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Tuesday, January 3, 2006


Hey everyone! LOOK WHOS BACK! Yeah its me. xD
It's been a LONG time. Hahaha.
WELL, as you can see, I changed my new layout! w00t! Final Fantasy VII Advent Children! Hope you guys like the new look. I'm not totally finished... but I'll get it done soon. ^^

Lots of things happened during my 2 weeks of vacation in California... I wish I can tell you guys all about it... but I'm a little bit tired, so I'll tell you guys later. ^^
And for the PMs... uhh I got a lot so I need to start replying them. Haha, that'll take awhile. ^^;

I have school tomorrow... which is today for some of you guys. [that means I have school on January 3rd]... so I need to get some sleep now. So sorry that I haven't been getting to any of the sites.... I will TRY today!!

Take care everyone. And be glad a new year has started!!! xD

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