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Sunday, January 28, 2007

my 'rents say i'm like that. i don't pay attention to what they say. i just end up saying "wha---?" and my parents get mad. yes, i have no life. aren't i a special person? yes, indeed. very special. special enough to get killed almost 10x last week by a staircase! ok, i exaggerated, i almost got myself killed once (i almost tripped down all the stairs). Angel Zakuro... i read her post. she said she tripped down stairs... maybe i got cursed luck from her? nah. lol and i'm NOT clumsy!!!!!!!!!!!!! >< rawr! ok, i'm hyper today. i plan on playing a video game right now with my bffl who came over today ^^ maybe i'mso hyper because of that? she's watchiong me type... she's humming a song. we're laughing hysterical. yeah, i had too much sugar. gotta cut down on the suger *nods* she says i need fiber... more fiber. nah, i'll just cut down on the sugar :P i can't listen to her. no, i can't. i'll check out sites later. i don't know when we're dropping her off at her house :P kk, bibi for now ^^ how was your day?
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