to draw him? DUDE! HIS HAIR IS SO FUN TO DRAW!!!!! ^^

His bangs are like 'WOOOOOOOSH' and then there like 'WOOOSH! WOOOSH!'

Nyaro. =^^=

Yeah, he's just fun to draw...^^

My arms are very itchy, and they are all red...I washed my sheets yesterday, and I think something I used in the wash is making me itch...TT I think I'm gonna put my other sheets on my bed, because I don't like being itchy...It's also extremely windy and the temperature changed like 'SNAP!' and it was suddenly extremely dry outside...That might have something to do with it...TT I hate living in a desert/valley...

Bah. I'm trying to complete my monster list in ToS and I'm only missing four. Two angels, which I have to get next time because I murdered the Tower of Salvation, something called a Gentleman, which I can't find anywhere, and the Bacura, but you don't fight that do you? You smush it...o.O So, I dunno how to get that on my list...TT Grr...


Oh well, today has been good. I cleaned the kitchen! ^^

Zelos: I helped! ^^
Ichigo: No...He didn't...TT He slept in...
Zelos: But I did help! You just didn't see me!
Ichigo: Dwarven Vow #...Something...Lying is the first step on the path to thievery.
Zelos: Ah, but the only thing I've ever stolen is your heart! *hugs*
Ichigo: ...TT...That was bad...TT...^^ *hugs*

Hey, Gundam SEED is on tonight! *throws confetti in the air* More, Kira, Authrun, Dearka, and Yzak goodness! wOOt!!!

Ahh, I love that show...

I wanna see Gundam Wing, but it's not on TV anymore, and there aren't any of the DVDs at the stores...I'm sad...

I'm tired too...And bored out of my mind...o__o

Well, I guess that's it...
Ja Ne!!!

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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Zelos: Heeeeellllloooooo! *pokes readers* Bwahahaha!!!!!
Ichigo: Oh no! Not the chocolate again!
Zelos: *on Rheaird* WEEEEEEEE!!!!! *zoom*
Ichigo: He's as bad as Sora and Ryou...-__-;
Zelos: MWAHAHAHA!!!! *stares at my cats* FIREBALL!!!
Cats: NYAAAAA!!!! *run away*
Ichigo: Zelos! Knock it off!
Sora: *appears in window* Hello!
Ryou: *appears next to Sora* What's up!!!
Ichigo: Ahh!!!! *hides underbed*
Zelos: Who are you?!
Sora: Hey! Ichigo's got a new toy.
Zelos: *nods* Yup, new toy! I'm her hunnie!
Ryou: Well, what happened to Hiei, and Yami and Yugi and Kyo and...
Ichigo: *leaps out from under bed* You're making me sound like a floosie!!!! Zelos is the only one for me!
Zelos: íMi amor! *hugs*
Ichigo: ^^ No more chocolate for you...Heh, heh...
Sora: Chocolate?!
Ryou: Where!?!!?!
Ichigo: None here, *hides chocolate* Now why don't you both go back to Ayako's house...
Sora: But it's booooorrrrriiiing...She's in Oxford!
Ryou: Yeah, and Kaiba is too bossy...TT We wanted to come and see you, it's been such a long time.
Ichigo: It has been a long time...But ya gotsta go...Ayako didn't say you could come over, and she didn't inform me that you would.
Sora: Aw, c'mon! You're the one who said that rain, or shine, or sleet or hail, that if Ayako was gone, you would watch us!
Ryou: Cuz we luv you! *hugs*
Ichigo: GET OFFA ME! *hits Ryou with plastic hammer*
Ryou: @__@
Sora: Yipe!
Ichigo: You're next key boy!!!! *hits Sora w/plastic hammer*
Sora: Ahh...@__@
Presea: What's...Going on? Who are these boys...?
Ichigo: Idiots! That's what they are! Damned Idiots!
Presea: Oh...
Zelos: WEEEEEE!!!! *glomps Ichigo* Ichiiiiiiigoooooo! I want Yakitori!
Ichigo: I don't have any Yakitori...
Zelos: Gyoza?
Zelos: WAAAAH!!!
Ichigo: Stop that!
Zelos: No...Ichigo lovin'?(Ichigo: Don't think the wrong idea, I found a Kim Possible comic with Ron sitting by a sign that said 'Will sidekick for Kim lovin')***
Ichigo: TT NO!!!
Presea: Zelos, you're horrible.
Raina: SHUGO!
Shugo: RAINA!
Kagome: INUYASHA!!!
Inuyasha: KAGOME!!
Ichigo: WILL YOU ALL SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm trying to type a fanfic here!!!! You're fine Presea, you can stay...Zelos, and the rest of you, OUT!
Zelos: No!
Ichigo: Yes.
Zelos: NO! I live here!
Mithos: Um...Don't we all?
Ichigo: ...I guess so...Except for Sora, Ryou, Raina, Shugo, Inuyasha and Kagome...And Hiei, Bakura and Yami and Yugi,and Mokuba do too...I need a bigger house...--;;; Or less people living in it...
Presea: ...
Ichigo: Ahh, the life of a rabid fangirl...Tis never boring...

I'm sorry, that was completely random...I just had a yearnin' for writin' a short role play, like the ones Aya-chan and I used to write, hence Sora from Kingdom Hearts, and Ryou Shirogane from Tokyo Mew Mew arriving at my house...Go to my archives if you wish to read past adventures...Good times...
Sora: Yep! Good times!
Ichigo: I thought I knocked you out?!
Sora: I'm immortal!
Ichigo: *hits Sora w/Ayako's metal bucket*
Sora: @____________@
Ichigo: That's better...

But yeah, I'm working on a fanfic I started a year ago, Yuugiou/our world...It's about what 'really happened' when Aya-chan, Sagasaki, the Katsumi and I went to Japan...And those are just nicknames for their real names...TT They aren't my OC's they are real people...And yes, we really have been to Japan...

So yeah...I'm bored, that's what happens when I'm bored...Hope you liked it...^^

Zelos: I WANT GYOZA!!!!
Ichigo: I don't have any! *hits Zelos w/plastic hammer* Well, Ja Ne!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

   ^_^ Good, day!
Sarah passed her drivers test!!!!!!!!! wOOt!!!!

And I ended up with an authentic sushi dish set, and $100 from my aunt and uncle! Ye-ya!

Japanese food good...^_^

So, I guess that's all for now...Oh yeah, Sarah drew Chiyo-chan in her cat suit from Azumanga Daioh on my cake...It was too adorable, that I didn't cut that part...I don't wanna eat it!!! Waah...Oh well, cake for breakfast! Yum!

For ToS People:
Does anyone know how you get the skit 'Poke, Poke' and 'Aw' for Presea and Regal's 'Paw Mania' and 'Paw Dandy' Titles, because I can never get them...TT ^^ It would be much appreciated.

Well, Ja!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

   Happy Birthday to Me, I'm one hundred and three...I looke like a monkey and I act like one...too?
Guess what...^^ SQUEE!!!!
I'M 15!!!!!!!
It's mah birthday! ^^ Hee, hee...

And also, my sis, it getting her drivers liscence today! ^^ Yipee! She can drive me places!!! (Sarah: If I pass baka!) But I'm sure she will. ^^ She's a good driver.

I actually got two of my presents last night, since I already knew what they were...Dad ordered them from the compy, and I got the packages yesterday in the mail.

I got five little Tales of Symphonia Figurines that you put together(Lloyd, Sheena, Presea, Colette, and Genis). And The Utada Hikaru CD (Deep River). She's such a great singer!!!! Too bad they didn't have a Zelos figurine...Oh well, Lloyd is hott too. ^^ Heh heh.

Gosh, I'm just so excited! I'm not having any friends over or anything, but I'm going to a Japanese restraunt with my parents, sister and Aunt and Uncle. Besides, I should be happy with this birthday, because last year, hell, I got to go to Japan for my birthday. ^^ Frick.

Oh yeah, and you already know I got my laptop...^^(Steve: It's fricken sexy!) Heck yes!

Yes, today will be a good day...I do believe...I think...I hope..-_- I dunno. Meh! ^^

Well, I suppose that's all...I may update later...Ja Ne!

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

I'm bored...And I have a headache...But oh well. ^^

So, I followed a link on Shizuka's site and I saw her animated Presea picture! It was so cute! The site is pretty cool, so I did a few pics of my own!

To See Yun-chan: http://artpad.art.com/?ie1gsdni03g

To see my cat Jade:

It's fun, but it's really hard to draw on a laptop...TT Darn. Oh well, I think they're cute!

*listening to Hey Mama by Black Eyed Peas*

Good song! Fun to dance too. ^^

... ...Bored...

Zelos: Moo.
Ichigo: o.O
Zelos: Well, you said bah, so I said moo...
Ichigo: TT
Zelos: ^^
Ichigo: Cold Turkey.
Zelos: Eww...
Ichigo: Heh heh. My sis doesn't like cold turkey either.
Zelos: It's gross, and it smells bad...-_-
Ichigo: I like it on sandwiches...^^ Good stuff. Especially with Peanut butter...
Presea: GOOEY GOBBLERS!!!!! ^__^
Ichigo and Zelos: O.o
Zelos: Presea, 1. That was extremely out of character. 2. Ichigo and Presea, eww. Peanut butter and turkey? Gross!
Ichigo: It's good. I saw it on Even Stevens (luv that show) and I decided to try it...^^ Tasty! *eats gooey gobbler*
Zelos: That is sick.
Ichigo: That's what you think.
Zelos: TV rules your life...
Ichigo: Sure does! *hugs Zelos* And so do you! I wuv you!
Zelos: Heh heh...^^ *hugs back*

Yeah, random...O.o but seriously, Gooey Gobblers are good. I also like Marshmallows and Peanut Butter, and French fries with either Syrup or Chocolate (especially w/chocolate milkshakes)...Popcorn with chocolate too...^^;;; I know, I'm weird...Heh. ^^

I told you I was bored. Nya!

My mom starts school tomorrow. She's going to be a massuse...Masoose...Gah, how ever the hell you spell it, she's going to be a massage type person. It's kinda cool. She just called from the store because she went school supply shopping...I told her that it was cute. I went, "Aww, mommy's going school supply shopping, how cute!" ^^


Well, seez yaz!

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Especially ones who call me a traitor for no reason at all...TT
Someone stole a pic from Shizuka, and I busted them and told Shizuka. Next thing I know, I get a PM from this person that says that I'm a traitor and that I was their friend...WTFH!?!?!?!!? I don't even know who this person is, and they're calling me a traitor. Gee, like already don't have trouble with people at school. TT Damn humans...But it's good that Shizuka forgave her...I didn't...I hold grudges. TT Thing is, is that it's not even my problem. TT I gotta quit wasting energy hating people. Especially people I don't konw.

Yeah, so things have been a little rough this week, I broke down crying in Biology the other day, because my birthday is on Tuesday and I have no friends to invite. I ditched the group I was with before because of these reasons:

1.They were complete perverts.

2.They wouldn't quit talking about Yaoi, witch I have banned from my day, because now I just find it gross. (Yeah, I used to love it...TT and Plus, we had to watch the boys wrestle in P.E. when we were done with Physical fitness testing, and it just looked wrong...Eww...)

3. They don't listen when I talk, and they ditch me all the time, so now, I've ditched them. HA! Bitches. TT

4. They always talk about things that I don't get, because it's a "circle" thing.

5. Jessica "Sora" is gay. She's lesbian, and I feel extremely uncomfortable around them now that I know. So I ditched.

I would invite Ayako over, but since we haven't seen each other since December, there's really no point, and we really don't have anything in common anymore. Which is really sad, because she'll be at my school next year and even then we probably won't be friends. -_-...

And yes, she's still not allowed online. TT

I would invite Sagasaki, but he's going to DC with the school...

*sigh* So, another crappy birthday for me. Meh. -_-

But I felt good yesterday, Edison made me feel happy.

Steve and I pick on each other like brother and sister in Biology class, and Edison and I were messing with him, and saying STEVE-DOKEN! (inside joke). Steve goes, "What Ichigo, did you just say you wanted to die?"
I said yes, (I was laughing so I kinda missed the question) Then it hit me and I said, "No, no!"
Edison then said that he would have to report me if I actually meant that I wanted to die (WHICH I DONT, I STILL HAVE TO BEAT TOS ANOTHER MILLION TIMES!!!!) I asked him why and he said because I was his friend, and that if I died, he would be one friend less. ^^ I felt all fuzzy inside after that. ^____^ (I kinda like him, ya know).

I would invite Edison to go somewhere, dad was gonna take me and Sarah to Knott's, but I feel kinda awkward around Edison, so I decided against that, besides, both his parents work and he has to watch his brothers (4, count'em, 4) brothers over spring break.

So, yeah, but I have no homework over the break (except to work on my portfolio) and that's good. ^^

But yeah, so, I'm kinda down now, but I don't feel as bad now that I'm alone at lunch and break, being around those girls made me feel more insignificant than I do when I'm alone.

It was a lost cause hanging out with them anyways. All of them have really crappy lives. Sora's family is huge, being as how her mom has been married and divorced a million times, and the others all have their own crap. I just can't deal with it anymore, but Sarah is letting me sit with her at lunch and stuff every so often. I didn't fit in with them, because on top of having both of my birth parents at home and taking care of me, I also have a brother and a sister who love me also, and I have a relatively good life, it's just full of bull.

Well, you've heard this before: I did it again! I beat Tales of Symphonia again! wOOt!

Yesh, I did...Again...And I'm starting it...Again...(Sarah: Unhealthy obsession!!!!) Yeah well...So, I ended my last game at level 156 and I did finally beat the Underworld (FINALLY!!!! ^__^).

Oh yeah, and I ended with over one million Gald (money)...I'm so cool! ^^ (Zelos: I'm cooler! ^_^)

So anywho, long post, ne? Well, I should go, Ja Ne!

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Monday, March 21, 2005

   ^__^ , T__T, -___-, O.O, o.O
Ah, today was a somewhat good day...^^ I'm glad I'm home though!

Well, let's start with the good first...I hardly had any homework, and my english teacher (who also does yearbook) expects me on her yearbook staff next year! She's extremely picky about who does yearbook, and she picked me! A freshman, to join the yearbook crew next year! SQUEE! That just makes me feel good about myself. =^^= Nyah.

The bad...So, a kid was walking around school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday last week with a gun in his pocket...He's ROTC and he was showing it to people and stuff, but he got caught, but his friends might try to do it too...TT Lovely...
It's also physical fitness testing in P.E. and *sigh* I'm not exactly the most athletic person in the world...-_-;;;
Also...Dun, dun, dun...Only Sailor Firestar would probably know what I'm talking about...But...We're doing the Holocaust AGAIN in English...No...Stop...YOU CAN'T SEND ME BACK TO THE MUSEUM OF TOLERANCE!!!! I WON'T GO BACK!!!!!!!!!! *runs screaming in a circle*...*trips over Zelos' foot*

Zelos: They aren't sending you back there.
Ichigo: Oh...^___^ Nah, I'm just complaining...We're starting the book NIGHT, written by Elie Wiesel, it's supposed to be interesting, I just hope it's not as scary as everyone says...

Well, 8 days until B-Day, and 5 until Spring Break...^___^ Yay!
Ja Ne!!!

Certificate of Marriage

This is to certify that
IchigoKaiba + Zelos
were married
on the 22th day of March 2005

~~~~~~ MYFC ~~~~~~

I wish...^__^

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