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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Beginning of Week sucks.

Hey everyone. OMG. School is killing me. Well actually no it isn't. There's only one subject thats killing me. Spanish III. AAH. I totally hate Spanish III! Sheesh, Spanish I & II was really simple. I guess because it was consisted of grammars and words. But this year, we learn about history, culture, and do a lot more crud. =| Its so effing hard. I hate it. I wish they had Vietnamese there. Or Japanese... either of them there, I'd take it. *sigh* Better stop ranting and all.


So my day with Yen and Oanh was really fun. ^^ We were about to go to the movie theatre to watch Hoodwinked, but then we didn't feel like going... but we might go and watch it this Friday. Haha, that movie seems so funny and stupid. I just got to watch it. I need to kind of drift myself from all the romance, and fantasy, action/adventure sort of movies now. After watching all the LotR movies... whew! Haha. Not saying I am starting to dislike LotR, trust me, I can go through another nine hours watching them again! Haha, just feel like watching a different genre of movie. xP


Well I might go and visit everyone... I hope. xD No promises or anything. Haha. Depends on my homework crud. Well farewell to you all, and have a wonderous week! Later =D

P.S. Oh and I don't think I will ever tell the second part of my holiday vacation. Its too old to tell now to you guys... AND I am too lazy. *laughs* xP

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