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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

   Disney Land
Hmm...So, I went to Disney Land yesterday with my cousins...It was fun, but hella crowded...

We went on:

Haunted Mansion (I hate this ride, and yes, I'm scared of it, but just the elevator part...)
Pirates of the Carribean (x2 ^^)
Star Tours (^^)
Matterhorn (^__^)
Tea Cups (Hmm...)
Thunder Mountain Railroad (XD)
Splash Mountain (XD)

We wanted to go on Space Mountain and Indiana Jones, but they were so crowded it wasn't even funny. Plus, we were in line for Space Mountain, but they kicked everyone out because of tech. difficulties (for the third time that day so we gave up)

My cousin went on some Rocket Ship ride in Tomorrow Land, I didn't go because I don't like heights...o.O

The line for the Matterhorn was super long too (it went in a circle around the whole mountain), but we waited anyway.

The oldest of my cousins in that family, (he's 14) was acting like a little twerp the whole time, but I rode most the rides with the younger one (she's 11). We had fun...^^

I also bought some suveniers. I got a bunch of those rubber bracelets that everyone is wearing these days. I got another Stitch Plushie, and a purple wallet with a chibi Eeyore on it. ^^ I needed a new wallet, my Pochacco one (which I've had for like, 8 years and is flimsy plastic) is breaking apart...Yeah, I think it was time for a new wallet...

So now that all is said and done with my cousins (they're leaving tomorrow) I must do my AP Euro homework. Yay...

I don't have volunteering for the next month, 'cause it's summer break. So I have free Saturday mornings to sleep in! ^_^

So I go to orientation (for freshman) to get all my school things and stuff on the ninth. School starts on the 22nd, and dad is taking a trip to Japan and Korea for business on the 26th. Must make him a list of things I want! ^_____^ Hee, hee.

Well, that's about all, see ya later. ^_^


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Sunday, July 17, 2005

   Harry Potter
So, I got Harry Potter yesterday...Finished it today...

Probably my favorite next to the third book.

And despite what you or anyone else says, throughout the whole book, I just wanted to hug Malfoy. Poor thing...

And that is all I'm going to say spoiler wise.


My parents are so proud...I actually read a book...^^;
And it 2 days, wow, the last one took me a year because I was so lazy...What can I say, I'm a manga person.

So yeah, that's about it...i put the Sims 2 on my laptop...The videocard on my desktop sucked, but the game works better now.

I still have to put up that pic of Yugi, I shall do it soon...I think...Not like anyone really cares though. ^^

So yeah, well, now I get to enjoy AP Euro Summer Homework...Yipee...Oh well, I'll get the three essays and two chapters of reading done, either this week, or the week after next...*sigh*

Well, see ya!


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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

   La dee, Da dee, Da!

I got the Sims 2 on Sunday...IT'S FREAKING ROXOR!!!! Tis a little slow on my desktop compy though...oO But! That is ok, because it still rocks! It's so much fun, the graphics are awesome, and the aging thing ish pretty cool, too!

Yeah, so that. And then there are 2 cds I'm gonna get, the songs from 'Instant Star' import from Canada...TT...Import? From Canada...? Grr...Yeah, so that, and the...Kaci CD from like, a million years ago...I'm so weird...*sigh*

So, 15 days till my cousins come. *sigh* Yipee...But that means there's only 19 days until the annual REINS Day Horse Show where I volunteer! Last year it was so cute seeing all the little kids get ribbons! ^^ Actually, I talked w/my cousins an they said they might like to go see it! ^^ Hee, hee...

So, I may be dying my hair purple before the weekend, if not that, then mahogany or something....How I go from purple to mahogany, even I don't know...

5 days until Harry Potter...^^

I really need to do my summer assignment for AP Euro...Dammit...Oh well, even if I tell my self to do it, I'll probably wait until the last minute anyway...*sigh* No motivation...Only for videogames...

Well...Hmm...Oh yeah...Drew a picture of Yugi (shocking! it's been so long!) I might post it tomorrow if I'm not on the Sims, or I'll do it before I play the Sims...It's kinda weird...But I like it...

Well, that's all for now....Ciao!


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Friday, July 8, 2005

I finally got my Tales of Symphonia art book!!!

It ain't everything I hoped it would be, but I love it anyway!!! There's yummy Kratos, Zelos, Lloyd, Mithos and Yggy pictures...XD

I have a Marmalade Boy art book I got in Japan too...^^ There are many more I wanna get.

Dad also ordered Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince from Amazon today. It'll be here in my mailbox on the 16th! Ha! I don't have to wait in line! XD But, hopefully...It won't take me a year to read. As I see it, I have 10 days to get through it before my cousins come from Canada...That ish mah goal. Finish in 10 days or less...I lose interest in books easily if you can't tell...Unless it's manga...

My friend Rachel came over yesterday. It was fun, we watched Fruits Basket and DNAngel.

After Harry Potter, what else am I waiting for...Hmm...Oh yeah, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Kingdom Hearts 2...^^ I can't wait!

So, yeah, the summer has been good I guess...I've taken a strange liking to Draco Malfoy quizzes on Quizilla, but the problem is, I don't think his actor is that good looking...But I like Malfoy in general, so I guess it doesn't matter...

So I mentioned before that my cousins are coming on the 26th...Yay...And I say that with the utmost sarcasm in my voice.
Both of them were adopted, one from Romania, and one from China. Emily, the younger, Chinese one, I don't mind, but Josh, the older one who's a year younger that me, well, we don't get along...But who knows, I haven't seen them in about 5 years, so, who knows...I mean, I'm sure things have changed, but knowing Josh...*shudders* Who knows...

So yeah, I have that to somewhat look forward to in three weeks. We're having dinner w/grandma, and my aunt and uncle for my dad's birthday...I'm less than excited, but I'll deal with it. As long as my aunt and uncle don't get drunk, I think it'll be ok. Because if they get drunk, they argue, or they make fun of my sis and me and talk to us about college and careers...*sigh* But I get to see my dog, so I'm happy! ^__^ *hugs dog*

Well, I guess that's all. Ciao for now!


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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Well, I updated my fanart gallery...Go vote, comment whatever...It's all ToS...

That's all I guess...Oh yeah...On 9th play through of ToS...Yay!...


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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Summer is nice...^^ I've almost beaten ToS for an eigth time, and next week, when I get the chance to go to the store, I'm gonna start on my plushies.

Still haven't gotten my ToS Character Art Book yet. The website I got it from said that it may take a while, but my patience is running thin...TT
I also heard it was crap, but i love ToS so much, I really don't care. I'll take anything...

I wrote a letter to Namco asking them to release the PS2 version...I still have to send it though...AH! I'M TOO FREAKIN OBSESSED!!!! I'M WORSE THAN I WAS W/YUUGIOU!!!!!!! *sigh* But I can't help it...TT

Yeah, so, Amazon is realeasing the ToS drama CD's. One has Zelos on the cover...I may get it...

Too...Obsessed...Help...Get me out of this hole I've dug...AAHHH!!!!!!


So yeah, I'm not going to comic con this year, even though I want to. Mom and dad don't want to go, and my sis won't drive on the free way...TT

That makes me sad...*sniff*

Plus, my sister won Coldplay tickets on their MySpace site, and she won't take me...She's taking her friend, but it's ok, because it's like paying her friend back for giving my sister WallFlower tickets...*sigh* I never get to do anything fun...

But I did go to Rachel's Birthday Sleepover on Wednesday...That was fun...I guess...I had to listen to Chelsea and Lauren go on about what goes on in the minds of murderers and people who cut and commit suicide...Like they would know...TT Idiots...And Chenoa ran into the glass door after howling at the moon...And she's human...o.O and Kelsey lost badly at Yuugiou: Duelist of the Roses...But that game sucks anyways...TT

So I guess it was ok...The cake was good. I really just sat quietly and did nothing...At least until they supplied me with vast tons of snickers and Twix and Muskateers...Then I flipped out...But we watched my uncut Yuugiou DVDs too...That was cool...

My sis and I bought more manga yesterday. Fruits Basket 10 (the one w/the kawaii Kisa cover...Say that ten times fast...o.O) Princess Ai 2, and a copy of Last Hope by gomanga. It's by an American story writer, and a Philipino artist...It's actually really good. Go pick up a copy.

Yuuuup...My cousin is a ghost hunter, I never told any of ya'll that when I got back from Indiana...Here's the website, it's actually really cool!



So yeh, I guess that's it for now...I need money...I wanna buy stuff...WAAH! *cough* Sorry...^^;



*Edit: I do get to go to Comic Con, now. I'm helping my family's friend babysit, and they wanna go see the Star Wars stuff, and said they would take me along...^^

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

   Hi, Hi, Hi!
Ah, schools finally over for the next two months...^_^

I miss year round school though, summer is too long, but just having a three week break in between each quarter is nicer.

So, guess that's it for now. SYMPHONIA TIME!


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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

   Hum de Dum....
Damn teacher lied, we didn't have to run the mile...TT Instead, we played dodge ball! ^^

So, finals are tomorrow for P.E. Geography, and Math. P.E. we don't have one, Geography, we get to use a study guide, and Math well, I did ok on the final practice, so I think I'll do well on the final. ^_^

*sigh* I want, mah book...TT

I guess that's all...Ciao, Ciao!


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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Man, this sucks, we're having our P.E. final early, which means running mile, and I can't do it because I have cramps...TT I'mma end up with a C in that class now. No one should have a C in P.E....*sigh*

That, and my geography teacher decided that the only time we would need to bring our books to school were on the last three days before finals. I like my geography teacher, but dammit, that fricking sucks.

Please excuse my French, I've been in a cursing mood lately.

But! I played Tales of Symphonia all weekend! XD I went a figurine hunting in the game, you know (well some of you) when you have to go find pellets and take them to Dirk and he will make figurines. Yep, I have almost all of them! ^_^

I really wanna see Howl's Moving Castle, but it's not at my theater...TT Oh well, I'll just wait till it comes out on DVD. That, and I want to get Nausicca: Valley of the Wind. I already have Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke.

I am anxiously a waiting Christmas...Why you ask? Well, for one, Kingdom Hearts 2 is on the top of my list, it will be on Amazon.com on December 15th. And two, my dad said that if we can get it online, he will by me Tales of Symphonia for PS2, and if Tales of Legendia is out, I want that as well...GAH! I'm so greedy...-_-;

I still want a Zelos figurine too...But I can't find any online except on Ebay and my parents don't trust Ebay...TT

Ah, but alas, tis almost summer vacation. I just need to go to el craft store and get el supplies for making a Zelos Plushie! Squee!

Well, I must continue to get ready for school. Ja matte!

P.S. My book still ain't here...I hope it gets here soon...

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Monday, June 6, 2005


Yeah, so this weekend I bought the Tales of Symphonia art book off of Sasuga Books. I got an email from them today saying they were out of stock, and that it would take three or four weeks for it to get here...And the company is in Massachusettes...Oi...TT (that means that the company in Mass. has to get it from Japan...TT)

Oh well, that's ok I guess. As long as I get it, I'm happy, but dad is going to Japan on business in August, I should have just asked him...Would have been cheaper too...TT

*sigh* The car broke down when mom was going to school (she's in college for massage). Dad had to go and get her when she was done at school, and the car got towed to a dealer to fix it. I think she said the break lines were broken...o.O I'm not good w/cars...


Well, I must be off. I have much of the homework to be doing (portfolios suck!)



P.S. I've been home for two weeks, I'm just too lazy to update...The trip back from Indy was good, and I'm glad to be home...The Make-Up work for school is hell though...

P.P.S. Portfolio's suck!

P.P.P.S. School gets out next Friday. Those who get out earlier need to jump off a bridge...(just kidding)

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