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Saturday, July 12, 2008

   Sad Queen of Sheba

Ohhh... I'm so sorry to all of my friends on MyO for abandoning ship! Everyone was leaving the sight, and the comments weren't working, etc. etc. However, Queen of Sheba is back, and hopes to keep up with it all again!

OK, since I last posted, I am now entered into the wonders of summer vacation, but no longer in Canada, but back in Kenya with my family! ^^ My little brother is nearing his second birthday in September, and all of my friends from my boarding school have left for their homes, leaving me to boredom supreme...

Gladly, we will be taking care of our friend's dog Max, a border collie, so I get a roommate! *cheers* Also, in August my brother gets here from Korea with his girlfriend, and we get to go down to the coast for a week. I'm totally phsyched for that! ^^

Anyway, I've gotta go now, but i'll continue with my old tradition... questions!!! *cheers*


1. What is the most recent manga you've read?

2. Denzel Washington or Johnny Depp?

3. The Matrix or the Lord of the Rings

My Answers

1. Island

2. Johnny Depp, not necessarily for the roles he plays, but for his acting.

3. Right now, the Matrix.

Queen of Sheba

P.S. How do you change your avatars now? I'm not at all sure if it's even possible, is it?

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