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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Hey everyone!
It's Christmas Eve!! Yay! And tomorrow is Christmas! Haha, hope you guys have a wonderful day and all.
Sorry for the long abscences and all. I'm in California now... and I barely can find any internet... xD Sucks. So right now, I am really trying to send all my Christmas cards.
And, I'll try to post up all the cards that I recieved. ^^

So... I want to tell you about all the stuff I've done but it'll take too long. Haha. I'll just leave you guys at this.

Happy Holidays! And a Happy New Year! ^^

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hey everyone!
School is half over! YES! I am so happy. Haha. Well, finals... I did okay on them. I got low A's on most of them... kinda disappointed though. =/ But the worst was my Spanish III exam. It was a BAD grade! Man, that exam was so fvking hard. I just wanted to scream. lol. But yeah, I think a lot of people failed... I was just lucky to pass with a C. xD
On our english exam, we had to write two essays. One about Animal Farm and The Miracle Worker. Heh, and this one guy, on the essay that we were suppose to write about Animal Farm, he wrote about African Americans and homosexual. 0_0 Whoa weird. Haha, my english teacher told us that it made her day. LOL.

Ah well, after my last exam, I went home at 9:30. I went to buy Memoirs of a Geisha! YES! It's so good. After all the other stuff, came back to school to pick up my sis at 11:30 and all.
Heh, all I did yesterday was sleep. Just took a HUGE nap, which is very rare for me. When I woke up, I had to start packing. We're going on vacation soon and all. And so I'll keep an update on that if I'm able to.

Well, since I am on vacation, I'll be turning off my guestbook and all. And if I can't get the internet over there... I'll be trying to find a way to turn off my site. *shrugs* So don't be surprised.

Well this one person told me that my site was crowded... but is it that crowded? I mean she said she like simple sites... but even though mine isn't simple, it isn't crowded. >.< Kinda made me feel a bit down because I tried sp hard so my site wouldn't be crowded as it used to be. Agh, I guess it's still crowded. =\

Well, I am off to bed or wherever... Yay. And I need to give you guys your christmas card soon too! Later everyone! =D

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hey everyone!
Ah, where to start to...? Well, nothing big really happened and all. Heh. Went to region band on Saturday, didn't make it, but whatever. I could've gone home like at 4... but I decided to wait for all of my friends that were there. Most of them made it and all. Yay for them! w00t!

Wow, I got 30 comments... the most ever. Haha. And I barely got to anyone's sites!! I feel so guilty. >.< Ah, I will try to visit today... but exams are coming up, and yeah you get the deal. Heh. It sucks. xP

ANYWAYS... exams are coming up tomorrow! DARN. I'm gonna totally fail all of them. I have to get studying real soon. I have World Geography Honors and Spanish III Honors exams tomorrow. So those are the first two things I have to study. And then Thursday, I have Geometry Honors. My other exam on Thursday is band... but there's no need to say there is an exam, but I still have to be there. >.< Darn. And on Friday, I have English Honors and Biology Honors. And since I'm exempting Biology, I get to go home early! w00t! Hehe.

I've been trying to make Christmas cards for my pals here on the MyO. Ah, its gonna take forever. lol. Oh well, I have two weeks to finish them all. Well, take care everyone! I need to get to bed. Heh. Later everyone! =]

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hey everyone!
Ah, I have been SO busy! I thought I was gonna die. @_@
This week was a killer... so many tests to study and I had a project too, which we only had two days to work on. Horrible... it was so messy.

Well, I wanted to tell you guys a lot more stuff... but I guess thats not gonna happen, because it would be VERY LONG. So I am not even gonna try. Heh, thanks to the people who clicked the iPod button yesterday. The contest is all over now. xP
AND, yesterday almost everyone said that they hope for me to win the contest. Haha, one problem. I didn't enter in it... hahaha. It was for Chibi-san. You see... she entered that contest when she didn't have any site yet, well actually she deleted her old site... haha. And she need a URL site, so she added mine. Yeah I know her here and there, which is outside the internet world. xD
She told me yesterday that people told her on her site, "It's so nice of you to help her(me) [with the iPod contest]." Hah, that made her crack up. LOL.

Anyways, today, I'll be going to Region band tryouts for freshman. Yeah probably most of you guys have no idea what that is. Heh, but wish me luck anyways. Watch, I'll make last. xD I woudn't be surprised. Haha. And so I might or might not make it to your site. YUP.

Next week is exam week! AGH! I'm going to kill myself. Well, most of semester average for each class is either a 93 or 94... so I didn't know what to exempt. And I only get to exempt one subject too. Bleh.
But then I decided to exempt Biology, since I have it 4th period. And 4th period is the last exam you take on your exam days. So I get to go home at 9:30! w00t! So happy. Heh.

Well take care everyone. Later =]

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Friday, December 9, 2005

Hey everyone.
QUICK UPDATE. Heh, I don't care if you comment or not, but PLEASE.

Heh, yeah today's the last day, and so, yeah whatever. You know the deal. Heh, later. =]

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Monday, December 5, 2005

Hey everyone!
Heh, I'm just updating for fun. Pretty sad... I'm still doing my homework. Well, actually its a project. xD
And I have to finish it soon. Hahaha. Yeah procrastination is what it's called.
Well, all I did yesterday was did my homework and eat. But if you were lucky, I got to your site. YAY! *cough* Well, I'll go off finishing up school work. Not like I want to though... Heh.

Later everyone! =]

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Sunday, December 4, 2005

Hey everyone!
Nothing eventful happened yesterday. And I doubt anything eventful will happen today. Hah.

I am so fvking bored. I am stuck with homework. I finished like half of it... I think. xD
But I did submit a wallpaper. Click here to check it out >> Christmas Chii

Most likely... I will not be able to visit anyone's sites. If you're lucky, I'll be able to comment you. Yay. Have a wonderful week. Later =]

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Saturday, December 3, 2005

Life's been a drag here and there. Meh. The December month is usually like the most stressed month for school for the semester. Because of all the exams and tests coming up.
This weekend, I'm pretty much packed with projects and homework. Gah, hate it. Haha, so I might be able to visit you guys. Most likely I will be able to visit most of you guys. xD

Well, lately I've been getting people who signs my guestbook and immeditely PMs me for HTML help, or they have never signed my guestbook and asked me for HTML help. OR, they ask to join my clubs and while they are at it, they ask me for fvking HTML help. Hahaha. You know what? I need to shorten my site rules or whatever. xD That way people doesn't have to kill themselves reading all that. Haha.

Well, I finally got to chat with Vicky again. I haven't spoken to her in the longest times. And I miss her a lot. She has been having lots of problems around school and so. >.< I was really glad to chat with her again. *hugs her*

Uhh, don't think I will be doing anything today. Nope. Nothing. Nada. xD Except homework and internet. What FUN.
Darn, I was just about to mention something, but now I forgot. But if I remember it, I'll mention on the next post.
Take care everyone. =]

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Friday, December 2, 2005

Hey everyone!
It's finally Friday! w00t!
WELL, my life's been fine I suppose. Haha. Been bored with my frikin homework and reading Animal Farm.
Hah, I really can't believe some people haven't heard of that book. xD Travis... Satoshi-chan.... its not a picture book! xD Wait, I'm lying. xD It has a few pictures in there. And some of them, you would want to stab that picture over and over. Why? No not because its ugly, but because of the characters that are drawn. Some of the animals in there makes me mad. xD
Hah, Sara, don't ever come near that book. >_< And same to those people who doesn't like to read about animals and Soviet communism. Heh.

I totally shorten my music list... too many songs. I had more than 20... now up to 15...? Heh, I took away mostly the Bleach songs. And I added in Eternal Snow from Full Moon wo Sagashite.

Thanks for the comments on my latest wallpaper. ^^ Hah, yeah you know where I got my brushes Sara. xP

I'll try to go and visit you guys. Heh, maybe will be able to, maybe not. I didn't get to everyone last time. >.<

Click iPod button and then you can leave. ^^ (sorry if its a bother to people)
Later =]

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hey everyone!
I'm updating today, for two reasons. ^^
Today is my sweet Vicky's birthday! You need to stop by her site and totally wish her a Happy Birthday. =) *huggles her* She has been not feeling too happy because of all the trouble she's been through, so PLEASE go to her site!!

And tomorrow is my loving, awesome twin sister, Tracy's one year anniversary on the Otaku! Please go to her site today and wish her an early anniversary! Or try to remember tomorrow and tell her a Happy One Year anniversary! ^^ *glomps her* She's the best. Haha.

Well, as for my week so far, I am completely wiped out. All the homework and all kinda made me frustrated at one point, but then the next I was pretty content. ^^
Heh, Tuesday, I got Soul Calibar II for GameCube for only $5.25!! hah, yeah it was really cheap. I actually got it from my friend's brother. He got it for a late birthdat present, but he already has one, so decided to sell it to someone. xD And then I bought it. Heh, its awesome. lol.
In English, we're reading Animal Farm. -_- What fun. xD Hah, its an okay book so far... but its stupid too. >_<

During Spanish, I thought it was pretty interesting, because before the bell rung, some group of people were kind of arguing about this one subdivision, or you call it neighborhood, if it was ghetto or not... xD Weird. And this guy was arguing with this other kid that Batman was better than the rest of the superheroes. 0_0 I found it strange to listen to all of it. xD

And I also submitted a new wallpaper, so please check it out. Comments are appreciated. ^^
Click >> Enchanted Flower

Well, one more thing before I go... don't forget to click the iPod button above my post for a friend of mine, since contest is about to end. xD Thanks a bunch! ^^
Take care everyone. Later... I have to go to bed now... hah school. @__@ Bleh school sucks.

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