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Monday, April 7, 2008


OK, Queen of Sheba has done it again... TT_TT Time to update once again! I haven't updated since Wednesday last week!!! *bows* Sorry!!!! TT_TT I usually find when I'm online that I'd rather read or watch anime or manga instead of update, so even though I've had countless opportunities, I've never seized any! That changes now, please be patient with me!

OK, so this weekend was spent refurbishing a map that my brother had made in high school on a huge sheet of drywall! I got to mix and paint over scratch marks, and got to write captions, etc. At least it's finally done! Friday night at youth group was so TIRESOME!!! We played "Amazing Race", so we ended up running all over town, and I am still sore from it... and even though we got second place, we still got a minute taken off for cheating... (my dad picked me and my friends up and drove us a short way, which got 1 minute taken off of our total time) Oh well... ^^ It was still fun!

Saturday was kinda boring, and went WAY too fast! Sunday, I was in a skit at our church, which was a lot of fun! XD After church, our family got together and had a big birthday party for everyone who's birthdays are in April, meaning me, two of my cousins, and both of my grandpas got to open presents and eat birthday cake! XD I got 3 angel carvings, a bottle of perfume, $40 (which is to be spent on manga ^^) a sketch book and art pencils, and best of all, a big kit for Chinese brush art!!! XD It's so awesome! I can't wait to get started!

Sadly, today I woke up with a flu bug, meaning I missed school today! TT_TT I didn't mind the fact that I could sleep longer, but after a while, the thought of how much school I was missing, and how much I'd have to catch up tomorrow got me real antsy, I'm sure not looking forward to tomorrow... o.O


1.What anime character do you think you look like the most?

2. What are you listening to right now?

3. What has been your favorite birthday party?

My Answers

1. Ashiya in Hana Kimi

2. IOU by Metric

3. I'm not sure, maybe it'll be this year, since I've never really had one... ^^;

Queen of Sheba

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