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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

   Yay coffeehouse!!! XD

OK, I'm so ready for this Friday! ^-^ Our youth group is having a coffeehouse, so I got invited to bring my art there! XD I'm so happy, I love coffeehouse. We all hang out and listen to our local band jamming, sipping coffee or apple cider and just having a good time, as well as browsing each others' art... ahhhhhhh... I'm so EXCITED!!! XD

Anyway, in Social Studies I'm still working on the manga about deforestation... fun...

In Art I finally finished my pottery project, the last part is now drying, and they get fired this weekend! Then I get to paint it and put hinges on (it's a suitcase! ^-^)

Uhm... in Science we just sat there and were bored, but during that period (the foods class before mine) one kid cut his finger open with a knife, so he was dripping blood all over the place, and the teacher said she almost barfed there was so much blood, anyway, he had to get stiches...

OK, after school my mom and I went the local new and used, and I finally got the last Matrix movie! *sign of victory* I now have the ENTIRE TRILOGY!!! As well as the Animatrix! XD It's so excited, I can't wait to watch it! XD

Anyway, I'd best get going!


1. Do you like coffee?

2. What's your favorite kind of chocolate?

3. What is your favorite movie out of the Matrix collection? (Animatrix included)

My Answers

1. Heck yes! But it has to be BLACK! No sugar and milk or I won't drink it!

2. Black!

3. The animatrix!

Queen of Sheba

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


OK, nothing really amazingly good happened today... actually, some good things did! Let me start at the beginning and explain why I didn't post yesterday...

OK, so I woke up in the morning yesterday and I sick as a dog, so mom said I didn't have to go to school, BUT... I was not aloud to read, go on the internet, draw, or even leave the bedroom except to go to the bathroom! TT_TT Yah, my mom tends to take being sick very seriously!

OK, so that's why I didn't post, here's what happened today...

In Social Studies, we got this HUGE project! So for it, I'm gonna do a manga about deforestation! XD FUN!!! In Art, I'm making a clay suitcase, maybe about 12" long, and 5" wide, about 3" or 4" tall... so it's pretty big... Anyway, I bought hinges today so I can hook them up after I fire the project in the kiln! Oooookay... ummmm, in Science there happened to be a Physics test I had NO IDEA was coming, so I basically panicked at lunch time and still never got around to studying!!! XP Anyway, I think I did OK, but whatever. In foods, my teacher said I looked too sick to cook, so she sent me to the Library... ^^ That was just fine with me!

OK, so that was my day, so I guess I'm done my post- Oh wait, there is one other thing, my grandma and grandpa are inviting me and mom upstairs for Chinese food! XD *gets on knees and thanks God* THANK YOU!!! XD


1. What is your favorite Chinese food?

2. What is the color of the computer you're working on?

3. What is the manga you are currently reading?

My Answers

1. Either ginger beef or sweet n' sour pork! XD

2. black

3. Among many, I am currently opened to Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind! XD Yay! I love Hayao Miyazaki's works! XD

Queen of Sheba

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

   Fatigued and miserable...

Ewwww... I feel so GROSS!!! Since about yesterday I've had a miserable cold, and my throat and chest HURT! My head is so fuzzy I can't concentrate on my homework (which I've finally finished) And to top it off, tomorrow is MONDAY... AGAIN!!! TT.TT

Last night, my mom and I watched "Whale Rider" it was really good, but made me resent tradition, etc. Makes me wanna go to sleep right now.

Sorry this post is so short, but I'm gonna comment on everyone's posts, so no worries, kay?


1. What is the last movie you've watched?

2. Do you like it when I put YouTube's on my post, or should I stop?

3. What female singer do you think has the best voice?

My Answers

1. Whale Rider

2. I thought you guys would like it, but no one commented on them, so I'm just wondering...

3. It's a tie between Evanescence, Metric, and Plumb (these are their band names, since I can't remember their actual names... ^^')

Queen of Sheba

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Saturday, January 12, 2008


Hey there, please comment, and watch the whole thing through too, it makes a bit more sense then... though not much... ^^

P.S. I have some new wallpapers now, so please check them out! XD

Queen of Sheba

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   It's finally the weekend!!! XD

OK, here I am again. I'm so sorry to those of you whom I promised to comment on their posts yesterday... or was it the day before yesterday? Anyway, my mom was trying to download an antivirus, and something in the computer messed up, so we had to hand the computer over to a friend for a couple of days to fix it... so I never got to do anything. That's my excuse, but I'll do my best today.

OK, yesterday was youth group, so we went to the bowling alley and went glo-bowling! It was so much FUN!!! XD Then we went back to the church and had a meeting about further activities. So... around February I get to go to YC! I'm so excited, it's this huge concert thing that goes over a weekend where a whole bunch of Christian bands show up! I've heard you get such a music high! It's gonna be GREAT!!! XD

Also, after we had that meeting, we went into the gym at the church and played a bunch of games, like bucket ball and octopus tag. I fell down so much during octopus tag, but I must've scored about 10 points in bucket ball! XD It was so much fun! I love any game that is like basketball! However, I somehow managed to pull a muscle in my leg, so I was gimping around near the end of the game. Anyway, it still hurts, and now I think I'm getting a cold, but it was still fun! XD

After I got home, I finally got to watch my new movie that I purchased for $3 at our town's Liquidation World! Matrix Reloaded!!! WHOOOOOOT!!! XD It was kinda kinky in places, but had some great action sequences. I couldn't believe it when they put Neo in a coma and said "to be concluded" I think that should be illegal! I was so sure that was the last one! Who knows what the last one is called?


1. How many of the Matrix movies have you seen?

2. What is the last song you've listened to?

3. What is the last thing you've drunk?

My Answers

1. The Animatrix, The Matrix, and the Matrix Reloaded. (I own them all...)

2. "Hardcore Techno" by DJ Diggler

3. Some cranberry apple tea for my throat... *wheezes and coughs...*

Queen of Sheba

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

   School has started yet again.... but I'm BACK!!!!!! XD

Hello again! Queen of Sheba is BACK!!! XD And now she can finally write a full post and visit! XD (Sorry, I'll stop talking in the third person now...) My Christmas went well, and I've received many good gifts! My mom is back from Kenya, and has been for a while. Because of all of the issues there lately, she didn't have any need to go back because the courts were down and the adoption wouldn't go anywhere anyway... so now we're living together until maybe February!

My brother the explorer is traveling yet again, and is now going through Africa. He just arrived in Cape Town the other day, (in South Africa) and will be going up to Johannesburg soon. After that, he'll be moving North through Africa, and will eventually reach Egypt... luck dog... He'll then spend about a year in Korea teaching English... fun...

My mom and I have decided to start a thing for walking to and from school every day, but we live so far from my school, and it's so cold... so that puts a damper on my "fun" exercise.


1. What was your favorite Christmas present?

2. When do/did you restart school?

3. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

My Answers

1. a set of acrylic paints, canvas board, and some really nice paint brushes from my older brother! XD

2. Yesterday, and it feels like it should already be Friday... XP

3. Vanilla bean! XD

Queen of Sheba

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

   1 week of Christmas break left... so please enjoy!!! XD

Please watch these and tell me what you think! XD

Queen of Sheba

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Yay for randomness!

Here's another!

Queen of Sheba

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YAY!!! XDDD It's finally CHRISTMAS BRAKE!!! XD It's all so EXCITING!!! XD

That's all I have time to post, sorry! I can't visit anyone!

Hehe! Enjoy these, they're so great!!! XD

Queen of Sheba

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

   Sad Monday...

Sad day this Monday... TT_TT... my puppy got run over... TT_TT That's really all to say so far...

Here's some music videos I found to lighten the mood of this post...

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