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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Three Day Weekend

Hey everyone! How are you? ^^ I'm doing pretty fine. It's finally a three day weekend! I can totally relax now. Haha. And since I don't feel like typing up much of a post... I think I'll save up my holiday story for later... I might even never tell you!! How horrible! xD

Well, anyways... I heard that the seniors in my school are going to sell trash bags to help get money for the prom. Is it just me, or is that kinda weird? 0.o Well I don't know. I find it a bit odd.

Ah, one of my bestest of best friends are leaving to Arkansas! Some of you might know her... Chibi-san is her name. Haha. But some of you guys might actually know her real name. ^^ I was really hoping she could come over to our house over the three day weekend. I guess not anymore. =| But there will be her twin sister there!! Yeah, she's not going to Arkansas with her family. *shrugs* So she'll be able to come over to my house. Hehe.

Lord of the Rings

Well, my friend had lent me her LoTR collection! Yay! To tell you the truth, I never actually got to finish the first one. And I don't really remember the second one, so I'll be rewatching them. I will be also rewatching the third one. Yay. I can watch them all day over the weekend. ^^

Well, as for Naruto, episode 19 in English dub is coming tonight!! AAH, I love that show to death in the japanese version. I'm not sure if I will like it in dub. If Naruto says, "Believe it!" in his little great speech in this episode, I will kill him. Very annoying. Keesh. But this show is sooo sad. xD

I am off now. I am feeling very tired. I hope I will be able to visit all of you. I'm getting more lazy about visiting. =|

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