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Saturday, January 7, 2006

Weekend's here!

Hey everyone!
Yes, weekends are finally here! I am so glad. Man, being on vacation for so long makes me feel so lazy! xD I've been doing all my homework yesterday so I can have a free weekend. Well, I ended being almost free with the site. Just need to do a bit of this and that. Romeo and Juliet is becoming such a great play. I really enjoy it. Haha, who wouldn't?
Man, reading The Da Vinci Code during school does not work out for me. I don't get a moment's peace at all. Bleh, probably I'll have time this weekend. =D
Yesterday was kind of a problem for me. Ah I felt really depressed about something... and just when I got over this stupid depression, something happened, and got kinda depressed again because of something. I mean if I wasn't depressed about what happened, and then saw the thing that made me depressed again, I wouldn't be all the disappointed. *sigh* Yeah but its kinda all over now. ^^'
Winter's Break Part I

Well, I told you guys I'll tell a brief summary of what I did over the holidays. And I'll do it in two sections... Well over the drive to California, got to reading Memoirs of a Geisha. First we stopped by Las Vegas. Pretty awesome. Of course there was no frikin internet access there, not unless you want to pay 12 bucks for every 24 hours. I didn't want to waste my parents' money, so didn't bother try going on it. All I saw my dad did was gamble, eat, and sleep. He barelty got out and went with me, Tracy, and my mom. Haha. Oh well he won some money anyways. xD
Well after two days of Las Vegas, packed up and left for California!

California was a blast. Christmas Eve's was pretty cool. Most of the time, I hang out with all my cousins. Haha, we went to Downtown Disney to hang. And on Christmas Day, we got to see Memoirs of a Geisha! When we arrived there like around 9, the only show left was to see at 10:50. And the movie ended around 2. Whoo... wow, we got in trouble from my aunt. My cousin, which is my aunt's daughter, got yelled at the most. She told us, "I'm 22! She acts like I'm 12!" Haha kinda true though. Maybe because my and my sis was there. *shrugs* Oh well. It was a good movie anyways. Haha.

Then me and Tracy got yourself the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children soundtrack!Yes! I love that CD. Haha. It is really awesome. And then we got some other CDs. Hehe.
I really wanted to see Narnia and King Kong over the break, but I didn't get a change to. =| Pretty disappointed about that.


Thats's all about my first part of my vacation. Tomorrow or so is going to about New Years and all! Yay! Haha. xD
Now, I'll go do whatever I please... and I'll try to get to everyone today. Yay!

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