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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

   Tis' been a while...
Howdy people!

How's life been treatin' ya? Sorry I've been gone a while, put part of it is school and part of it is sheer laziness. But it has been an eventful week, so now, I will tell you about it!

Well, so it's been past the due date for dropping classes, but I had a major panic attack about AP Euro and all my other classes this weekend and tried to drop it. Because I haven't been "Academically Misplaced" it would have been difficult to transfer into World History, so my counselor and teacher, who both thought I would do fine convinced me to stay.

My Chem. Teacher also brought a Taratula and a Wasp to class in the same jar...She found them in Wine Country having a bug battle, and captured them...The tarantula is currently sitting at my table, and I'm less than pleased...Luckily for me, it's not moving AT ALL, so it most likely, is dead...I almost feel sorry for it...I mean, it fricken lost to a wasp...ONLY ALMOST THOUGH!

Today was especially great, because I got to use the almightyness of the yearbook pass, and went to the library without a signed note from a teacher or hall pass...XD It was during Yearbook of course, I'm not going to abuse my power...I SWEAR, I'M NOT!

Speaking of power, Kai (a girl) the president of out Anime Club and I have become friends during the school year so far, and partially on over the summer, because she's on DeviantArt. Well, last week, I helped her out a lot with posters and set up for Club Rush (where you go sign up for a ton of clubs) and that was fun. She was greatful I think, we were kind of in a rush to get the posters done.

Anywho, today we had elections for Treasurer and Secratary since the two who were going to do it bailed (one had football and stuff). So...Hee...Hee...Guess who is now the Treasurer of the CHS Anime Club! XD ME! HAHA! I'm so happy! Sora got Secratary. But it was cool, because 20 people out of like, 30 or 35 voted for me, and half of them I didn't even know because they were Freshman.

I was especially happy though, because Edison, Jhoemar and Jared (Sagasaki) all voted for me. They've been my best friends so far this year (except for Chris, but he hates anime). XD I'm just so happy! People know me at the school now, in Yearbook and Anime Club, and I'm making friends with other kids in all my other classes too.

It's also cool, because this one boy, Jake, who was in my mom's art class in Hawaii, lived on Ford Island with our family friends, and was the kid in Pearl Harbor who watched the planes go by (you know, the part where the kid runs to the fence and sees them, he was on all the popcorn bags). Well, he sits behind me in Chemistry class, so we get to talk sometimes! XD He's on the wrestling team.

Well, I guess I should go for now, I have to write an essay on why Calvanism was so successful...I hope you all are safe and happy too! Ja ne!

BTW, if you want to see Kai's artwork, you can go here, she's really good:
Kai's DeviantArt

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