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Sunday, April 13, 2008

   Last post for a while...

OK, my birthday is TODAY!!! XD It was a good day, very fruitful, but it was full of a sickening anticipation for tomorrow, since my dad is going back to Kenya then... TT_TT However, to put it on a brighter note, I will tell you how I celebrated my birthday...

This Friday, me and three of my friends walked home after school. We hung out at my house where another friend joined us. So... we basically just listened to music, talked and danced for about 3 hours, then around 6:30 we went to Boston Pizza. I wore the headband my brother sent me from Japan, (after the party, he told me he dreamed of me wearing it and doing karate... kinda creepy since I haven't seen him since Christmas... he's teaching in Korea...) we ate at BPs, and after that we went for desert at DQ! XD That was the end of the party, but I must admit, it is definitely the best one I've had!

Today is my actual birthday, so after church, my dad, me and my grandparents went to the Blue Ox for lunch, where my dad gave me this really cool necklace made of citron stones! Very pretty indeed! XD Then, we went to the Bargain store, and I FINALLY bought myself an MP3 player!!! *victory signs* AT LAST!!! XD

Sadly, this may be the last post I can make for a while, as I'm moving back to my aunty's house tomorrow, and her internet access is limited. When I can, I will, but visiting may be impossible. Also, I must beg forgiveness today, as I'm too tired to visit anyone! SORRY!!!

Queen of Sheba

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