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Thursday, January 19, 2006


Hey everyone. So life seems to go slower by the minute, but look at me! I updated on the weekday again! hahaa. Sorry if I wasn't able to visit some of you guys. Keesh, I found out I have a Spanish quiz three days in a row!! AAH. Horrible. Oh well. >.<

Well lately I have been getting annoyed by a friend of mine in my geometry class. She totally hates our teacher. She keeps on calling her a fat"arse" <-- replace that a different word... haha. And curse her like, "Eff" you... and so on. Its annoying, because there was really nothing she really ever done to her. And my friend keeps on talking about it!! Okay, our teacher is fat and all, no offense, but she never did anything wrong. Her voice is annoying too. But she doesn't care if you do your homework... and if you do turn it in, you have to show work and have all the answers correct. Yeah, and since this friend of mine needs to get her grade higher because of her test score, she turns in her homework. Next day, she gets it back,and sees she doesn't have the checkmark to count it as a 100. And she goes nuts. And starts cursing her and talking bad about her. Oh yeah, doesn't sound too bad... but it gets SOO annoying hearing her talk about her the WHOLE class. And I sit near her too... *sigh* Really bothersome. And since I'm "smart" to her, she always go and ask me if she had the same answer as me. And when I say, "no" and told her the supposedly correct answer and prove her I'm right... she goes nuts too. She'd be like, "Eff" you! And start cursing at me. I know she's kidding and all, but its annoying and hurtful. She doesn't say, "Just Kidding" or "Sorry didn't mean that"... she just goes on with her little weird self. Just wish I can move somewhere else. Bleh. Haha, very annoying indeed.

Bleh... haha.

Well besides all that stuff up there, my life is normal as usual. Just staying on the computer a bit less that usual... which is good. =D Haha. I need to go and finish studying... and then head for bed. Take care. Later =D

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Beginning of Week sucks.

Hey everyone. OMG. School is killing me. Well actually no it isn't. There's only one subject thats killing me. Spanish III. AAH. I totally hate Spanish III! Sheesh, Spanish I & II was really simple. I guess because it was consisted of grammars and words. But this year, we learn about history, culture, and do a lot more crud. =| Its so effing hard. I hate it. I wish they had Vietnamese there. Or Japanese... either of them there, I'd take it. *sigh* Better stop ranting and all.


So my day with Yen and Oanh was really fun. ^^ We were about to go to the movie theatre to watch Hoodwinked, but then we didn't feel like going... but we might go and watch it this Friday. Haha, that movie seems so funny and stupid. I just got to watch it. I need to kind of drift myself from all the romance, and fantasy, action/adventure sort of movies now. After watching all the LotR movies... whew! Haha. Not saying I am starting to dislike LotR, trust me, I can go through another nine hours watching them again! Haha, just feel like watching a different genre of movie. xP


Well I might go and visit everyone... I hope. xD No promises or anything. Haha. Depends on my homework crud. Well farewell to you all, and have a wonderous week! Later =D

P.S. Oh and I don't think I will ever tell the second part of my holiday vacation. Its too old to tell now to you guys... AND I am too lazy. *laughs* xP

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Monday, January 16, 2006

Martin Luther King's Day

Hey everyone! Today is Monday!! A holiday!! And also Martin Luther King's Day! ^^ But I do hope everyone will enjoy the holiday.

Today Yen and Oanh are coming over to my house!! So I might not be able to visit you guys. But only those who update super early.

I've been watching Lord of the Rings all day yesterday. I finished up the 2nd one. And then started on the third. Still watching right now... at this moment. I remembered the third one because I actually finished the third one some time ago. Ah I love Pippin and Merry. They are so awesome. And you can't forget Legolas either. Haha, he is so cool!
I started to draw him too. Legolas. Hah, will I show you? Heavens, no! I don't draw very well... so there's no way I'm gonna show you. Haha. Only when I feel like it. xD

Well I think thats all I wish to tell you. Haha. Take care everyone! And have a nice day. Later =]

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Sunday, January 15, 2006


Hey everyone! Keesh yesterday was very tiring for me. Went to the mall yesterday with my parents, Tracy, my aunt and uncle and my two little cousins. Haha.
All I got books at the bookstore. No clothes. No jewlery. Just books. I got the Tales of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. Great. Another Dickens book. We're reading it after Romeo and Juliet. And my aunt bought me a pocket size Romeo and Juliet. Haha, one day someone will think of the book and try to think of this certain quote... and I will pull the book right out of my pocket and say I'll go find it. Haha, they'll be asking, "Why in the world do you carry that thing around??"
LOL. Oh well. xD

Well we lost my mom at the mall yesterday. Yeah, my mom. Haha. She doesn't have a cellphone because she's always stay by my dad. Not today. She went off somewhere on her own. No idea where she went. By the time we wanted to go home, we still couldn't go find her. While me and Tracy as one group while the rest as another group set out to find my mom. Finally a half hour later, my dad called me and told me he found her. Hahaha, and you know where she has been? In only two stores. And they were very near each other. Tracy and I went in those two stores to search for her... no hope. Gah! We went around the mall 3 times... for nothing. xD That mall was big. Haha. Oh well, not too big. But man, I was tired. But oh well, good exercise. =D

Cousins xD

My two little cousins, one is 9 while the other is 5. Man those two are very noisy. xD People says that, that would be very annoying... but its not annoying to me... guess I got used to it. *shrugs*
Well, we were at the restaurant... and like they kept on talking and talking. Kah! I was trying to eat! Haha, and they were eating too. xD And then when we were near finishing our meals... the 9 year old started to talk about farting. xDD He said, "Ah I need to fart! Did you know, when its silent, its very deadly??" OMFG. I didn't did to know that. I was still eating you know... and I had my mouth full, and I was about to spit it all out. Ah man, and he kept on going on and on about it. And then the two little kids started to go on about more strange things. Weirdos. Hah, they're still cool.

Well, lots of people thought Chibi-san was moving. She wasn't. She was just visiting there for reasons. But then at the end, they weren't able to go. Don't know why, but whatever.

Too long of a post now. xD I'll be leaving now. =D Take care. Later =]

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Three Day Weekend

Hey everyone! How are you? ^^ I'm doing pretty fine. It's finally a three day weekend! I can totally relax now. Haha. And since I don't feel like typing up much of a post... I think I'll save up my holiday story for later... I might even never tell you!! How horrible! xD

Well, anyways... I heard that the seniors in my school are going to sell trash bags to help get money for the prom. Is it just me, or is that kinda weird? 0.o Well I don't know. I find it a bit odd.

Ah, one of my bestest of best friends are leaving to Arkansas! Some of you might know her... Chibi-san is her name. Haha. But some of you guys might actually know her real name. ^^ I was really hoping she could come over to our house over the three day weekend. I guess not anymore. =| But there will be her twin sister there!! Yeah, she's not going to Arkansas with her family. *shrugs* So she'll be able to come over to my house. Hehe.

Lord of the Rings

Well, my friend had lent me her LoTR collection! Yay! To tell you the truth, I never actually got to finish the first one. And I don't really remember the second one, so I'll be rewatching them. I will be also rewatching the third one. Yay. I can watch them all day over the weekend. ^^

Well, as for Naruto, episode 19 in English dub is coming tonight!! AAH, I love that show to death in the japanese version. I'm not sure if I will like it in dub. If Naruto says, "Believe it!" in his little great speech in this episode, I will kill him. Very annoying. Keesh. But this show is sooo sad. xD

I am off now. I am feeling very tired. I hope I will be able to visit all of you. I'm getting more lazy about visiting. =|

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Hey everyone! How is everyone's week so far? Good I hope. Heh. My week so far has been kind of a drag. Very tiring indeed. Not really packed with homework, but been studying of somewhat for upcoming quizzes and tests this week.
Lately I've been getting tired of everything! First I kinda got sick of my laptop, so I put it away in my little case. Haha,for some reason, I don't want to look at it right now. xD
Then I got sick at hearing japanese songs that I usually love listening to... then got sick of the instrumental/anime music that I usually enjoy listening to while I study. Then soon enough I got sick of the internet. Pretty much all happened today. But it kinda went away. Except for the laptop part. haha. But I've been listening to a lot of my usual music, ROCK. Yeah! LOL. Well, yeah, so then I was able to feel okay with the japanese and anime music. Weird, I know.
Today, I'm gonna stay after school for Biology... I usually do that. Hah, only stay after for biology. But I stay after for another biology teacher... my sister's. Because I don't like my bio teacher. Not saying I hate him, just don't like how he teaches things. =P
Well, I'm off to bed right now. Sheesh, I really think this is going to be one LONG week. Aghh.

Well, I submitted a wallpaper while back... just because I felt like it. Like half of my graphics and drawings never get submitted... its only when I feel like it. Heh.

Kakashi Hatake

Very golden indeed. Haha.

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Sunday, January 8, 2006

Orhtodontists... Bleh.

Hey everyone! Yesterday was okay I suppose. I totally forgot that I had an orthodontists appointment. The pain in my teeth... agh. They did something odd to my teeth this time, so now it hurts like a mothertrucker. AGH. xD

Well, today, I won't be able to type up and tell you guys about Part II of my holiday trip. Why? I feel too lazy. Hahaa. xD YUPP. Too lazy. Well I've been visiting a lot of people. I think I visited about almost everyone who updated. If I didn't, then I am very sorry. >.<
And I accomplished doing 95% of my homework! Yay! Hehe. I am so glad I am getting my homework done so fast. =D

Hot Cocoa

I am craving for some hot cocoa. Thanks to Dany. Hahaa. Too bad I don't have any... and if I do, then I feel too lazy to search through the pantry. Agh, darn.

Well I might go to my friend's birthday party today... so I might not be able to visit you guys. =| We'll just see about that. Have a fun week today everyone. Later =]

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Saturday, January 7, 2006

Weekend's here!

Hey everyone!
Yes, weekends are finally here! I am so glad. Man, being on vacation for so long makes me feel so lazy! xD I've been doing all my homework yesterday so I can have a free weekend. Well, I ended being almost free with the site. Just need to do a bit of this and that. Romeo and Juliet is becoming such a great play. I really enjoy it. Haha, who wouldn't?
Man, reading The Da Vinci Code during school does not work out for me. I don't get a moment's peace at all. Bleh, probably I'll have time this weekend. =D
Yesterday was kind of a problem for me. Ah I felt really depressed about something... and just when I got over this stupid depression, something happened, and got kinda depressed again because of something. I mean if I wasn't depressed about what happened, and then saw the thing that made me depressed again, I wouldn't be all the disappointed. *sigh* Yeah but its kinda all over now. ^^'
Winter's Break Part I

Well, I told you guys I'll tell a brief summary of what I did over the holidays. And I'll do it in two sections... Well over the drive to California, got to reading Memoirs of a Geisha. First we stopped by Las Vegas. Pretty awesome. Of course there was no frikin internet access there, not unless you want to pay 12 bucks for every 24 hours. I didn't want to waste my parents' money, so didn't bother try going on it. All I saw my dad did was gamble, eat, and sleep. He barelty got out and went with me, Tracy, and my mom. Haha. Oh well he won some money anyways. xD
Well after two days of Las Vegas, packed up and left for California!

California was a blast. Christmas Eve's was pretty cool. Most of the time, I hang out with all my cousins. Haha, we went to Downtown Disney to hang. And on Christmas Day, we got to see Memoirs of a Geisha! When we arrived there like around 9, the only show left was to see at 10:50. And the movie ended around 2. Whoo... wow, we got in trouble from my aunt. My cousin, which is my aunt's daughter, got yelled at the most. She told us, "I'm 22! She acts like I'm 12!" Haha kinda true though. Maybe because my and my sis was there. *shrugs* Oh well. It was a good movie anyways. Haha.

Then me and Tracy got yourself the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children soundtrack!Yes! I love that CD. Haha. It is really awesome. And then we got some other CDs. Hehe.
I really wanted to see Narnia and King Kong over the break, but I didn't get a change to. =| Pretty disappointed about that.


Thats's all about my first part of my vacation. Tomorrow or so is going to about New Years and all! Yay! Haha. xD
Now, I'll go do whatever I please... and I'll try to get to everyone today. Yay!

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Friday, January 6, 2006

School Sucks

Hey everyone.
Ah, first week back at school and it almost killed me with the homework, stress, and all that stuff that school can do to you. Haha.
In English, we're starting to read Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. I'm actually looking forward to reading this book. Hah, most likely, it'll never happen again. >.<
Well right now, I'm reading The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Pretty awesome book. =D My cousin recommended me some books that I should read. And this is one of them. So... I decided to read it. I might go read Digital Fortress by Dan Brown and The Alchemist. I forgot who that one was by. xD

New Layout

Glad you guys like the new layout and all. But I'm not completely finished yet... but you guys wouldn't tell a difference anyways when I'm completely finished. Haha.

Holiday Trip

Well, I'll tell you guys about my vacation over the weekends. If I remember that is... heh. Well I have to get to bed now. Since I have a quiz and all. Take care everyone. And have a nice Friday. =]

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Tuesday, January 3, 2006


Hey everyone! LOOK WHOS BACK! Yeah its me. xD
It's been a LONG time. Hahaha.
WELL, as you can see, I changed my new layout! w00t! Final Fantasy VII Advent Children! Hope you guys like the new look. I'm not totally finished... but I'll get it done soon. ^^

Lots of things happened during my 2 weeks of vacation in California... I wish I can tell you guys all about it... but I'm a little bit tired, so I'll tell you guys later. ^^
And for the PMs... uhh I got a lot so I need to start replying them. Haha, that'll take awhile. ^^;

I have school tomorrow... which is today for some of you guys. [that means I have school on January 3rd]... so I need to get some sleep now. So sorry that I haven't been getting to any of the sites.... I will TRY today!!

Take care everyone. And be glad a new year has started!!! xD

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