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Monday, July 14, 2008

   Laundry day... oi...

Ugh... yay for laundry *gags* And here I thought it was vacation time... I guess vacations in my mom's house include waking me up at 8:30 to do laundry and clean house... NOT FUN!!!

Anyway, thanks to you all that comment on my less than exciting posts, please bear with me through this wretched time...

By the way, does anyone know how many episodes of Vampire Knight are out in anime? Where could I find it online? I'm feeling pretty desperate... my friend told me she watched a bunch online, but didn't tell me where I could find it... TT_TT


1. What is currently your favorite manga?

2. Do you judge manga or anime by its art or its plot?

3. What is your favorite genre of anime or manga?

My Answers

1. Either Hana Kimi (for story plot) or Vampire Knight (for plot and art)

2. a lot on both, though mostly plot, art is a huge thing too...

3. Horror, action and Shoujo! ^^'

Queen of Sheba

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