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Sunday, January 8, 2006

Orhtodontists... Bleh.

Hey everyone! Yesterday was okay I suppose. I totally forgot that I had an orthodontists appointment. The pain in my teeth... agh. They did something odd to my teeth this time, so now it hurts like a mothertrucker. AGH. xD

Well, today, I won't be able to type up and tell you guys about Part II of my holiday trip. Why? I feel too lazy. Hahaa. xD YUPP. Too lazy. Well I've been visiting a lot of people. I think I visited about almost everyone who updated. If I didn't, then I am very sorry. >.<
And I accomplished doing 95% of my homework! Yay! Hehe. I am so glad I am getting my homework done so fast. =D

Hot Cocoa

I am craving for some hot cocoa. Thanks to Dany. Hahaa. Too bad I don't have any... and if I do, then I feel too lazy to search through the pantry. Agh, darn.

Well I might go to my friend's birthday party today... so I might not be able to visit you guys. =| We'll just see about that. Have a fun week today everyone. Later =]

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