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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Hey everyone!

Well, sorry for not updating yesterday. But I was able to get to most sites. I'm sorry if I wasn't able to visit you. xD

Friday went well pretty much in the end but it was a down faller later. -_-' So went to the mall at noon. Pretty cool. Went to a few stores. Got 2 shirts. Yay. And one of them is a FMA shirt I got from Hot Topic! =D Tracy wanted the Naruto wristband... but it looked too big to fit around our wrist, so we didn't buy it. She ended up getting a Kirara shirt. ^__^
Hah, I shall NEVER EVER go to Hot Topic with my mom again. xD She just totally embarrases me with such questions that she asks the darn cashier. xD Never ever. LOL.

Um, then went to the party. Pretty cool. Heh. My cousins always makes me laugh. xD We always joke around. Hahaha. And then I usually laugh too hard. And then I laughed too much. xD Then next thing you know, I gain myself a headache. Is it just me... but is it weird to get a headache from laughing...? *shrugs* I think it is. >__<
All I did was lay on the bed, and watched my cousins all play this Star War game, where they kill each other. FUN. Hah, I'd usually would join in. xD But that didn't do any good... made my headache worse. Try to get away from the noise, but couldn't. The karaoke the adults were doing blared around the WHOLE house. Gah.

While in the car... I threw up. 0_0 How pleasant. Hah, don't worry, I threw up in the Hot Topic bag since that was the only thing that was plastic and strudy enough. All the other shopping bags were made of paper. >.> Soon enough, got some rest. Yay. And I felt much better. Hah. But still had the headache, but it went away. ^__^

Saturday, barely did any fun. I did most of my homework and all. Yipee. Less to worry. Hahaha. And I tried fixing up my site. Heh. Glad you guys liked it. ^^

Sorry for such a LONG post. Well, I'm bored, so can't help it.
One more day until school. NO! Don't want to... so short. Darn.
Take care everyone. =]

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Friday, November 25, 2005

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! ^^ I had chicken... SOO, it wasn't all that bad. Hah yay. Chicken rocks. xD But still kinda wished I had turkey. *shrugs*

Yesterday with Yen and Oanh was excellent! Hah, all day we were helping each other with HTML on our sites. xD And we also played cards too. But it was lots of fun. xD

Well, as you can see, I changed my layout! Yay! I just couldn't wait any longer. Hah, but that means, no more Hitsugaya. ;_; Heh, I hope you guys liked it. It took me FOREVER to perfect it. xD

I don't think I will be able to visit anyone sites today. *sigh* Because there's gonna be BIG SALES EVERYWHERE! Woot! Hah. And later on, my family and I are gonna go to a party. So take care everyone! Later =]

I think lots of people got this but... this is from Jiggly!

Hah great card. Really. xD

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Hope you have a great day with your family and friends. Yup.
And have some nice turkey... because I won't be having any. xD

Well... Oanh and Yen are coming over today... yes for Thanksgiving. But their parents are working ALL DAY. Very incredible indeed. *sigh*

Thats all for today. School's coming soon. NOO. But oh well. Later =]

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hey everyone.
Very bored... so might as well post. Hah.

Didn't do anything yesterday. Just chatted here and there. Did my homework... made some graphics. And all that sort of thing. Very boring indeed.

Well... tomorrows Thanksgiving! Yay! Whos gonna go eat some turkey? Probably not me. I don't think my parents will buy any turkey. ^^;; Oh well.

I am off somewhere now. Probably finishing up my homework and all. I'm sorry if I will not be able to visit any of you guys. xD

Take care. Later. =]

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Heylo everyone.

Yes I think I got to everyone... well I HOPE. Not sure. So sorry if I didn't. BUT I had a good reason for it though.

My best twin friends came over. Hah we did lots of stuff. Well I found out one of them made a new MyO site. Yes. She deleted it earlier... I got so mad at her. XD But I'm glad she's back. Hah. But I found out SHE was the reason to this contest problem. She sent OVER 80 PMs to some of her old friends to tell her about this iPod mini contest that I have to place on my site... since she put MY url site on the contest. lmao. Oh well, I forgive her. Shes still awesome. *hugs her*

WELL, we went to the mall a little bit later. Since I didn't have money with me... all we did was walk around. We did stop by the bookstore. They finally had Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Vol. 7! So we got it. Have you guys heard of Hot Gimmick? Yeah I've always wanted to collect that manga, because it seems so interesting and I've scanned through all the volumes. But I already have enough mangas... so yeah. Read some Hellsing, Bleach, Absoulte Boyfriend [in japanese] and some others. Yen decided to put Kyou's , from Furaba, cat-like hat on her head, and it was too hilarious. xD
Then we headed out and they bought pecans. Heh, even though they were "small" they looked pretty big to me.

Later on we went home. The rest of the day, we practically stayed on the computer, and I showed them some lessons on my paint program, which they also downloaded, but have NO IDEA what to do with it. I don't have PS, totally sad, but I have a pretty cheap imitation of it. But its good enough for me... not like I'm gonna become a graphic designer... its a pediatrician that I want to be. =D Hah, you should've seen how amazed they were when I showed then some stuff. x] I showed them how I make my wallpapers. Hah.
Then we sat there with cards... played some Speed and Thirteen. Fun stuff. And then, they had to leave us. ;__; OOH well, they're coming back on Thursday. Heck yes. Hah.

I'm not sure that I will be able to visit you guys. I'm feeling lazy, so we'll see about it. Because this might be the day when I do my homework and all. Well later.

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Hey everyone!
Today is Monday... such a slow day. xD Hah. Well ACTUALLY its still Sunday... so that means its been a LONG Sunday. Hah.

Barely did anything except chatting and organizing my December theme. Yes... I am done with my December layout. Yay. Can't wait to change it. Hah. xD
Well I made a wallpaper for my March month. Pretty sad... eh? Heh.. chatted a lot today. Talked about cats... Harry Potter... school... and other weird stuff. I think I know what I'm gonna do for April month. Yup.. I have TOO much time on my hand.

My best twinny friends, Oanh and Yen are coming over to hang with me and my twin. SOO... might not be able to visit you guys because I don't want to leave them hanging while I hog the computer. xD
Well... I was very confused yesterday because two people were talking something about a contest... which I had NO IDEA what they were talking about. So... if ANYONE has any idea what I am talking, tell me... T_T I am uber confused.

That is all for now... what a pretty short post. Everyone likes short posts right? Heh. Well take care. Later. =]


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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hey everyone!
Yeah... sorry I barely visit anyone's site on Friday... but I did got to visit some yesterday. Yay.
We had Pie Day for band on Friday... hah didn't care for it though. Because I hate pie. Seriously... yup. xD But they did have cheesecake! So I was happy! Yay! Hah... xD

Well some of you guys knew that I went to the Harry Potter premiere! Well not totally premiere... because that was midnight... but it was the premiere day. Man... went there about two hours early. Heh. There was still a darn line. xD I went with Tracy, Oanh, Yen, Stephanie, and her cute lil sister, Emily. And the movie itself was awesome! Way better than the 3rd one. Yeah... all the girls that I've heard that watched it was so amazed that Harry took off this shirt. Haha.... must've been very hot. And well it was. Haha. But it didn't totally wowed me like the other girls in the theatre but whatever. Nothing's wrong with hot british boys being shirtless eh? I fall for guys with british accent. Haha. And I cried in the movie too... such a dramatic scene... yeah. Some of you guys who haven't seen the movie or read the book may be like "WTF? She cried in a HP movie?" But... believe something happened. Hah. Well, still overall, I simply loved the movie.

But there was a commotion before when the movie began. When they let us in the theatre... like these group of 10 reserved three rows... and they were the good seats! And it was for 75 people! And hah... they were kinda stupid that people weren't gonna make a big deal with it... but to many this long story short... so many people complained that some police officers had to come there and kick those people out of the theatre. Hah... no offense but they should have been more smarter. xD

Well... Saturday was pretty boring. I went on and chatted to a few people... and then I went to the orthodontist. All they did was checked my braces and change my colors... and that was it. Heh. Yay. And I watched Bleach episodes 57 and 58. So awesome! I need more! hehe... then I watched 10 epies of Naruto! Its so good so far! I love it. Hah so glad I got interested in Bleach and Naruto.

OMFG... this girl has been asking me for this certain code... and obviously she did not read my rules. Gah.. totally hate when this happens! It irritates me... thats all what they want from you... HTML. *sigh*

Well I told you guys that I am gonna show you the rest of my anniversary cards... so here they are.

From hinaru!


From Shadow!

From Finalfan1015!

From Katie!

From Alex!
I love you guys all! Thanks so much! *hugs*

Well I am on my Thanksgiving break... so I have a week of bordom ahead of me! Woot. xD Hah. I'll be changing my theme soon... like in a week or so... yup. Hehe yes a Christmas theme! Yeah!
Well take care everyone. Hope I will be able to visit you guys. Later =]

P.S. Please click on that iPod mini button! Just click on it and exit it... that is all! I'm doing this to help an awesome friend of mine! So just do this favor for me! Please! Thanks guys. =D

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Friday, November 18, 2005

Hey everyone.
Agh... this week has been CRAZY. Well to me, but I don't know about you guys. I have been totally stressed about everything this week. @__@
On Sunday night... I got a huge headache... and you know what it did? Returned on and off. It went away in ten minutes, but then returned like an hour later. Totally got me pissed. So I went to bed early... because it usually goes away during the night. Next morning... sleepy and fine. But then... I was heading out to school... and the headache came back. And it returned on and off the whole day. Got pissed again. But luckily when I got home, I layed down for 30 minutes or so, and it went away. YAY. =D
Tuesday... took my geometry quiz. Agh, and I didn't finished! Part of the quiz was on graphs... and she gave us reused index cards to do the lines... hah. xD And I ended up getting an 88. Pretty good... but I have to raise my geometry grade. Its a low B... and I have to raise it like to a low A. Haha... too much work.
Hah... I stayed after school too for biology review. Pretty cool. And then when review was over and most people were gone, most of the asians stayed back to hang. =P And my twin friends just started to argue out of NOWHERE. LMAO. It was a funny scene. They weren't like yelling or anything... but hah, what they said to each other was hilarious. [sorry Yen and Oanh... but I just have to mention this]. If you were there, you'd be laughing hard. I even had tears in my eyes after they finished. Yeah it was that funny. Hah.
Wednesday... had a Biology test. It was an okay test. It was pretty easy... since it was all of DNA and RNA stuff. =P And I ended up getting a 96. WOOT!
And had more quizzes throughout the day.
Thursday... had a geometry test. Hope I did well. It was a pretty easy unit we were taking... instead of that last test. Hah... don't even want to remember that grade. And I also had an English test. Meh... it was okay. Didn't get to finish... but we have tomorrow to do it. And then more quizzes later on the day.
And now it is late at night Friday! And Harry Potter is out! WOOT! Hah... I can be such a HP geek. xD I got the tickets for HP too. So after school, I am gonna get ready for the movies! I am going with my best buddy twins, Oanh and Yen, and another friend, Stephanie, and of course I can't leave my own twin sis, Tracy! =D Yay its gonna be SO MUCH fun! Hah!
Yupp... more crazy stuff happened... but I don't remember it right now so... yeah. But its been a stressful week. But next week is going to be Thanksgiving Break! Yay! Hehe.
Cold front came! Yes... its very cold outside, and I am loving it! Hah... yupp... don't really like the heat at all. -_-'
Well... have to get into bed soon... because I have more upcoming quizzes today. And I don't think I am gonna visit any of you guys... because of the HP movie...but I could be lucky. So... if I don't get to your sites... I am so sorry! And I recieved more anniversary cards... and I'll show you guys tomorrow... since this post is like long. lol.
Take care! Later =]

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Heylo everyone!
Today is my one year anniversary on theOtaku! Yay! =D Hah. I got some gifts from my dear friends. =D

From my lovely twin sis, Tracy! I love you! *huggles tightly*

From dear Vicky! Thanks a lot honey! You are the best! *glomps*

From awesome Dany! Even though you make me jealous about hot cocoa... =P You are so fun to talk to! Love ya! *hugs*

Thank you everyone! =D

So... my day has been quite okay. Thanks for all the people who checked out my art. Anyways, yesteday I went to the doctors. FUN. Hah... but oh well, he didn't do anything harmful. =D Just a regular old check up.
Went home and visited a lot of people. I'm sorry if I wasn't able to visit some of ya. -_-' And I chatted on MSN, AIM, and Yahoo. Hah... three chatting programs. lol. Hah.. some funny moments and some jealousy moments [yeah you know who xP] and some cruddy moments.

And I've been watching lots of Bleach! Now I have to go and watch episode 57! Yay! Heh I am catched up! XD And my other anime too. lol. Then I made some graphics and listened to music.

Well I have to get to bed now... and then when I wake up... need to do a lot of my homework! And study for upcoming quizzes. *sigh*
Well take care everyone! Later! =]

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Heylo everyone!
I finally updated! Yay! Been a very busy week for some reason... yup. I don't really feel like telling you about everyday of my week... so I'll tell you the basics of it. Yay.

Been staying after school for biology a lot. Well not with MY biology teacher... but with my sister's biology teacher. Shes really cool. I wish I had her for my biology teacher. -_-' She totally makes everything more understanding... which my teacher says, "If you read the textbook, you'll know everything about it"... hah Yeah right.

Had a spanish test, an english essay, many quizzes... and all that school work junk. Well I finally got my report card... yay I got all straight A's! XD Hah... my parents doesn't have to yell at me how stupid I am... lol. In spanish, we were doing oral practice and all... and one question in spanish was: "When you were young, did you think you were fat?" Hah... I just had to laugh about that. I mean, that was a total rude question to ask. -_-'

Yes! Harry Potter the Goblet of Fire movie is coming out next Friday! Yes... me and my friends are going to go watch it! lol. It better be good! Hah. I'm such a HP geek. =P Yeah my friend Nikki [a dude...] says he actually going to wait till midnight to go and watch the premiere... he's crazy. lol.

I submitted in two wallies. Yay! Well the two are practically the same. But they have different people on there. I just switched and flipped them around.

I'll be Waiting... [Squall's Version]

I'll be Waiting... [Rinoa's Version]

They're quite simple... hah. Didn't take me too long though. And I submitted in some fan art...


This is the guy I recently drew... and I finally got to color him! Yay! XD Its kinda messy and bad though.

Red Rose

Red Rose was that Halloweenish one. But I fixed it into a less halloweenish picture. Heh yay. XD

Then today... did nothing special. We didn't get a school day off even though it was Veteran's Day. Oh well... its not really us, students, holidays eh? And then went home... visited most of the sites that i got to since I dont think I am going to be able to do that a lot tomorrow[Saturday]... so yeah. I chatted a lot too. Hah.. met some new people.Yay. Found some bad things... and some good things while I was chatting away. Yup... And I've been drawing some more pics. Been drawing too much. XD

OOH... I just noticed something... my one year anniversary of MyOtaku is going to be on Sunday! November 13th right? Yeah... hah. Wow its already a year. lol. Heh... I think thats all for today.
Well take care everyone! Later! =]

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