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Thursday, March 27, 2008

   Queen of Sheba is BAAAAD!!!

SORRRYYYY!!! I'm so sorry! *bows* I haven't updated or visited for so long! So I'm going to make up for it right now!

OK, so... since my last post, my dad has gotten here from Kenya! *cheers* We've been having a lot of fun lately! Yesterday we went to Red Deer and went shopping at Value Village! XD I love that place. I got so many shirts, and after that, we went to this really awesome art store, where I talked dad into getting me a canvas. I've started a painting since then, and it's actually looking pretty good! XD

Anyway, we also bought some movies; "Fargo" and "Lady in the Water", so it should be fun to watch those. Just today I got a new pair of shoes since the old ones were wearing out, (I couldn't walk through a mud puddle without my feet getting soaked...) and we bought some paintbrushes too, since we're refurbishing this big map that my brother made in high school. Should be fun... Also, I've started getting my birthday presents already! XD I got a package from my brother in Tokyo, he sent me this really cool headband, and this panorama thingy... I'm not entirely sure what it is... ^^'

Anyway, I'm gonna go now, sorry this is such a short post, but I'm basically caught up now (as far as I can remember...)


1. What website are you most likely to be on when you go online?

2. Do you paint?

3. What is the last movie you bought?

My Answers

1. either www.onemanga.com, or www.pisoga.com! XD

2. yep, been working on it!

3. "Fargo", and "Lady in the Water"

Queen of Sheba

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

   I have rediscovered youtube! XD

Yay! XD I love the Flaming Lips... I'm serious, they have some of the best music EVER! XD I've added a couple more music videos... one is by Vanessa Mae, and the other is "Mr. Ambulance Driver" by Flaming Lips. Check them out and tell me what you think! XD

OK! Dad gets here today! *dances around and gets buzzed off the stage by Simone* Anyway, I've moved into my grandpa's basement and have taken over the rickety fold out bed! TT_TT I've got about three foamies on there to make it at least comfortable, and I've moved my aunty's old change table in to act as a dresser... quite sad really... ^^' Oh well, I get the computer in my room, as well as my grandpa's second kitchen. I'm serious, there's a fridge, stove, sink and cupboards in here... I don't know why, but that's just how it is... ^^'

Anyway, gonna take a shower then maybe I'll eat something... though I'm gonna comment on people's sites first! Get ready!!! XD


1. What did you think of the music videos?

2. Do you think I should stop putting them on my site?

3. Have you watched any of them?

Queen of Sheba

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

   School's OUT!!! XD

YAY!!! XD Spring break is in, and my dad gets here on Saturday! XD Ok... I guess it's catch up time again... ^^'

Ummm... yesterday was kinda weird, since I woke up at 5:05, thinking that it was 7:05! I freaked out because I thought I was going to miss the bus, and got ready for school... only to realize that I still had over an hour to sleep!

The rest of the day went OK, we got to play broomball, resulting in my wrist being severely cudgelled by some really b****y girl in our class (soorry!) However, I got a really good shot in, when I hit the ball out of the air right in front of the goal! Yay! XD

Today was the last day of school before spring break, and it was so... for lack of a better word; ironic! I expected the day to be relatively boring, and at least uneventful... it wasn't. Gym happened, yet again! Guess what? It was co-ed in the gym, playing predator and prey! TT_TT That resulted in a severely skinned knee and some very sore muscles... then it was dodgeball... TT_TT I got a very hard ball in the neck, and another in the neck... and pain happened! I wish I knew who threw those balls... so I could hurt them! TT_TT


1. What is your favorite sport to play?

2. What is the last TV show you saw?

3. What are you doing right now? (besides typing on the computer?)

My Answers

1. Either soccer or basketball.

2. Jepardy

3. Watching a funny movie! XD (can't remember what it's called though...)

Queen of Sheba

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

   My bad! ^^'

Sorry to everyone, I haven't updated for a while, so this is gonna be catch up time! XD

Ummm... to begin with, I've never found that idiot mechanical pencil... I never really expected to see it again. At my school, you basically have to put all of your stuff in a safe (or locker... ^^) to keep it from being stolen! My cousin got all of his art supplies stolen right off of his desk while he was just going to the bathroom!

In English, we finished our exams, and they were quite easy too! XD They were spread out over three days, the first day was dedicated to writing the actual test, and the next two days were spent writing a short story! It was surprisingly easy, and a relief to finish too! XD

Math is math... it sucks! Friday was pi day, because it was the 14th of the 3rd month... 3.14! XD So we got apple pie from our math teacher! XD

In mechanics, as I was putting my engine together, it wouldn't start when we finished, so we basically had to take it apart again to find out what was wrong with it. Apparantly, (after the carburator and fuel tank had been removed, and we had meticulously inspected the intake and exhaust valves...) I had forgotten to put a new head gasket on, so it was my fault after all... TT_TT

PE was fun lately though, we got to go bowling on Thursday, and Friday was just games. Fun, fun, fun!! XD This Monday we play broomball... I don't even know what that is... TT_TT

Friday night we had a staggette party for my cousin's, uncle's, fiancee! That was so much fun! We had a whole bunch of food, and my aunty made this realy good punch (by putting herbal tea bags into sprite! XD So YUMMY!) The guys were all at their stag party, and near the end of the party, they tied the groom to a chair with duct tape, died is hair orange with spray paint, and wrote "I love Gaylea" (his fiancee) on his chest! After that, they put him in the back of the derango (spelling?) and drove him to the stagette party! XD Then they lifted him up into the kitchen through the veranda door, right in the middle of the party! XD It was so funny!

This weekend was uneventful, thank God! My aunt, uncle, and cousins went to a Sportsman show (since they love hunting so much) and I got the house to myself. So I spent the whole time watching movies, eating, reading manga, and sleeping! XD

I called my parents just recently, and my dad is coming maybe this Friday! Sprink break starts this Thursday, so I get to sleep more! XD

Anyway, we're watching hunting movies right now, and eating monster bowls of popcorn! I've got nothing else to report...


1. What is your view on hunting?

2. What is your ideal weekend?

3. popcorn or chips? Why?

My Answers

1. I think it's a sport, trying to take down an animal with as little pain possible. Also, it gives food to eat, and furs to decorate and insulate the walls!

2. I've just described it!

3. popcorn, because chips are actually the worst thing possible to snack on, and you can put ANYTHING on popcorn! XD

Queen of Sheba

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! TT_TT *sobs* life sucks right now! I spent most of my money that I've painstakingly saved up to replenish my art supplies, and wonder of wonders... my new $4 mechanical pencil is MISSING! TT_TT Sometimes life is so cruel...

Ummm... anyway... before the pencil disappeared, I managed to draw quite a nice picture with it, which I hope to scan and put in my portfolio tomorrow... Ummmm.... I've also got a huge English exam tomorrow! TT_TT The stress is just KILLING ME!!!

Gladly, the adoption seems to be going faster... sorta... they're still waiting for a house visit, etc... but my dad's coming maybe next Wednesday! XD He'll be staying till my birthday too! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!! XD It's gonna be my 16th, too bad mom and Marcus and my brother won't be there... but still, at least dad would be able to be there!

OK, apparantly I can comment on people's sites now, but has anyone noticed that not a lot of people are updating? It's a real shame, but I hope things get more lively here.

Anyway, I just got an email from my older brother, it seems that the lucky dog is in Tokyo right now! TT_TT Life's not FAIR!!! TT_TT


1. When is your birthday?

2. Where are your parents?

3. If you could have anything for your birthday, what would it be?

My Answers

1. April 13

2. in Kenya, the other side of the world...

3. an ipod, or a computer... not that that'd happen...

Queen of Sheba

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Friday, March 7, 2008

   Yay for PD days!

HOORAY!!! XD I get tommorow OFF! XD That means I get to go to bed late, and get up late too! XD I'm cleaning house again tommorow, and after adding up all of the money I've made lately, I've discovered that I've made over $200 already! XD That's really good for me, considering I've only been doing housecleaning!

This Saturday is my good friend's birthday party, so I get to go to that, and in the process, I get to stay over night at my grandma and grandpa's house! XD That means that I get a better internet connection, so I can comment on everyone's sites! YAY! XD

Ummm... I can't think of anything else to say, soooo....


1. What do you think of the new style on myOtaku?

2. I dunno... ask me a question, my mind is blank...

My Answers

1. I think it's really nice, though it's take me a bit of time to catch up on it... and figure it out...

Oh yeah, I'm gonna be putting up wallpapers as soon as I post this, so please check them out! (They're in COLOR!!! XD)

Queen of Sheba

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Monday, March 3, 2008

   New wallpapers!

Guess what?!!! XD I've made some new wallpapers, and they actually have COLOR!!! XD Check them out when you can! (when the site is finally done updating so I can actually open my portfolio...)

Ummm... oh yeah, last night I got to call my mom, so that's nice, and today I got invited to a birthday party on Saturday, so Friday night I'm staying over night at my grandma and grandpa's house... they have our computer, as well as high speed internet, so I'll be able to comment on everyone's sites on Saturday! XD Hurrah!

In Math, our teacher paired us up to work together, so I got paired with one of the math geniuses (lucky me, eh?)

Well... I can't think of anything else to say, so.... I guess it's question time!!! XD


1. Have you ever played an instrument before? What?

2. What do you like on your pizza?

3. What is your dream birthday party?

My Answers

1. Yes, I used to play the piano and guitar...

2. Pretty much anything actually, I still haven't entirely found a topping that I genuinly dislike... my favorites are probably shrimp, green peppers, and onions!

3. I don't really know, maybe something about manga or anime, just to go to a book shop and spend all the money I've ever had on manga...

Queen of Sheba

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Friday, February 29, 2008


YAY! XD Because of the flooding at our school, there has been no school yesterday, today, or tomorrow! Then we get the weekend off!!! XD I spent a good part of the day today cleaning... actually it was the whole day... I'm so tired, and my feet are so sore... yesterday and today were also dedicated to cooking! XD So yesterday I made a supper of fried chicken and roasted potatoes, and today I made a Devils Food Cake with carmel icing! *drools* Sadly, just as I was trying the cake, I realized that because of this absolutely STUPID cold, I can't taste a thing! TT_TT It's not fair!

Tomorrow I'm going to counciling, and it's also my cousin's birthday party, so I'll be busy tomorrow as well, but a good sort of busy I guess...

Anyway, here's my answers to everyone's questions from yesterday...

From Koon: Do you own a pet?

Sort of... my aunty and uncle own a black lab puppy called Cooper... whom I've sorta taken as my own... ^^'

From XxI Wuv PockyxX: What are the color of the socks you wore most recently?

Well... I haven't worn socks for a while, but I think they were white... boring I know...

From Tsubashcharo: Have you ever read the dictionary for fun?

Ummm... I've tried... ^^'


1. Have you ever seen American Grafiti?

2. Do you have facebook?

3. What is the style you most usually wear? (preppy, emo, sporty, etc.)

My Answers

1. I'm watching it right now! XD I LOVE this movie! XD

2. Yes

3. I sort of have my own style... it's basically comfortable, but looks nice, also, it's origins are a bit more gothic/punk... kinda hard to describe really...

Queen of Sheba

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

   OH YEAH!!! *dances around*

OH YEAH!!!!!!!! *dances around and turns handstand* A water pipe at my highschool blew, and the school flooded, so no school today or tomorrow! XD I was up at 6:45 and in the bathroom when my aunty came and told me I could go back to bed, so I went back to bed and slept another 4 hours! XD It's a good thing that it happened just now, cuz I have one of the most annoying colds ever! TT_TT Anyway, after I got up, I had lunch, then got dressed in some ripped up jeans and a baggy sweatshirt and went to help my aunt, uncle and cousins in the shop! When I got there, I got to help my cousin take some flaps out from around the wheels (can't remember what they're called) and the process resulted in me barefoot with freezing mud all over my feet, knees, in my hair, and all over my arms and face! It was was so crazy, and going into the house again was a nightmare, but I'm glad I did it, it was so much fun! XD (Even though I had to run to the house barefoot across freezing slush and snow!)

Anyway, I'm babysitting this Saturday, and tomorrow I think I'm gonna be cleaning the house again! I guess that's all to say right now...


1. Is there any snow where you are right now?

2. Ask me a question, my mind is blank right now!

Queen of Sheba

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Monday, February 25, 2008

   The Veldt...

AAAAAAGHHH!!! *Hides under bed* I've just read the scariest short story EVER!!! It's not even just scary, it's totally CRACKERED! Have you guys ever read "the Veldt"? cuz it's really crazy!

Ummmmmm... let me think... oh yeah! In English I got 23.5 our of 25 on my writing project, and in Math I got 40 out of 48 on my exam! ^-^ I'm so HAPPY!!! XD Mechanics was fun today, and so was gym... considering that it was gym...

Ummm... thanks to everyone for commenting on my wallpapers! XD It's really greatly apprecciated! I'm so sorry that I can't comment on anyone's sites or wallpapers, but the internet here isn't working, I want to make a special thanks to everyone who has been commenting, you guys have always made my day, and make me feel loved!


1. What's the last project you've had to do in school?

2. Have you ever seen the movie "A Raisin in the Sun"?

3. Do you have a job? What is it? How much does it pay on average?

My Answers

1. I'm drawing a storyboard for that short story that I was telling you about!

2. I'm watching it right now, and dang it's GOOD! XD

3. Yeah... sorta, I'm cleaning at my aunty's house, and I get $30! ^-^

Queen of Sheba

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