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Sunday, January 15, 2006


Hey everyone! Keesh yesterday was very tiring for me. Went to the mall yesterday with my parents, Tracy, my aunt and uncle and my two little cousins. Haha.
All I got books at the bookstore. No clothes. No jewlery. Just books. I got the Tales of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. Great. Another Dickens book. We're reading it after Romeo and Juliet. And my aunt bought me a pocket size Romeo and Juliet. Haha, one day someone will think of the book and try to think of this certain quote... and I will pull the book right out of my pocket and say I'll go find it. Haha, they'll be asking, "Why in the world do you carry that thing around??"
LOL. Oh well. xD

Well we lost my mom at the mall yesterday. Yeah, my mom. Haha. She doesn't have a cellphone because she's always stay by my dad. Not today. She went off somewhere on her own. No idea where she went. By the time we wanted to go home, we still couldn't go find her. While me and Tracy as one group while the rest as another group set out to find my mom. Finally a half hour later, my dad called me and told me he found her. Hahaha, and you know where she has been? In only two stores. And they were very near each other. Tracy and I went in those two stores to search for her... no hope. Gah! We went around the mall 3 times... for nothing. xD That mall was big. Haha. Oh well, not too big. But man, I was tired. But oh well, good exercise. =D

Cousins xD

My two little cousins, one is 9 while the other is 5. Man those two are very noisy. xD People says that, that would be very annoying... but its not annoying to me... guess I got used to it. *shrugs*
Well, we were at the restaurant... and like they kept on talking and talking. Kah! I was trying to eat! Haha, and they were eating too. xD And then when we were near finishing our meals... the 9 year old started to talk about farting. xDD He said, "Ah I need to fart! Did you know, when its silent, its very deadly??" OMFG. I didn't did to know that. I was still eating you know... and I had my mouth full, and I was about to spit it all out. Ah man, and he kept on going on and on about it. And then the two little kids started to go on about more strange things. Weirdos. Hah, they're still cool.

Well, lots of people thought Chibi-san was moving. She wasn't. She was just visiting there for reasons. But then at the end, they weren't able to go. Don't know why, but whatever.

Too long of a post now. xD I'll be leaving now. =D Take care. Later =]

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