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Monday, January 16, 2006

Martin Luther King's Day

Hey everyone! Today is Monday!! A holiday!! And also Martin Luther King's Day! ^^ But I do hope everyone will enjoy the holiday.

Today Yen and Oanh are coming over to my house!! So I might not be able to visit you guys. But only those who update super early.

I've been watching Lord of the Rings all day yesterday. I finished up the 2nd one. And then started on the third. Still watching right now... at this moment. I remembered the third one because I actually finished the third one some time ago. Ah I love Pippin and Merry. They are so awesome. And you can't forget Legolas either. Haha, he is so cool!
I started to draw him too. Legolas. Hah, will I show you? Heavens, no! I don't draw very well... so there's no way I'm gonna show you. Haha. Only when I feel like it. xD

Well I think thats all I wish to tell you. Haha. Take care everyone! And have a nice day. Later =]

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