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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Hey everyone!
It's Saturday and I have lots of homework! lol. I can't wait for anime night anyways.Its gonna show the premiere of the second movie of InuYasha, the movie2: Castle Beyond the Looking Glass!
Well, yesterday was one of my funnest days ever. Marching band is so fun! First football game! Even though we lost by 7-33... it was still very fun.
Man... we did a lot of crazy stuff out there... lol.
One of my favorite parts of the game was when we got drum majors and two directors to shake their "booties". The hottest one was when the head drum major did it. All the girls were loving it. lol. But it sucks that no girl could ever have him... no, not because he already has a girlfriend... its because he's gay! We have two gay drum majors... but who cares? They're still very cool. =]
The only gay guy I am ever gonna hate and despise is my biology teacher! He makes a BIG deal out of everything... he even wrote a kid up just because he asked to spell something! Stupid! My bio teacher sucks!
Ok enough about gay people... lol.

Today, I am gonna go to a car wash fundraiser thing for band. Right now its 7:30... so I am about to leave and go to the car wash!

And also today... I am going to the orthodontist! I hope he won't do anything to make my teeth ache.

Well, as you can see, I got a music playlist. Some of you guys noticed. Sucks I couldn't make it work when you press the song... so when you want to change the music [it goes in order] press on < or > on the silver player thing... but do NOT press << or >> because then it would fastfoward or rewind. lol.

Well I have to go! Hope I can visit you guys!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hey everyone!
I'm in Java Juice right now. Don't know if these places are popular, because its my first time here. lol.
Just for a short post... well we are having our first football game on Friday, so I won't be on like I usually do because I am not gonna get home till like 11. Suck eh? Well we'll be marching on the fields so wish me luck!

Got to go sayonara!

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Hey everyone!
Sunday... gosh weekends past by so fast... X_X School tomorrow and its gonna be a disaster.
We're having picture day Monday. Great... hate taking pics... its horrible. Just hate them.

Glad you guys like my new layout... I hope I can keep it up for a month... I change it too often... lol.

Nothing we did yesterday[well its still Saturday, posting late] was interesting... well I need to watch Anime Night right now... so I am leaving with a short post today.

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hey everyone!
I think I visited almost everyone in my list that visits my site once in awhile. ^^
Today is Saturday! Yes!! So glad. Today is Anime Night, which I can't wait. [duh]
School's a bummer, but marching band is quite fun though, even though they make you stay in the wretched heat.

As you can see I changed my theme. Its Ichigo from Bleach. I just startd reading the mangas, and its really good. ^^ And I made the wallpaper too! I was so proud. But the wallpaper that is in the guestbook section was NOT made by me. I wished I could have made the wallpaper more red. But I didn't want to try to edit and do all that stuff... so I left it the way it was. And so I had to make the welcome sign blue... but it kinda stands out... so maybe I will fix it. Enough about my theme... lol.

A lot of people are like kinda leaving for awhile from the MyO. School is beginning and all so they don't have a lot of time anymore which sucks. Well as you can see I haven't been a lot too.

Well I am off, I need to watch Zatch Bell because I missed it last Saturday.

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Hey everyone!
I just got back from marching band! Curse the frikin band director.. he lied... he told us we were going to go home in like five minutes when it was 4:10... but then we went home at 4:30! Arg! At it was REALLY sunny too!
Well my first full week of school was okay. I kinda got use to my gay bio teacher. But my geometry teacher is still kinda annoying with her monotone voice. But I still "strongly dislike" my Spanish III teacher. All she does is speak spanish! I can't understand her at all! I'm trying to get a schedule change and all... but I don't know if I can.

Well... enough about school. No one likes to hear about school. lol. I got my laptop back! But all of the frikin data has been all erased!! They changes the hard drive disk so its all gone... my songs, pictures... and so much more! And I can't scan my pics! Something is frikin wrong with the scanner... so I can't show you guys my drawings. Oh well, they ain't that good anyways. lol.

Oh and I won jigglyness's theme contest. Yeah! ^^
This is the banner for the Viewers Choice Awards. I won 2nd place:

And this is the overall contest results. I won 1st place:

These banners are so wicked, I really liked how jigglyness made these. ^^

Well sorry for such a long post... well I am gonna change my layout soon... not that soon but near September. ^^
Sayonara! And I will try to get to your site. ^^

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hey everyone.
How's it going everyone? So glad its the weekend! School is such a pain... so tiring.
High school isn't all that bad... I just don't like my teachers. First, my geometry teacher has this boring monotone voice... so whenever she speaks, its just right down BORING. Second, I think my biology I teacher is gay. Its just how he speaks and all. And he is just weird. I don't care if he's gay, but I have a feeling, he's not a good teacher at all... even the upperclassmen says so! I have the worst teachers. And my spanish III teacher is so serious! I am so not use to that.. usually my spanish teachers has some humor. My sis, AnimeFantasy, have cool teachers. I could just get a schedule change... and I am thinking about doing that. lol.
I think my fave subjects will change to World Geography and English... instead of Geometry and Biology I. And I usually HATE English! And I love math! I guess thats gonna change. LOL.

Well, in English, we have started reading The Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. Such a HUGE classic novel! XD And we got at the second day of school! What horror!

Well, I have to go and finish my homework. I hope I can visit your sites soon. Talk to you later!

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Friday, August 12, 2005

Hey everyone!
Sorry i haven't been here for awhile.

Sorry for the late post!
But I've been at school for marching band practice... yup. I have to stay after everyday. Kinda tiring... but not every Friday we have practice... this is one of our last time for practice.

I'm eating ice cream right now... yum. It tastes so good! LOL.

I'll tell you my school days tomorrow... but let me tell you, they all just suck. LOL.
Well I'll talk to you guys later.

Today is the last day for jigglyness's theme contest. Please vote for me! But only vote for me if you think I have the best theme.


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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Sorry for not updating... once again... I didn't feel like to update. Gosh, school's about to begin tomorrow. Today is the last day of freedom! ;_; So I won't be able to update a lot anymore... I won't be on much... because of school and all. But I will be able to come on weekends... I am sure. ^^

Well, at the last minute, I joined jigglyness's contest. I just felt like it... for some odd reason. So can you please vote for me? I'll really appreciate it! ^^

And Ryi is holding a contest...a Cute and Pretty layout... or something like that, I think she needs more contestants! And I am one of the judges, so please enter it!

And I joined the Bankotsu Fan Club! Yay! He's awesome! ^^ Who wouldn't love the guy? LOL. It was founded by MarikMine

Well, yesterday was raining hard... and we didn't have to march! YES! We just stayed inside playing. ^^ I wonder if its gonna rain today, too... I hope. ^^

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Sunday, August 7, 2005

Hey everyone!
Sorry I didn't update yesterday... I didn't feel like it... even though it was Saturday. I did get to visit the people who commented me and some few more.
Gosh, did you know that President George Bush banned selling any Final Fantasy VII? OMG... when asianboy0254 told me, I was surprised and outraged. Even though I have the game... it just still makes me mad! It has to do something with Cloud Strife exploding nuclear plants.... here is an article I got from http://www.autribe.net/cnn/ that I recieved from asianboy0254:

TEXAS (CNN) -- In light of recent terrorist attacks, the Department of Homeland Security has issued a ban on all sales and distribution of the 1997 hit video game, Final Fantasy VII

The game involves the main character, Cloud Strife, planting bombs in power plants in a heavily populated city. The protagonist works with the terrorist group "Avalanche" bombing locations throughout the beginning of the game.

The decision was made only hours after the bombing of a chemical plant in Fort Worth, Texas. The FBI is still hot on the trails of the culprit, going by the hacker alias "frootloops". An FBI spokesperson told CNN at the time that investigators have already seized equipment in the culprits house, but frootloops was nowhere to be found. "Upon confiscation of the equipment, we found a large collection of child pornography on the culprits hard drive." said the FBI spokesperson.

President Bush has already indicated he's opposed to Square-Enix role playing games. "Mario doesn't blow up power plants" Bush said on thursday. Mario was unavailible for comment.

Parenting groups are also up in arms against the game. "These 'role playing games' are teaching our children to use magic and summon demons, they're destroying our childrens future and making them worship satan. We can't allow this to continue." Various forms of Magic have been a staple of every game in the Final Fantasy series dating back to Final Fantasy released in 1990 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. "It's almost as bad as Harry Potter!" A parent who wishes to remain anonymous said.

Sen. Hillary Clinton also is highly opposed to the game.

"First Grand Theft Auto, and now this. I'm starting to think we should just ban all video games. Final Fantasy VII is an awful game, and should have never been created in the first place. I mean, look at the size of Tifa's breasts! They're destroying our childrens future. The problem of explicit video games is spiraling out of control." Clinton wrote in a letter to the head of the Federal Trade Commission. Tifa's breasts were unavailible for comment.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Target Corp., Best Buy Co. and Circuit City Stores Inc. have pulled the game from their shelves following the recent ban.

Man... who knows what else they are gonna ban! It's so stupid... I am so mad... I just don't know what else to say about this! And they even talked about Tifa's breasts... o_O Haha... and they are not destroying our futures... you don't see going around doing crazy stuff from video games!

Anyways... moving on... Anime Night was good. I liked it. They started over Samurai Champloo to the first show. I liked the last show they showed us... it was funny. ^^ And InuYasha was awesome as usual. And Paranoia Agent was still strange as ever... of course I only watched five minutes of it... and ditched it. lol.

Yesterday, I went to the orientation... it was fun I guess... I think I am gonna get lost in that high school... its so huge... I kept on getting lost. I'm worry about this year. -_-'

Well, today is the last day for tax free weekend over here... I don't know if I am gonna go shopping today. On Friday, we went shopping, got a few jeans, shirts... and I also got a new pair of Vans shoes. I was gonna get Converse... but I decided to get Vans instead... even though they were 10 dollars more. x_x And we got a few school supplies... but I need to get more... so maybe I will ask my dad to take me to like Office Depot or something.

I'm so bored.... I need to practice my flute... but I'm way too lazy... I think I will in a hour or so... because I need to memorize my songs for marching band. And that fundraiser thing is getting on my nerves... I hate it so much! All I am doing right now is listening to the band Disturbed... they're an awesome band... lol. I'll check your sites out later. Good bye and good day... or good night... or whenever you read this. LOL. ^^

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Friday, August 5, 2005

Hey everyone.
Its 11:25PM.... my dad is watching tv right now... so I am on a bit longer! LOL.
Well, I let my sis update first, and you should have seen her typing... while she typing she was saying the words too... very slowly and in a monotone voice... it was very funny, I was laughing the whole time. LOL.

Well as you can see, i changed my layout. It's almost near school time... so I decided to change the theme. Its Tsubasa RESERVoir CHoNiCLE of all sorts of characters! I tried to get a Mokona somewhere, but I couldn't... he's so cute! And the music is the ending theme song of Chrono Cross, the game, called Radical Dreamers~The Jewel That Cannot Be Stolen~ by Yasunori Mitsuda. Awesome song.

Starting today, its tax free weekend! Yay! Time to go shopping! LOL. I don't really go crazy over shopping... ^^

I joined the Siblings Club which were both founded Winged Youki and trunkssj6. My sibling is AnimeFantasy... which she is my real sister. LOL. My twin... thats why pic is Riku and Risa Harada from D.N.Angel. It's because we're twins! LOL. Even though we are nothing like Risa! We're more like Riku. lol.

Well, sorry for the long post... it would be longer if I told you guys more of the clubs I joined.... so I will tell you like tomorrow or whenever I update next! Sayonara!

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