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Thursday, January 19, 2006


Hey everyone. So life seems to go slower by the minute, but look at me! I updated on the weekday again! hahaa. Sorry if I wasn't able to visit some of you guys. Keesh, I found out I have a Spanish quiz three days in a row!! AAH. Horrible. Oh well. >.<

Well lately I have been getting annoyed by a friend of mine in my geometry class. She totally hates our teacher. She keeps on calling her a fat"arse" <-- replace that a different word... haha. And curse her like, "Eff" you... and so on. Its annoying, because there was really nothing she really ever done to her. And my friend keeps on talking about it!! Okay, our teacher is fat and all, no offense, but she never did anything wrong. Her voice is annoying too. But she doesn't care if you do your homework... and if you do turn it in, you have to show work and have all the answers correct. Yeah, and since this friend of mine needs to get her grade higher because of her test score, she turns in her homework. Next day, she gets it back,and sees she doesn't have the checkmark to count it as a 100. And she goes nuts. And starts cursing her and talking bad about her. Oh yeah, doesn't sound too bad... but it gets SOO annoying hearing her talk about her the WHOLE class. And I sit near her too... *sigh* Really bothersome. And since I'm "smart" to her, she always go and ask me if she had the same answer as me. And when I say, "no" and told her the supposedly correct answer and prove her I'm right... she goes nuts too. She'd be like, "Eff" you! And start cursing at me. I know she's kidding and all, but its annoying and hurtful. She doesn't say, "Just Kidding" or "Sorry didn't mean that"... she just goes on with her little weird self. Just wish I can move somewhere else. Bleh. Haha, very annoying indeed.

Bleh... haha.

Well besides all that stuff up there, my life is normal as usual. Just staying on the computer a bit less that usual... which is good. =D Haha. I need to go and finish studying... and then head for bed. Take care. Later =D

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