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Monday, October 10, 2005

Hey everyone. How's your day so far? I hope its all good. ^^

Today is a holiday!! Yay! I'm kinda sleepy right now... lol. But oh well, I have to finish my project, still. Hehe.
Well its raining right now and gonna rain all day... so there might be a chance that I don't have to go marching for the football game! Yay! But we'll see about that.

Well been trying to catch up with my anime lately... FMA is getting so good! Haha... so many mysteries in that show. Need to finish InuYasha. =D

Well... thats all for today. Pretty short post, which is a good thing, right? Well later! =]

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Sunday, October 9, 2005

Hey everyone!
Agh... nothing to do... I'm very bored right now. I have to finish a project of mine with my friend that is due on Tuesday! I don't have school on Monday(yes!) so more time to do my project. =]

So yesterday... went to the orthodontist... and now my teeth are hurting! They haven't done anything dramatic on my teeth lately for the past few appointments, but this time they did. XD
And yesterday went to this asian supermarket, and they had the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie!! And plus, it was only 10 dollars! Unfortunatly, I did not have money with me... I forgot it at home. -_-+

And then I got home... did some of my spanish essay and chatted with some of my good friends on MSN. And then listen to music... *sigh* Speaking of music, I added a new song to the playlist. Its My December by Linkin Park. I love this song. =]

Well I'll leave you guys for now. Sorry if I didn't visit your sites. Later! =]

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Saturday, October 8, 2005

Hey everyone!
Ahh what a tiring day yesterday! We went to Six Flags Astroworld yesterday night, for the Fright Fest! It was a blast! Astroworld is going to be closed FORVER after this year! They're gonna sell the land... to build a medical center...? I'm not sure. But I heard the land on that Six Flags theme park is REALLY expensive... about 2 million dollars? I think... but anyways they say its really good land.
Well it was fun while it lasted. Well I went with my sister, AnimeFantasy, my two cousins, my aunt, my dad, and a few of my friends.
Well we only went to one haunted house... which sucked... I had a headache... and it was almost midnight, so we had to leave. Well the haunted house was not scary at all, it was called "Gothica"... pretty boring, but I was still kinda scared. lol. Haha my dad was not scared at all... it was so funny how he tried to scare them back. And since he was first... he just kept on holding back to make us more scared. LOL. It was very amusing. He was pushing back and we were all pushing him. Hehe. And right at the exit, there were these two girls standing in front of the exit door, and when my dad came out the door, he scared them and they screamed!! LOL. It was so funny I couldn't stop laughing. *cough* Ok I need to stop laughing.
And we went on only TWO rides! How sad... but it was all worth it. Hehe. =]

Well I joined a new club! Its call LaYuri & Yaoi Club. The founder is BurningDeamon I'm the co-founder, so if you would like to join, just PM me or BurningD.

So this post is getting long enough, so I'll go now. I'll try to visit as soon as I can! I need to go to the orthodontist right now! XD
Later! =]

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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Mosquitoes VS Students

Sup everyone!
Yay I get to update on a weekday! Well thats only because its kinda late at night... still doing my homework... but I'm almost finished. So no worries. Hehe.
Well its kinda gonna be a short update anyways... =] You won't have to reading too much today on my site like you guys usually do.
Glad you guys like the new layout. Thanks for the many comments you gave me. ^^ You guys are the best.

Well my day on Tuesday was an okay day I guess. Got a very bad quiz grade from English... but yet another good project grade in English too. Haha. Rest of school was the same as usual.
And today we have band practice from 5:30 to 8:30... so thats why i am still up doing homework. But that was not the worst part... mosquitoes were having war with us. I'm serious. Thats why my subject said that. lol. But man... They just kept sucking up our blood. No one would stop moving. It was funny how people kept on jumping up and down. lol. I even put on mosquito repellent... and it still didnt keep them away. But I think I was one of the few people who had less than 20 bites that night. Yes... this girl had like forty... pretty sad. I felt so sorry for her! Man it looked disturbing. And our practice ended 30 minutes earlier so it wasn't that bad. I think the reason why there was so many of them was because of that hurricane... *sigh* But glad thats over with.

Well I have to get ready for bed... it is getting quite late. Well talk to you later guys and have a nice day! =]

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Sunday, October 2, 2005

Hey everyone!
Man... yesterday was such a boring day... all I did was homework. Yes, it was that boring. I don't ever usually do my homework on Saturday, not unless I'm bored... or its a project. lol.

Wait... I just thought of something I did that was interesting. lol. I went to the bookstore and purchased D.N.Angel Vol. 9. Yay. Thats cool. =] It was a pretty good manga. I just think Yukiru Sugisaki's drawings [the author] is getting a little bit kiddish. Dark isn't as hot as he used to me, nor is Satoshi. He's not hot anymore either. ;_; But its still a good story. I was also reading Bleach in the bookstore. So funny. =]

Well anyways... today I have to finish all my homework, practice my flute... and do whatever I please after that. lol.

I changed my site!! Took me a few hours to set it up the way I wanted to. The October Layout has been up! =] I'll try not to change my layout more than once per month. lol. Man... lots of people changed their layout to a Halloween theme! All of them were so cool! ^^

Well hope you guys like my new layout. This site kind of reminds of Jigglyness' site. Yes go click on her site and compare it to mine. lol. Of course hers is better. ^^ Well I did get the idea of how to organize my layout from hers. So thank you to Jigglyness for her creativity!! =D Man I'm such a loser. XD

But I do hope you guys still enjoy it. =]

I should be off the laptop right now but I'm listening to Matchbook Romance right now... and they're so good I don't want to get off. lol. I'm so weird for mentioning that. But they are.

Well I added a new song on the playlist. Wait and Bleed by SlipKnot. Yeah, some people don't like them because they are creeped out by their looks, but SlipKnot is still a very good band. =] Well there will be more songs in the future.

Well later!

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Saturday, October 1, 2005

Hey everyone!
I hope everyone had a nice week. This week we only had three days of school... because of the Hurricane Rita. School has been a little bit tense this week for some reason. We had marching band practice on Friday... 3 to 6! AGH! I thought I was gonna kill my legs! Sheesh, all our band director let us do was get a water break for like 1 minute and get back on the frikin field. Obviously he did not think that people's legs and knees were going to fall apart. *sigh* I was gonna throw a rock at him. LOL.

Right now I am kinda pissed at our darn school district... they are making up for the days we were evacuating!! ;_; We were suppose to Friday, October 7th off... but no, they are making us go to school!! And also, they are making our winter break 2 days shorter!! Why must this happen?? I love winter, at least way better than the summer. Oh well, I got to deal with it.

I'm thinking about changing my layout soon... I'm gonna try to only change my layout once a month... so October layout will come soon. =] Yay. I guess you could say that this Princess Ai theme is the September layout =D

So I think thats all for today... I don't think I have anything to talk about anymore... so I'll be off doing something. And maybe I can try to visit sites if I have time. =] Later.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hey everyone!
I got back from evacuating yesterday! =] We actually left last Friday than last Thursday... we tried leaving on Thursday two times, but we returned back. So when we left Friday, there was hardly anyone there, so it just took four hours to get to Dallas. =] While a lot of people took 20 hours to get there. lol. Man, while we were traveling to Dallas, there were COUNTLESS cars out there with no gas or their cars were overheated. X_X So many, I felt so sorry for them. ;_;

Well last Saturday I missed Anime Night on [Adult Swim] but we had our anime night!! =] My cousin brought all these Bleach episodes. So my cousins and I and my sis just spent watching them all. I haven't gotten far from reading the manga, so I didn't get to Kon yet, and when I saw him in the dress, I said he looked so cute! And since all my relatives from Texas are guys, they looked at me with a weird face. lol. It was so funny when it happened. Anyways, Bleach is really an awesome anime!

And on Friday we watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children!! =] IT WAS SUCH A COOL MOVIE! Cloud was so hot in that movie. And I love Reno, he was so funny with Rude. They make such good partners. =] And Kadaj is so cool. My favorite part of him was when he spun his finger around to call the kids. =] It was so awesome. My least favorite character of the three brothers is Loz... for some reason. Even though he is a funny guy. I guess hes not as hot as Kadaj and Yazoo. lol.
On Sunday, we also went bowling. Lots of fun. =] I went with my sister, my cousin from California who goes to college here in Texas, my "cousin" [which she is my friend from Dallas] and a cousin of my "cousin". I sucked as always. But I made a strike and a few spares, which is good for me. =]So that pretty much ends my day of Dallas.

I hope you guys had a nice weekend. And I'll be starting school tomorrow since our schools close yesterday and today.
I need to finish my homework, so talk to you later. =]

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

   I Missed You Guys!

Hey everyone!
I haven't been on in a LONG time!! I just wanted a little hiatus in MyO. Some of you guys might have noticed... maybe not, but I turned off my site for awhile.

And I changed my layout! I hope you guys likes it. =] The girl is the protagonist in the manga, Princess Ai. The post might be hard to read... so maybe I'll try to find a better color to make it easier to read.

ALOT of things happen during my high school life... but I won't explain about it. =P

So... have you guys heard of Hurricane Rita?? She's coming toward us!! Aah! Even though we're up above the high lands... we're still evacuating... just to be safe. AND GUESS WHAT?? I have NO SCHOOL today nor Friday!! And who knows if we have school on Monday... but I am worried about my school... *sigh* So, I have to pack... all my mangas, video games, DVDs, CDs, laptop... and a whole LOT more things! Even though it never flooded in our neighborhood, I'm taking EVERYTHING off the frikin floor. But I don't think its gonna be worse than Katrina or as bad as Katrina either.
And I think my school is gonna get flooded... because its built like a bowl like New Orleans was. What joy...
I didn't want to take my textbooks home... but they made us take it home... GRR. LOL.

*sigh* Well I'll try to get to some sites... and I'll be off trying to pack more stuff.
And for the rest of the day... we'll be stuck out in traffic evacuating.

Sayonara and have a nice day!!!

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Sunday, September 4, 2005

Hey everyone!
Hows it going? I'm watching the Cowboy Bebop, the Movie right now... and chatting with some of my friends.
My Saturday has been very boring. All I did was go to the doctor and read my book for homework.
Its gonna be a very boring Labor Day weekend. lol.
Well I submitted two drawings... one an original anime and one of Hatsuharu Sohma! =] Haru is hot. lol. Click here for the original anime and click here for Hatsuharu. Thanks. ^^

Oh and I also submitted a wallpaper awhile ago... heres the linky: Kidd. ^^

Well I am off... Sayonara.

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Saturday, September 3, 2005

Hey everyone!
How are you guys? I hope its been a fun weekend for you guys. =]

Yesterday was our second football game. It was so much fun! And we played against this team we never defeated in EIGHT years. Thats kinda sad. But they're really good compared to our team. And guess what? They even showed it in the frikin news! They were saying like my high school team were playing like GIRLS! LOL. OMFG. I didn't get to watch it... but when my dad told me about this... I burst out laughing... but it IS true. lol.
We got air conditioning buses again... but last game the bus that I was in was the ONLY bus that air conditioning... lol. But glad we had these buses. ^^

Well anyways... I changed my theme again. So much for keeping the Bleach theme for awhile. lol. This theme is Kidd from Chrono Cross. But I changed the theme for a reason. This theme is dedicated to all the victims of the Katrina Hurricane that hitted New Orleans, Missippippi, and Alabama. When I was making this wallpaper, I was thinking about the vicitims... so its kinda like dreaming for everything to soon go back to normal. ^^ Its gonna take months for these cities and all to rebuild and make it go back to normal.... *sigh*

I have to go to the doctor today... I have this really bad cough... and I've been going to school too... I might've gotten someone sick... which is NOT good. But the only person who I DON'T care if they got sick is my biology teacher! [sorry thats like the only thing I ever complain about.] I HATE HIM WITH A PASSION. He sucks big time. Remeber the guy that I said he wrote up a kid because he asked how to spell a word out loud? Yeah thats him. AGH! He just makes me soooo mad! The guy does not know how to teach at ALL. I don't know why my school even hired the guy! I never understand anything from him! All of my friends and I are making a plan to kill him. Because when you argue with him... he HAS to be right... and if you keep on arguing and there's even proof, hes gonna write you up... WEIRDO.
Sorry guys... I complain too much.

Well today is anime night! =] Today they are gonna show the Cowboy Bebop, the Movie. Yay! Can't wait to watch it. And of course InuYasha! =]
Next week they are gonna have 2 HOURS of Naruto! Yay! ^^

Sorry for such a long post... I have to go to the doctor now... Hope I can visit you guys. =]

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