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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

   Worst day ever was yesterday...

Dear fellow otakuites... I'm sorry for not posting yesterday, but a lot of crazy things have been happening... yesterday I learned that a friend who went to school with me died yesterday while flying to South Africa for medical treatment. He had a heart valve infection, and didn't make it. Also, I learned that two little boys at the children's home we were working at died, one from Sickle cell anemia, and the other from AIDS. I don't really feel like writing more, except that we're cleaning out future house today and moving tomorrow, time really flys...

Queen of Sheba

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Monday, July 14, 2008

   Laundry day... oi...

Ugh... yay for laundry *gags* And here I thought it was vacation time... I guess vacations in my mom's house include waking me up at 8:30 to do laundry and clean house... NOT FUN!!!

Anyway, thanks to you all that comment on my less than exciting posts, please bear with me through this wretched time...

By the way, does anyone know how many episodes of Vampire Knight are out in anime? Where could I find it online? I'm feeling pretty desperate... my friend told me she watched a bunch online, but didn't tell me where I could find it... TT_TT


1. What is currently your favorite manga?

2. Do you judge manga or anime by its art or its plot?

3. What is your favorite genre of anime or manga?

My Answers

1. Either Hana Kimi (for story plot) or Vampire Knight (for plot and art)

2. a lot on both, though mostly plot, art is a huge thing too...

3. Horror, action and Shoujo! ^^'

Queen of Sheba

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

   Ugh... wretched night...

Ugh... I'm so TIRED!!! TT_TT I couldn't get to sleep at ALL last night! My dad couldn't either, so he was up until about 3 am reading and drinking coffee, with the light on of course, so I couldn't sleep worth beans (our house is so tiny that if someone turns on a light, someone on the other side of the house gets blinded... it sucks...)

Oh well, hopefully this week we get to move to a bigger and better house, since a new doctor's on station, and the mission head's gonna move him into our tiny house since he's single! Good thing too, cuz the new house we will be getting is AMAZING! You get a beautiful view of the valley, and we get the stuff that the other people are leaving there, like their TV, movies and furniture, etc. (Not to keep of course, only while they're on furlough... ^^') We get their dog too! XD I'm so EXCITED!


1. What kind of house do you live in? (2-story? How many rooms? etc.)

2. How late do you usually sleep in?

3. If you could live in any manga, what would it be?

My Answers

1. Small 1-story house with 2 rooms, an office (where the baby sleeps) 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, and the main room... and that's all... oh well, at least it's kinda ours...

2. Since it's vacation, maybe to about 9 or 10 in the morning.

3. I dunno, anything where you can go to another world, probably Tsubasa or Fushigi Yuugi! XD

Queen of Sheba

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

   Sad Queen of Sheba

Ohhh... I'm so sorry to all of my friends on MyO for abandoning ship! Everyone was leaving the sight, and the comments weren't working, etc. etc. However, Queen of Sheba is back, and hopes to keep up with it all again!

OK, since I last posted, I am now entered into the wonders of summer vacation, but no longer in Canada, but back in Kenya with my family! ^^ My little brother is nearing his second birthday in September, and all of my friends from my boarding school have left for their homes, leaving me to boredom supreme...

Gladly, we will be taking care of our friend's dog Max, a border collie, so I get a roommate! *cheers* Also, in August my brother gets here from Korea with his girlfriend, and we get to go down to the coast for a week. I'm totally phsyched for that! ^^

Anyway, I've gotta go now, but i'll continue with my old tradition... questions!!! *cheers*


1. What is the most recent manga you've read?

2. Denzel Washington or Johnny Depp?

3. The Matrix or the Lord of the Rings

My Answers

1. Island

2. Johnny Depp, not necessarily for the roles he plays, but for his acting.

3. Right now, the Matrix.

Queen of Sheba

P.S. How do you change your avatars now? I'm not at all sure if it's even possible, is it?

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Friday, April 18, 2008

   Sore feet...

Ugh... my feet are SO SORE!!! I slept in until about 10 this morning, then got up and started cleaning house! I swear the house hasn't been cleaned since I left a few weeks ago, absoulutely sick!!! (cleaned as in toilets, vacuuming, etc.) I finally got a great part finished, then I had to go out to the shop to sort bottles with my cousins so we could save money for our YC tickets! That was really nasty, but to celebrate finishing, me and my cousins tossed around a rubber glove filled with water! XD It was so funny, cuz after a while it got really muddy and I threw it at the wall, leaving this really rank hand print! XD So funny!!!

Sooo... in school lately, I've been trying to figure out which courses to take next year, so I'm planning on; English 20-1, Math 20-1, Biology 20-1, Literature 25, German, Digital Design, Art 20-1, Foods 20-1, etc... as far as I can remember! ^^'

The teacher in charge of the yearbook commitee wants me to go to the Skills Canada competition later in May, so hopefully I can get there... PLEASE GOD!!!

Anyway, it's supper time, so I'm gonna go, sorry, but I can't visit today! TT_TT

Queen of Sheba

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

   Last post for a while...

OK, my birthday is TODAY!!! XD It was a good day, very fruitful, but it was full of a sickening anticipation for tomorrow, since my dad is going back to Kenya then... TT_TT However, to put it on a brighter note, I will tell you how I celebrated my birthday...

This Friday, me and three of my friends walked home after school. We hung out at my house where another friend joined us. So... we basically just listened to music, talked and danced for about 3 hours, then around 6:30 we went to Boston Pizza. I wore the headband my brother sent me from Japan, (after the party, he told me he dreamed of me wearing it and doing karate... kinda creepy since I haven't seen him since Christmas... he's teaching in Korea...) we ate at BPs, and after that we went for desert at DQ! XD That was the end of the party, but I must admit, it is definitely the best one I've had!

Today is my actual birthday, so after church, my dad, me and my grandparents went to the Blue Ox for lunch, where my dad gave me this really cool necklace made of citron stones! Very pretty indeed! XD Then, we went to the Bargain store, and I FINALLY bought myself an MP3 player!!! *victory signs* AT LAST!!! XD

Sadly, this may be the last post I can make for a while, as I'm moving back to my aunty's house tomorrow, and her internet access is limited. When I can, I will, but visiting may be impossible. Also, I must beg forgiveness today, as I'm too tired to visit anyone! SORRY!!!

Queen of Sheba

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

   It's hard being sick...

Ugh... being sick in itself is hard, the worst part though is catching up at school after being sick for 3 days! TT_TT English and Math weren't too bad, I had to do a quiz in English to begin the period, honestly, if I hadn't been doing homework while being sick, I would have been ROYALLY SCREWED!!! In Math, we were doing stupid spreadsheets, so no worries there. Sadly, the computers weren't working at lunch, so no onemanga today... TT_TT Mechanics was another royal pain, since I had to catch up with learning how to function a car battery, as well as the regular lesson... sadly, I can't even remember what it was... o.O

Gym was the ultimate class of the day! Starting the day I was sick, they had started a class on dance, meaning I had to be able to know how to do the 2 step, 3 step and 4 step, as well as learn the jive! Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to step on your partner's feet every other step?!!! TT_TT Anyway, I learned quite fast, and thankfully, I had some wonderful partners, so no worries there! XD

Tomorrow is the birthday party!!! XD Me and some friends are gonna walk home after school and hang out till 6:30, then we'll go to Boston Pizza! XD I LOVE that place, it's probably one of the best places to have a birthday party! XD They've always got the coolest art, and the mood there is really cool. (their food is good too! XD)

Anyway, I'm gonna go comment on people's sites, then watch some Death Note... but first... QUESTION TIME!!! XD


1. What is your favorite anime theme song?

2. What genre of movie do you prefer?

3. Are you more for fast paced or slow movies?

My Answers

1. For "Death Note" and "Witch Hunter Robin"! XD As well as "Blood+"

2. Fantasy, they usually have a little bit of everything, though I prefer movies with a weird feel, like "Nanny McFee" or "A Series of Unfortunate Events" (to name a few...)

3. It totally depends on the mood I'm in, as well as what the movie is actually about...

Queen of Sheba

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Monday, April 7, 2008


OK, Queen of Sheba has done it again... TT_TT Time to update once again! I haven't updated since Wednesday last week!!! *bows* Sorry!!!! TT_TT I usually find when I'm online that I'd rather read or watch anime or manga instead of update, so even though I've had countless opportunities, I've never seized any! That changes now, please be patient with me!

OK, so this weekend was spent refurbishing a map that my brother had made in high school on a huge sheet of drywall! I got to mix and paint over scratch marks, and got to write captions, etc. At least it's finally done! Friday night at youth group was so TIRESOME!!! We played "Amazing Race", so we ended up running all over town, and I am still sore from it... and even though we got second place, we still got a minute taken off for cheating... (my dad picked me and my friends up and drove us a short way, which got 1 minute taken off of our total time) Oh well... ^^ It was still fun!

Saturday was kinda boring, and went WAY too fast! Sunday, I was in a skit at our church, which was a lot of fun! XD After church, our family got together and had a big birthday party for everyone who's birthdays are in April, meaning me, two of my cousins, and both of my grandpas got to open presents and eat birthday cake! XD I got 3 angel carvings, a bottle of perfume, $40 (which is to be spent on manga ^^) a sketch book and art pencils, and best of all, a big kit for Chinese brush art!!! XD It's so awesome! I can't wait to get started!

Sadly, today I woke up with a flu bug, meaning I missed school today! TT_TT I didn't mind the fact that I could sleep longer, but after a while, the thought of how much school I was missing, and how much I'd have to catch up tomorrow got me real antsy, I'm sure not looking forward to tomorrow... o.O


1.What anime character do you think you look like the most?

2. What are you listening to right now?

3. What has been your favorite birthday party?

My Answers

1. Ashiya in Hana Kimi

2. IOU by Metric

3. I'm not sure, maybe it'll be this year, since I've never really had one... ^^;

Queen of Sheba

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


YAY!!!! XD I'm SO HAPPY!!! I finally got to scan my art today, so I've submitted my favorite so far! XD I'm so happy! It actually turned out really good! XD

So sorry I haven't been on for a long time! School's been a hassle, and all of my evenings have been booked! I finally got to get some internet time, I hope I can settle into a more regular schedule soon!

School was OK today... we're studying Shakespeare in English, and Math is... math... TT_TT Mechanics has been a living hell for me, since the teacher is so discriminant because I'm a girl! It drives me CRAZY!!! TT_TT Gym has been fun though, we're trying to convince people to come to our school, so we've been using our gym period to decorate the school! Me and two other friends got assigned to decorating the bill board that is used for "plans for the future" So we're using an ice age theme, and we're gonna have this big lettering "PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE" across the top, and I'll draw a dodo and scrat! XD Should be fun!

Anyway, that's all the time I could get to update, now I'll go visiting! XD


1. Are you going to check out and comment on my fan art?

2. What homework did you have today?

3. What are you wearing right now?

My Answers

1. not me! XD I'm waiting for you to!

2. Math... ugh *barfs*

3. An oversized sweatshirt and puppy PJ bottoms! XD

Queen of Sheba

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

   Best day EVER!!! XD

Yay! XD Today was SO MUCH FUN!!! My dad and me went to Edmonton today and ate Ethiopian food! *rubs belly and purrs* Mmmmm-mmmmm!!! XD After that, I went across the street to this comic shop and bought three volumes of manga; volumes 2 and 3 of "Godchild" and volume 16 of "Ruruouni Kenshin" I've already read two of them, but decided to update on myO before I read the last one! XD

Ummm... after that, my dad and me went to the theatre and watched Juno! XD SOOO FUNNY!!! XD Honestly, we had no idea what it was about, we just thought the poster looked funny so we went to it! Except for the sexual references, it's actually a really good movie! Too bad they had to ruin it with all of that kinky crap... though the whole movie WAS sorta based on that kinda junk... whatever...

Anyway, we got home, and I made some stir fry, it actually turned out pretty good, and my grandma and grandpa liked it too, soo... PASS! XD

Ummm... nothing else really happened today, except that me and my dad watched "Lady in the Water"... it's really not all that great of a movie, it was really quite disappointing... TT_TT If anything, I think that the cover is the best part of the movie... quite sad really.


1. Do you ever feel like you're being stalked?

2. What is the last manga you've bought?

3. Do you prefer manga or anime?

My Answers

1. Yeah... on facebook... *curls up in a ball*

2. Godchild and Rurouni Kenshin!

3. MANGA!!! (though it does also depend on the quality, sometimes the anime is better than the manga, and vice versa...)

Queen of Sheba

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