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Friday, July 13, 2007

So, I've finally come back. I did better than last time, at least! A bit over a month ain't so bad for my standard. lol. I came back with a new look featuring Oguri Shun. The same, simple design as my previous, except with different colors, different image with a definitely hot Japanese guy. <3 I have come to love Oguri Shun, lmao; no not like that. He's just became my favorite Japanese actor, that's all. :D I've been watching Japanese doramas which includes Nodame Cantabile (which we've already finished), Proposal Daisakusen, Hana Yori Dango, and Hanazakari no Kimitachi e! I've definitely decreased my activites in watching anime, which I feel bad, but I still read a lot of manga. A lot more than what I used to at least.

On Wednesday, my twin and I went to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I thought of it as okay; not as good as the fourth, but not as bad as the third. I really didn't enjoy the third HP movie for some reason. The fifth movie seemed to go at such a fast pace, my twin kept leaning to me asking what in the world was going on. Ahaha, yeahh it would be confusing to anyone who hasn't read the books. But I don't blame the movie to be so confusing; the book was over 800 pages and so many new things and events were introduced, it was impossible. And the details added in the book were too extensive for the movie to fit in less than three hours. But heyy, it's a movie! So no biggie. ;D I've also went to watch Ratatouille awhile back with my twin and some friends. I absolutely enjoyed it.

Erm, other stuff happened, yadada, etc. There's really not much to say.
Ah, I've also joined LiveJournal! I was invited to Vicks' and Tiff's icon community, Sanguinet Icons. And here's my site: My LJ. Nothing much to see in my page, but yeah. Add me as a friend if you have one! :D

Well, I think that's all for today's post. If I forgot anything, I'll make sure to mention it next time... or not. >___> Enjoy the new layout (you better do, because Oguri Shun is love... jk its okay if you don't xD) and the song I've added! I might change it later though. But it's from the new FTTS album. Thanks for reading~

P.S. Oh yeah, I forgot its Friday the Thirteenth. Ah who cares. xD

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Saturday, June 9, 2007

It's been almost three months since I last updated. Quite awhile, huh? Time for me to update. (about time...?) I obviously came back with a new look, which I admit... I got the inspiration from Vicky. She's an amazing designer. I love that simplistic look she displays. Who wouldn't want to copy out of Vicky? I really am hoping she doesn't get after me for this. D:

So anyway, school ended on May 23rd for me, though it officially ended on the 24th. On the last week of school, I came on Monday and Wednesday, and afterwards, no school. :DD On Thursday, my friends, twin, and myself went to go watch Pirates 3 at eight o'clock pm. It was amazing how showtimes started a few hours earlier than the real day opening and it was amazing how we got our tickets right at the ticket booth with no waiting whatsover. The movie was simply great, and let me add, a lot better than Pirates 2. I was quite disappointed with the second installment, but the third was beyond comparable to the second. But the first one was still the best out of the three (to me), but I am looking forward on seeing the Pirates 3 again. One reason is because I forgot my glasses at home so when I watched the movie it wasn't 20/20 vision picture clear. But I was still able to watch it with no problem since my vision isn't really bad... yet. .___.
Thennn on June 2nd, my friend was having a little birthday party. We went to go watch Disturbia aaand go eat at Bennigan's. Disturbia was a good movie, but the ending was quite unneccesary. Buuttt at least they were happy.:)) Haha, a great thriller movie.
Oh, and also I went to my cousin's graduation on May 27th, and it was pretty soaked up at the end. Overall, it was pretty boring since I didn't really care for anyone else's name except my cousin's. Which was the seventh name since he was number seven in his class. So the anticipation of hearing his name... wasn't too long. /< Aaaand it was raining hardcore by the end of it, so all of the families got wet bad. Hahaa.

Two friends of mine (one of them is one of my close friends) will be moving off to a different school, and it's really sad. I don't want them to go, because they're great friends. (and smart too. >D) It'll be strange for them not to be here since I talk to them daily, and I chat to one almost everyday through MSN. It's really hard to deal with, but I'm thinking everyone has to go through that every now and then.
Other than that, I have just been sitting at home, updating and revamping my fanlisting collective and graphic site. I deeply apologize for not stopping by anyone's site in ages. I guess I lost interest in this place for awhile, but hopefully I will be posting more frequently, though I doubt I will have much. D:
Thank you for reading this horribly long post! So off I go, visiting all who has updated today. :3

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

OMG, Teri posted?!?! =O
Yep, I'm posting. Just wanna post up a card I received for my birthday today. Yes, it's my birthday today. XD

This is from Hinaru. <3 Awesome card, and a thousand thanks.

This is from Vicks. And amazingly, it's Balthier!! <33 Thanks a whole bunch and much love!

Well I'm sick at the moment. And yes, on my birthday too. But hopefully I'll get better. =D
More news: I now have a fanlisting collection, so that's the main reason why I haven't been around much. You can check it out. It sucks anyways. XD

inREVERIE | Revenant

Hopefully I can visit later, but I need to rest up now. ^^;

Oh yeah, I'm on Spring Break too. So I'm lucky I don't have to suffer in school. D=

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

Just stopping by to say:

Happy Valentine's Day. <3

Haha, take care!

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wednesday, January 17, 2006

OMFG, Thank you for the Ice "Storm"

I'm baaccckkk. Okay, not really. XD How is the new year going for you guys? Today, I do not have school. Texas is currently experiencing an Ice Alert, where sleet comes and makes everything turn icy. Outside right now, I see icicles. =D And because of the inclement weather, my school district announced no school!

But today is no free day, but actually an extra study day where I can actually have time to study for my World History AP test that we were suppose to have today. XD


Anyway, school's been fine and you guys can see what I have for my first semester average:

Chemistry I : A
Algebra II : A+
World History AP : A+
English II : A-
Spanish IV AP : A-
Band : A++ (duh... XD)
Computer Science I : A

Ugh, I doubt my grades will be like this this semester. I'm going to get B's. D= I'm slacking lately.


So you can see I totally change the look to the regular MyOtaku style. I actually like this better than having my usual div, table layouts. And the song is The Great Escape by the awesome band, Boys Like Girls. I might change to some Korean song from the drama Which Star Are You From. Best Korean drama ever. =D Or even a Yamapi song.

Well I'm off to do my studying.
I'll see if I can squeeze in some visiting. I've only been visiting to the ones that tell me they updated. So hopefully I'll get to visit everyone who updated. (which I doubt >_>)
Take care~

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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone. It's the 25th of December. :) And I have come back to wish you guys a Merry Christmas!
I'm sorry for my absence, and most likely I won't be on here as much anymore. Lots of things have been going in my personal life and school life.
I'm losing my interest around here... pretty much almost everywhere. I'm not active much around sites I have an account in. And I've been such a bad friend around here. Meh, but I'll miss this place for sure. I might be able to come back active. Maybe next summer. ^^

You could delete me from your friend list if you wish... I'd be sad, but I wouldn't mind. ^^

Don't wanna make this long, so I'll be going now. Merry Christmas everyone! And if I don't come back from then, happy new year!
Have a great day everyone! Spend time with your loved ones, instead of worrying about presents. It's the love you give that counts. =D

Good bye everyone!

P.S. Thanks for the cards everyone gave me. :) I really appreciate it. Happy Holidays!

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday, November 25, 2006

Alo! :)
School's about to come again so I won't be on here much. D= But I just came here for a quick update.

Hope you guys had a nice Thanksgiving day for those who celebrated it. We didn't have turkey though... we barely ever do have turkey anyways. I had chicken and quail. XD
Spent my Thanksgiving with my family and relatives, so it was fun.
Glad you guys like the new layout. Haha it was fun making the snowman. =P

Well I finally submitted in a new wallpaper. A nice vector wallie I made featuring Kero from Card Captor Sakura. I'm having a vectoring obsession. Vectoring is fun, yet it takes so long to do.
I might start painting on Photoshop. It seems fun. =P So please check out my new wallie, very much appreciate it ^^

Compare scan with wallpaper--> Fly to the Sky ft.//Kero

Friday and Saturday was pretty much a bore. I was planning to go shopping, but we didn't. Haha, even though there was some big sales out there. Ohh well.
Not sure if I'm able to visit today, due to the fact I need to complete all my homework, which I was suppose to do over the break. Yeah, not good. ^^'

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey Day!

Yes, today is November the 23rd as known as Thanksgiving Day! Yay! :) And I'm back from my long hiatus(and will be on another one soon...XD).
I wish I could tell you about all what has happened... but then it would too long, and I wouldn't want to make you guys suffer. ^^;

Well for a quick update on my school life: made all straight A's on both of my report cards so far. And I'm afraid to make a B... I haven't a B or lower in such a long time, but I know I'm gonna get one soon. Hahaha. Anyways, I'll stop being a nerd now. A bit school drama came up during my absence in MyOtaku, but all has been resolved and such. :)
I've been more active on MySpace and Minitokyo than on MyOtaku, so I feel bad for doing so. >_< But anyway, I'm here now and that's all that matters. I hope.

As you can see, I changed my site with a new layout! A Christmas theme! Haha... and it's not even December yet, nor is it near the Christmas holiday. But since I won't be on as much, I thought might as well make a layout for December. Heh, yup. =D
I have a player now so you can hear numerous of Christmas songs! Yay! I know the player sticks out of my navigation... so don't say anything about it. I'll have more songs in the near future. :)
Oh and I changed my Rapid Fangirl Posse banner too. It's now Balthier from Final Fantasy XII. Yayyy, he's awesome. And in English voice, he has an awesome accent. But I prefer his Japanese voice though. D= Haha. But yeah, I haven't played the game yet, but once I get a PS3, I will. :D I don't have a PS2, because I did this stupid mistake a long time ago... long story. But yeah I have to wait for the next shipment for PS3. They better come in soon. Eeeggghhhh. It's scary how people are when they get obsessed with something. Someone got shot in line waiting for a PS3. And there were numerous fights too. Insane people out there. Just plain insane. >_>

So hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving day! And have a great feast out there. Or be grateful and help the poor. ^^ I'll try to visit too, but my DSL modem went beserk, we'll just see how it goes.

Take care!

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Thursday, November 2, 2006

Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

Ayo everyone!

Just came by to update real quick... to say I'm alive! Yay!! XDD
Well yeah I lied in my last post. I wasn't able to make a real update afterall. D=

But hey, I'll try soon. Soon. Heh... don't know when though. Well I tried to visit some of you guys yesterday and today morning. So it's good.

So how was everyone's Halloween? Good, I hope?
Me? All I did was my homework. I gave out candy though... so it's all good. But man, some of these kids are greedy. And aggressive. o_O lol.

Well that's all for today! Take care now! Later =]

P.S. I'll try to visit. ^^;

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Sunday, October 1, 2006

Sunday, October 1st, 2006

Hey everyone!
I'm still alive! XD I haven't updated for more than a whole month! Bleh.

Well came here for a real quick update.
I will try to come back next weekend to make a full update.
Just wanted you guys to know that I changed my layout and that... I'm still alive. ^^;

I tried to visit some of you guys yesterday, which I kind of succeeded. XD But I'm not sure if I can today, since I have a lot of homework.
School's been stressful and all so that's why I won't be on much. And some drama has been going on and it's kinda getting annoying but whatever. XD

Well I'm off to go watch anime! So next week, I'll try to make a full update. =] Take care!

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