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Saturday, August 13, 2005

So, I finished one essay, still have two to go. I'm gonna do 'em tomorrow...Then I have to handwrite (I'm typing them first so I don't waste paper).

Anyway, Thursday night, after registration, it was my Aunt's birthday and she came down to our house we had Hawaiian food because they opened an L&L Drive In here in my town...Well, at the same time, I found out my brother is going to Iraq at the end of the month. He volunteered since he is in the Air Force.

I'm nervous about it, but it's good for him to get away. He lives in a different state in his grandparents basement...So yeah...It may give him some time in the barracks to figure out what to do with his life...^^...His grandparents are really mean...I hope he figures out something...XD

So yeah, I guess that's all.

Bye bye!


"I don't wanna believe in your merry-go-round. Stop picking me up
when I want to be down. Scratch my nails on the floor and I'm liking the sound. What's the breeze upon my face? How dare you invade my space." ~Lillix

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