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Monday, August 8, 2005

   Hmm...I don't...Know...
...So, it's been an uneventful monday so far, with the exception of my sister acting like a complete doofus.

Currently watching "2 Stupid Dogs" I used to watch it all the time when my family was overseas on Cartoonnetwork (that, and Discovery channel were the only English television, other than news). It's still kinda funny, but not as much.

So I finished reading for AP Euro, now I just have the three essays...Yeah...TT I'm gonna ask my dad to help me since he's a history major. My sis said she would help, but she's been really...ahem...Witchy lately. It's kinda pissing me off...

So yeah, that's about it, other then I have been drowning my self in fanfiction...XD

So, I finish this post now, saying that my Instant Star CD has gone from Canada...To Texas...And I live in California...Darn you, USPS! Oh yeah, and Winx Club sucks.

"Well indn't that cute-BUT IT'S WRONG!"

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