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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Yo, from Indiana!

Thank you for your comments. I'm just glad my grandpa's out of pain, I'm more relieved than sad.

I'm on my aunts computer right now. We come back to California on Saturday (just in time for Champloo! Heck yes!)

The trip has been fun! ...Actually, I know that sounds terrible since the reason I'm out here is for a funeral...^^;

But, I haven't seen any of these relatives (except my aunt, cousin Manda, and my brother Matt who all visited in Hawaii) for five years. Manda had a baby in October, little Madaline, and i got to meet her for the first time, and my 4 year old cousin Carolyn, who I never got to see as a little kid. Both are so adorable!

I was glad to see everyone, but I really missed my bro the most. I'm really happy I got to spend some time with him.

Well, yeah, I may update on Saturday, but I gotta go now!


P.S. I have an accent now from bein' out here...Tee hee! XD

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Saturday, May 21, 2005

   Bye bye!
Well, I'll be gone for the week (not that I've posted lately anyway), but my grandfather died, so I'll be in Indiana all week for his funeral. Ja ne!


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Sunday, May 15, 2005

   Lople Do!

It's that time again.

What time you ask?

Zelos: It's 'Ha, Ha, Now You're Poor' time!
Ichigo: Don't copy NIck Swardson...(I love that comedian ^^)

The time when I say I'm supposed to be doing homework because it's already 6 on a Sunday night and I haven't done jack all weekend!

That's what time it is. ^^

Zelos: Tsk, tsk.
Ichigo: Nobody asked you!

I should re organize my binder too...Tis a mess...

But, oh, I have this great idea! NO STEALING!

So, I always talk about fics and crap I want to write, right?

Ok, so...

I decided I would take a few of my favorite characters and add them to Tales of Symphonia...Here's how they stand.

Da Good Guys:

Sora "Zack" (Kingdom Hearts)

Ichigo Momoiya "Zoey" (Tokyo Mew Mew)

Noa Kaiba (Yuugiou) (Shouldn't he be a bad guy? You ask...No, I was debating between Yugi and Dark/Dai from DNAngel, and couldn't decide, so I picked Noa.)

Da Bad Guys:

Kohaku "Haku" (Spirited Away) (Just for some strange reason...)

Riku (Kingdom Hearts)

Kish "Dren" (Tokyo Mew Mew)


The Sohma's (Fruits Basket)

Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)

Link (The Legend of Zelda)

Dark and Daisuke (DNAngel)

That's all the info you get for now...I'm still trying to figure somethings out. But if you could think of some American names for Riku, Haku, and Noa, that would be wonderful...Let's put it this way, Lost Memories=New Names

Kish, and Ichigo already have names (see Mew Mew Power...I don't know why the hell I watched it, but it wasn't bad...) I named Sora, Zack for some weird reason...o.O

So yeah...I'll be working on it over the summer though, and just to character development for now...

Listening to Spice Girls...And I don't know why...OMG!

The Backstreet Boys got back together!!!!!! ^________^

I love their new song, Incomplete! ^_______^


Well, I should go write my page on the Rwandan War...*sigh* Damn you Mr. Kingsberg, it's testing week, why do you stress us out over the weekend...TT


Oh yeah, and for my story for English...Well, I might re write a quicker short one tonight...If I read the other one, I'll probably get made fun of because it's all "Anime" like...Jerks...I have a mind to do some ass kicking tomorrow...

Well, Ja Ne!


P.S. I had a dream last night that Disney released rated R-NC-17 versions of all their cartoons movies...Cinderella, Robin Hood, and other random movies...Disturbing, but it was funny hearing them curse in my dreams...XD

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

   ^___^ Presents for Me

I got a birthday package from my host family! It's late, but that's ok.

Kie's mom sent me a letter with it, but it's all in kanji! ^^;;;

But I'm happy anyway...^^

I've been watcing America's Next Top Model. It's...Interesting...

Samurai Champloo premeires tonight! Sorry, I can't spell today.

Well, yeah. That's it I guess...

Bye Bye!


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Thursday, May 12, 2005


We have to write out short stories, and we have to haver certain components within it.

Here are mine:

Main Character: Karate Expert
Sub Character: Artist
Setting: Movie Theater
Major Event: A journey begins

So, what I have so far, is kind of a Kurama story. The karate exert is actually a demon prince who was sent the the human world to escape rebels from the north. He grows up in the human world as a mortal for the next ten years (he's 17). He studies karate and is well an expert...o.O So then there's this girl at his school, new girl who is really weird. It happens that he finds out she's actually from where he grew up and was once his best friend (he lost his memories). She was sent to help him regain his memories and to help him fight off the demons that have been appearing in his city...

So anywho, just tell me if that's good...

*sigh* Things have been pretty much normal here in the middle of nowhere. Same ol' crap. Steve, Edison and I might start our own Anime club, since the other one sucks ass. We already have two people who are ready to sign up...Heh, heh.

STAR testing is this week...*sigh* How annoying...Oh well.

Well, see ya.

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Sunday, May 1, 2005



Zelos: *smacks Ichigo* Calm down, it's just show...
Zelos: Um...I am...
Ichigo: Oh, yeah...But still man...OMG...I was really hysterical though when they showed the funeral scene on Full Metal, and then when Edward saw his ghost waving...*sobs* It was so sad...*hugs Zelos* *cries* Hughs died...
Zelos: It's ok...*hugs Ichigo*

But seriously, my sister wasn't home, so I called her cell when FMA ended and left a message on her phone telling her she would be really sad with this episode.

Inuyasha is on...Shippo is playing a gameboy...How cute! ^^

Miroku is a lecher...TT

Zelos: ^^ Like me!
Ichigo: You just insulted yourself...TT
Zelos: ^^ I know!

Well, bye bye...*goes and watches the FMA episode again* WAAAAHHH!!!! *cries hysterically*


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Friday, April 29, 2005

   WTF is wrong with these people?!?! Anime Club IS supposed to be fun, right?
Life has been fine for me...Same old school, same old home stuff...But I feel the need to vent about the anime club at my school, you can ignore me if you want, and I would post this at Deviant Art, but club leader is there, and I don't want to get kicked out (although, I feel that I should leave...)

So...I've mentioned Sam in many posts before hand. I "liked" him for a while, but I had suspicions that he was either Gay or Bi, because firstly, he likes Yaoi, (especially SasukaxNaruto) and he was "going out" with Jenna Lee, who is a big as a cow and has all of her gay friends who don't like anime coming to club. Someone going out with her MUST be hiding something...So, pretty much, Sam is gay.

Then there is Nick, my sisters "friend" Lindsey's younger brother...He is an interesting case, and he's been coming to club all year when he was banned last year for molesting Chyna, the club leader Rachel's best friend, who doesn't come to club any more because of her boyfriend Skyler, who she ditched all of her friends to be with.

Sam and Nick are friends, and now they are both banned from club, but why Sam you ask? He's a nice guy...Sweet, charming to a point, but he decided it would be fun to write a "Gay Porn" novel using all of the boys in Anime Club, including Chyna's boyfriend Skyler. So no more Sam.

Rachel has a large stick up her ass, and she can't control the other kids. On top of that, Mr. Irvin, the club advisor is never in the room when we have club, so today, we all got kicked out because of Nick.

Sam is dealing with the fact that he isn't allowed in club anymore, but Nick doesn't get it, and decided to come to club today. Jenna Lee yelled at him and then Rachel called Campus Security to come and take him away. Since Mr. Irvin wasn't there, we got kicked out...Thanks Nick...TT

Part of Nick's problem is that there isn't any love in his family. According to my sister, his sister Lindsey beats the crap out of him, or, used to since he got bigger and she's a scrawny little bitch.

So, there's all this tension in club now, and everyone is pretty much segragated.

You've got Miguel, TJ, Jomar, and abour 5 other kids who play Yuugiou and gameboy.

Sora's group (who've I've completely broke all connections with, and yet they still follow me around) who sit in the back (usually by me, so I move) and they sit with all of Jenna Lee's gay friends, who shouldn't even be there because they don't like anime.

Then there's Starla, Miguel's sister and Ducki and Kai, her brother Tommy and a few other people, who all sit in the corner and draw or watch DVD's.

Then there's me, Edison and Steve(who likes to travel around the class room and talk with others). Edison and I do homework, or play games, or just talk.

Rachel stands in the front of the class room, shouting at us...TT

And that is the breakdown. I could go furthur, but I have homework.

Anywho, we haven't had a contest since October, and there's really no anime involved in Anime club, except the occassional DVD or VHS put on the TV that no one watches.

There is so much tension, I feel it isn't somewhere I should be, but I want to hang out with Edison and Steve there, because other than during Biology, we don't see each other. Since they are my two best friends this year, it really sucks...TT So I go to see them.

And yeah, that's about it.

Sorry, it sounded like I have a problem with gay people, but I don't...But to quote Steve..."I do not oppose gays, nor do I support them. I will accept them as human beings, as I've mentioned frequently before, and accept them for who they are. I will not, however, support them in general (I'm not going to go around shouting, "Yay for Gay!")

Please excuse Steve's blutness, but I agree with him.

I have been scarred since I learned Sora was a les...*shudders* It's just disturbing and annoying. I have to let it go though, I don't talk to her, so I won't let it bother me or say a word about it any more.

So, yeah, That's about it. It's just extremely frustrating, that anime club has so many problems, I mean COME ON! IT'S ANIME CLUB!!!!

And with all of this Sam and porn stuff and gay stuff, it's no wonder Anime has a bad name in a lot of places. *Napolean Dynomite Voice* Geez!

*sigh* Yeah, Ok, I have homework...Bye bye!


P.S. If you did read this, I hope you're not offended...*bows* Sorry if you are!

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

   Hmm...It's raining like a crazy monkey!
*sigh* Only today and tomorrow and then it's the weekend.

Finally, this week has been so annoying, and testing starts soon...Bleh. Me no likey the tests...Oh well...

I'm tired, but I'm not tired...Idn't that weird? Yeah, whatever...So, do you like my sites new colors and avi?! ^____^ I like it!

So, how is everyone. I'm good I guess...Just tired...And bored...And it's raining...Rain makes me tired...

Well, I gotta get to school...Have a nice day!


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Monday, April 25, 2005

   *sigh* -_- Meh...
Ugh, I'm tired...*note: Night time when posting* It took me almost 5 hours to do my math...Yes, I procrastinated...Talked with Edison, sang songs...But, Omigosh! I haven't been ToS active for like, 2 whole weeks! *shock* Mostly just because I don't feel like messing with that damn Ymir fruit in the Ymir Forest...It's such a time consuming pain in the butt...

I didn't finish my math cuz I need help, so I'll ask my teacher tomorrow.

So I bought another music card today for my iPod...I got some...Weird songs...o.O

Bump, Bump, Bump...B2K and P. Diddy
Switch...Will Smith (HEEEEY!!!)
I'm gonna make you love me...Play and some kid from Dream Street (Go figure why I got this...It's catchy.)
I Think I love You...Kaci
Billy S...Skye Sweetnam (Again, catchy)
Rumors...Lindsay Lohan (Go figure...Again...)
All Downhill From Here...New Found Glory
Anthem of Our Dying Day and Until The Day I Die...Story of the Year
Get a Clue...Simon and Milo (^^ Heh, heh...Don't ask, I just like this song...The only animated singers and they rock...And sound British!)

And finally, Only Hope by Mandy Moore...Damn, that song keeps making me cry, it's such a pretty (but sad) song...I haven't seen A Walk to Remember, but I want to now. I may go rent it next weekend...

Anywho, not really wanting to go to school tomorrow...

Ichigo: *singing*
Wake up tired, Monday mornings suck,
It's way too early to catch a bus,
Why conform without a fuss,
Daddy Daddy, no, I don't wanna go to school, woo!
I don't need to read Billy Shakespeare,
Meet Juliet or Benvolio,
Feel for once what it's like to rebel now,
I wanna break out, let's go!

Ichigo: Oops, sorry...^^ Got a little carried away there...
Zelos: Ichiiiiii, I want you to stay home with meee...
Ichigo: Sorry Zelos...*hugs* But I can't...
Zelos: Then, I believe that it's only right that I escort my pretty hunnie to school. That way, I can spend time with you.
Ichigo: Zelos, if you came to my school...I don't even want to think about it.
Zelos: Fine then. Guess I won't give you the math homework I did for you.
Ichigo: What?! You did it all for me?!?! GIMMIE!
Zelos: Nope, too bad...FIREBALL! *burns math homework*
Ichigo: WAAAH!!!
Zelos: Heh, heh. ^^
Ichigo: TT
Zelos: Aww...You look mad...I'm so sad now...*hugs Ichi*
Ichigo: I hate you...
Zelos: I love you too, babe.

Well, I should go to bed...Bye bye!

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

   Hum, de, dum, dum...
So, nothing much has happened lately, but I did go to that makeup party. It was fun, I even ordered some stuff. ^^

I don't have much make up work left, just math and english. I think I'm gonna take a nap though.

There was a rally yesterday. They were giving away free PSP's, iPod mini's, DVD Players(portable) and a Flat Screen TV...Man, I should have one, but no, it's all the slacker kids who get the good stuff...Screw that.

Oh well...I guess that's all. FMA and Inuyasha are on tonight! *throws confetti* Yay!

Well, Ja ne!

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