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Thursday, January 6, 2005

   La la la...
Things have been better the last few days...*yawn* Tired thing won't go aways though.

Anywho, I'm typing my 1st draft of my report now...This is called procrastinating, but it's not so hard. It's just an intro, 1 paragraph on two lit devices, 1 on two interactions in the story, and 1 on themes and issues, I'm on that third one, and then a conclusion. It's much easier than the last one, no research! ^____^

So today was a late start, thank god. The teachers are trying to get late starts for every Monday, since Monday's suck.

It didn't rain today or yesterday, but it's frickin' cold here in Temecula. We're supposed to get another storm tomorrow though...No P.E., (I hope it rains, I hope it rains!) If it rains, I get to sit in the gym and listen to my iPOD or play my gameboy! Yay!

On top of my essay tonight though,I have definitions to do, and 2-52 evens of math problems I have almost no idea how to do...Oh well...It's not due until Tuesday. I'll most likely do it tonight though.

I'm freaking about finals though, since all I've really had are those stupid state tests. Grr...Finals and state tests suck.

It was hilarious, today in anime club, me, Edison, Sephy and two other kids were all playing Kingdom Hearts: Chain of memories at the same time. It was fun!

I had the weirdest dreams last night. In one, I got lost in the mall, and then when I got home, I found out Grandma killed herself...O.o Am I somekind of sicko dreaming that my gram killed herself?

Oh well, then my next dream, I was a some football game with the Symphonia characters, and then all these evil half-elf angels were coming to kill us...Zelo Welos protected me! *hugs him* I love Zelos SOOOOOOO much!

Well, I'd better go finish mah essay...Then definitions...Then math...School can bite me. Damn essays and math. Oh well, I'm a dedicated student...But a lazy dedicated student...Doesn't make sense, I know. Well, Ja ne!

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Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Man I reaaaallly hate people on this site...'Cept da peeps on my friendly list and NICE people who sign my guestbook...With NICE messages...I delete that bad ones, but I got one today where this Bebop guy was all

"You haven't seen any anime outside of TV have you..."

Dude, ok, for one, it says, "Favorite Anime" those are my favorites. I have seen alot outside of TV for his crappy information.

Also, a while ago, I got one from like Mrs.Yugioh or something, and she was all like:

"Yami Yugi loves me not you. I'm more prettier and talented than you are."

I went to her site...She's 17, at least that's what it said. Dude, even I'm smart enough to know not to take my obsession THAT far.

The immaturity here is ridiculous, I'm staying but, dude, seriously, I'm 14 and half these people who are older act like 5 year olds.


Yeah so anyways...I have a report and a portfolio due next week...Fun...Then finals are the week after that...Greeeaaat....T_T Note: Sarcasm.

Yeah it's weird, right. I'm not really obsessed with Yuugiou that much anymore. I still like it, but I dunno, I guess Tales of Symphonia has really got me. I LOVE THAT GAME!!!!!!!!!! AND ZELOS AND LLOYD!!!! *hugs them* Yay!

Other than my little Symphonia out burst back there, I'm sort of dragging...I don't really think Sora and the others like me very much either, but I really don't care. I think I have alot more in common w/Edison than them anyways. We played Chain of Memories during Anime Club. He has a copy too.

I'm also in an art funk. Nothing seems to be coming out right when I draw...How sad...Though, I'm not that talented anyway.

See, draggin', down in the dumps. At least I can admit my problems. Unlike alot of people out there.

I feel like writing an extremely looooong fanfiction, but I don't know how to start it...Hmm...And even if I do start one, I mean, IF, then I get stuck after about ten pages.

*sigh* I really don't feel good. It's been raining all week and so I gots head aches and I'm sleepy and my stomach hurts...*yawn* Too bad I have alot of homework or I would go take a nap. But if I nap, I'll forget what I learned today and then I won't be able to do it...
I JUST WANNA PLAY TALES OF SYMPHONIA...It's like mah drug...*cough* Anti-drug, I mean...lol.

And I don't know...I think I'm changing my name again...Yeah, it changes alot. I think it will just go back to being Ichi or maybe my real name...Jenny...I dunno. Ichi probably, so Sailor Firestar, you can just keep callin' me that...

Anywho, this was just to procrastinate, and to vent. I must be doing the homeworkness now...Bye Bye...

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

   ...ZELOS AND LLOYD!!!! *glomps them*
I'm...so...tired...*falls out of chair* *gets up* Sorry...Let's just say that Tales of Symphonia is the cigarettes, and I'm the addicted...Although, this isn't as bad...lol

So I woke up at like, 9 yesterday, and stayed up with my sis until three playing the damn game...^_______^ Me likey the game...T_____T Me no likey stay up till 3 am...

Met some new characters, got betrayed by old...Quite sad really...But me likey da Zelos! *hugs him* I love him, and Lloyd! Mine!

Go here, if you wanna see piccys of them and everyone else...


Zelos is quite the character...Although, he looks girlish, he is very much a guy...He has girls flocking all over him (there's something about him that is extremely special to all the people), but he's somewhat respected by adults...He's a bit arrogant, hot, goofy,a good fighter, hot, a little lecherous and did I mention...HoTT!!!!!!! Eek! I love Zelos!!!! *glomps*

Now Lloyd...What is there to say about Llyd...Well, he looks like Vash the Stampede, and I know many people think of him (at least my sis and I do) as Lloyd the Stampede...Let's see, he's been exiled, he's wanted by about 3 different organizations (Desians, Cruxius, Renegades) He doesn't do well in school, but he's an incredible fighter, and he is also, incredibley hott...Hmm...*glomps him* Zelos refers to him as "Hey you"...*hugs Zelos and Lloyd*

So enough about that...I'm just using this as an excuse to NOT do my one-pager for English...I have a whole portfolio to do too, but our teacher is stupid and doesn't tell us how to do things...She's all like, "Use your resources" and I'm all, well, you don't want to know what I think...grr...I HATE english...I like manga, and Zelo, and Lloyd and Yami.

Rockin' out to my iPod, oh yeah! Well...I gotta do this crappy one pager...I'll work on my portfolio tomorrow or something, we still have a week after the break to do it...Thank god...Wells, byes byes!

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Monday, December 27, 2004

   Tales of Symphonia
I love Tales of Symphonia!!! Lloyd is soooooooo fine! *hugs him* Genis is sooooo kawaii, but he's a smart ass...*hugs him too*

Yami: What about me?
Jounouichi: I love you too, I just have another new obsession that's all...
Yami: T__T you have to many obsessions...

I love Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories too! It's so much fun! Sora and Riku are spiffy! *more hugs for people*

So I figured out my iPod, we have to go get a part for it so it hooks into my compy...T_T;;; The instructions for the thing sucked...Oh well, I loaded a bunch a songs to my compy...I think it's like 102 songs so far, and I have more that I'm gonna buy with Christmas money...Like new songs that I don't want to have to buy the whole CD for...

So yea, we're gettin the part today...Then I'm gonna play more Symphonia!!! I guess that's all, bye bye-ness!

BTW I'm changing my layout...

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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Christmas was wonderful! I gots lots o things! Here's mah list!

Yu-Gi-Oh The Movie
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Tales of Symphonia
Menchi toy (the cat from Excel Saga)
Yu-Gi-Oh Calander
Now 17
Simple Plan: Still Not Getting Any
$50 from my gram
$100 from my aunt and uncle
1 gift card to the Sweet Bean (better coffee than starbucks)
1 gift card to Best Buy
Pocky (strawberry and chocolate)
Multiple colors of sharpies
White out (don't ask)

And....Da dada Duh!

AN iPOD!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! ^____^

But I can't figure out how to get songs on it, even with the instruction guide...^__^;;; Anyone who can help, please comment...

Oh yeah, I got a Japanese phrase and grammer book too!

I really like Tales of Symphonia but I'm really frustrated with that and Chain of Memories right now...

In CoM I can't find the right level cards I need to get through thses door things...And Symphonia, well, I just can't figure out where to go next...^_^;;;

I'm also upset, because I just watched the Yu-Gi-Oh Movie and took a bunch of screen caps...I accidently deleted them all instead of saving them...Oh well, good thing I like Yu-Gi-Oh, I'll just watch it tomorrow!

So Christmas was good to me this year! Happy day! I'm gonna play more games! Sayonara!


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Friday, December 24, 2004


What do the Kaiba Brothers Think of You? by Chaotic Demon
What are you doing right now?
Seto thinks..."Go away before I call security"
Mokuba thinks...You're fun
Noa thinks...You're annoying
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Now we know what the Kaiba's think of me! Mokuba thinks I'm fun! *hugs Mokuba*

Which Legend of Zelda Guy Will YOU End Up With? by JoshinKii
Your name/nickname:
You want to be a...
You fall forLink!
You meet whenYou both take a vacation to Lake Hylia.
Youwalk up to him and kiss him.
Hesweeps you up onto his horse and you ride away into the sunset to live happily ever after.
You two end upraising a nice, happy family on Lon Lon Ranch.
Your compatability is...: 36%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Yay! I love Link! *hugs Link*

Yay!!!! Nice and very trye quiz results...Christmas Eve is very nice this year! ^^

Presently, it's four and I'm watching Yu-Gi-Oh, Allister just took off his Pegasus costume...KICK KAIBA'S ASS ALLISTER!!!! *cough* ok, I'm done...

So I don't really have much to say, except:

Have a very merry Chrismahanakwanzaka Eve!!! ^_^ *hugs you all* Bye Bye!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

   New art
I added a new pic to my gallery if ya wanna check it out, and for once, it's not Yu-Gi-Oh...O.O Wooooooooow...

It's for Sagasaki's fanfic/art site, and the link is above if you wanna check it out...We need more members and writers and artists...I gets ta be head artist! ^___^ Anywho, comment, vote, whatever...I need ta go to bed...*yawn* More cleaning tomorrow...Oyasumi...

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

   I'm back...
Hi! I haven't updated in a while have I? Well, ya wanna know why?


Stupid thing...So I couldn't get on Friday, or all of Saturday until about 8. Then it stopped for all of Sunday night, and Monday...I came back around 7 on Monday, bu then died, and came back, and died, but now it's working all fine and dandy! ^_^

SO yeah...CHRISTMAS IS IN FOUR (or three, I can't count) DAYS!!!!! PARTY!!!! Too bad Ayako is going to Arizona...She could get on the computer, but noooo...She has ta go away...Grr...

So anywho, that's about all. Bye Bye!
P.S. No one died at the pep rally...Dumbass kids at my school...

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Thursday, December 16, 2004

   People are really f-ing stupid...

Ok, so, it was a fluke...Nothing happened...Thank god...I was a little paranoid, but who wouldn't be...Oh but school was so nice today...

There were only like, maybe 700 out of like, 3000 kids at school today...Quiet classes, small classes, no one who just stops in front of you while your walking to the next class...Here are the stats of students in my classes:

Spanish: 21/about 36-40
Math: 8/about 25
Health: 15/36
English: 11/17, which wasn't bad, the class is small anyway.
P.E.: Most of us were there, maybe about 7 were missing.
C.P. Bio: 2/3rd's of the class was there, which I was surprised about since that class is mostly slackers...

We found that aaaaaallll the extremely slacking slackers skipped today, just wanted time off...*shakes head* Excuses, excuses...My dad made me go to school, just like I thought...One-chan and I are dedicated students...Rain or shine, sleet or snow, guns or bombs! (we had a bomb threat in Hawaii for all the schools)

Just have to finish my Spanish project for homework...^__________^

Everyone is extremely paranoid though about the pep rally tomorrow...They think there's gonna be a bomb, or the gunman is gonna be there...Idiots...Blowing the whole ordeal completely out of proportion...Sora said, that all the boys stalls had the message writtin in blood...Bonkatsu...NOT TRUE!!! If that was the case, they would have closed the school down...

So yeah, tomorrow is questionable, but I'm still going, Pep rally's are fun! Nothing's gonna happen if it didn't today...Dad thinks that it's just some jocks who are making fun of gays because they have problems with their own sexuality...Bakas...This was just low...

So anywho, I am safe, no one has gotten hurt or died, and tomorrow is the last day of school! wOOt!!! PAAARRRRTY!!!!!! WOOT!!! WOOT!!!

Riku made fudge yesterday. She brought it to school and I got to eat it...It was goooood....^_^ Fudge is tasty huh? It had powdered sugar on top of it! Yum! Mom's makin' Christmasy goodies for us to take to our friends tomorrow...^_^

Well, I guess that's all...I will see ya later!
~Jounouichi(who is alive)

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

   HO-LY SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*sigh* today was...How should I put this...Nerve racking? Stressful? Suspenseful? It was completely insane...

So yesterday, after school the teachers had a meeting because between 3rd and 4th period something was written on the bathroom wall in the boys room at the two hundred building.

'I am gay and I am sick and tired of being picked on. I am bringing a gun to school on 12/16/04 and I am killing everyone.'

That's what it said. Scary, ne?

So the kids at school are all freaked and stuff, and I am too, but there are many theories for this...

1. It's a prank to get us more time for winter break(not that it's winter here).
2. A straight student is doing this to make fun of gay students...
3. A cry for help.
4. It'll actually happen...(I hope not)

I personally, although nervous as hell, don't believe this will happen. I think it's a prank...It's still scary though...

My health teacher made a good point though that if the kid was really going to do it, then why not today or yesterday, and why tell us so that there are cops crawling all over campus and kids are staying home...

It reminds me of Kazuyuki in Kodocha...He wasn't really gonna kill himself, he wanted someone to find him...Except, we have no clue who the hell it is...They already checked out the Gay Straight Alliance Club, so hopefully they didn't lie...Sides, there's a teacher in there everyday.

My dad will make me go to school though, since he is an investigator and helps crack cases like this all the time...Also, I've been in bomb threat situations when I was in Hawaii, didn't happen, so I don't think (and hope not) that this will happen either...I'm really praying it doesn't.

Edison and I decided that we needed to call up Conan-kun! *hugs Conan* But then we decided that it wouldn't be a good idea, since he can only solve the case AFTER someone has died...We don't want that now do we...

I really hope this doesn't happen...

On a happier note, only two days o school left, and Christmas presents next Saturday! wOOt!!!!

So if you can, not that you know any of the kids at my school, please pray for us. I know that sounds real religious like and crap, but we need all the good vibes we can get. ^_^;;

Well, Ja ne!

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