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Sunday, December 3, 2006

i was an elf XD
i was an elf today!!!!!!! at my school, we had this Santa Claus breakfast. all school kids (it was in my school) who participated got to become an elf! they had jobs of all sorts. i became a face painter!!! XD me and my friends had fun face paintin kids. this is why i got on so damn late. cuz the breakfast started at 8:30a and ended at 2:50p busy busy still, it was fun. me and my friend started coloring each other noses red cuz we were the new Ruldphs! (jk jk) still, today was a blast. nm to say but that. so, how was your day? oh! and everything they had there was free for the elves! ^^ yum yum the only prob was i had pancakes for breakfast and lunch and my mom almost gave it to me for dinner! ><
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another birthday
today is Kylies 11 birthday!!!!!!!! i hope you all wished her a Happy B-day!!!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Kylie
Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday lil sis!!!! hope you had a great 11 birthday! ^^

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Saturday, December 2, 2006

Demyx (in a way)
elouai's doll maker 3this is Demyx... in a way. isnt he cute? i was playin around on eLouai.com and made this up. this is Demyx - outta the Organization cloak ^^

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x Sora luvers
i dont know if you guys heard, but me and Kylie (kybeary) have started a collab site. yes, we probaly will only update it every now and then since were busy with our own sites. but so you guys know its called:
x Sora luvers
ok, just wanted to let you know. there isnt really much. i do the HTML (lets pray i dont mess up) and Ky does the bg, avi, etc. like i said, check it out sometime. and another thing i said, we may not be updating it as much as we do to our own sites. just lettin you know.

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ok.... lets start off on how my day was. today, i woke up at 7 and had a dentist appointment at 9:30 so i was watching Pokemon and Spongebob Squarepants the whole time i was there. :P my mouth felt numb forever (tnx God it weared off). i got my bangs cut, and.... good question. what else happened today? lol oh! and there wasnt any smoke in the house!! my mom threw out the toaster so we didnt have any toast or anything for breakfast and there was NO smoke!! ^^ well, besides that, that was technically my day :P so, i have a few questions for you to answer:
1. whats your fav video game?
2. whats your top 3 fav video games?
3. whats your fav manga?
4. are you a HUGE Otaku fan? (what a dumb question)
5. whats your fav anime?
6. whats your future goal?
7. what KH2 action figure do you want? (series 1 includes: Axel, Sora, Roxas, and Kairi)
8. what do you want the most for Christmas?
9. are these retarted questions?
ok, i stopped there. how was your day?

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Friday, December 1, 2006

MissDarkAngel (doll) eLouai.com
elouai's doll maker 3 ok.... so its not really how i look: my eyes are really hazel, my hair is longer. there are only a few differences!!! anyway, what do you guys think? this site is actually pretty cool. now, i wanna make more. i think ill make this my AIM icon!! :P lol so, what do you guys think?

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burn baby, burn!
OMFG! i got home from school and decided to eat lunch (yea... i got out at 11:45a) i had toast. one side of the toaster was working, the other was giving us probs and i didnt know that. so, i put it in the right side waiting for it to come up. my lil bro was playing in the bedroom. all of a sudden - while im playing FFX-2 - i smell smoke. no, the firemen didnt have to come or anything, it just smelt really bad. the bottom part of the house still sorta smells bad, but the top part is more where i hang out and go on the comp and play video games; AWAY from the universe out in my dark, dark world. thats sorta why the title is named "burn baby, burn!" lol besides that, life hasnt been as bad as it was when i thought you all hated me. im very sorry for thinking that and im glad i dont think that anymore! ^^ aint it good? anyway, i was playing MASH with my friends in school. i wanna know if you wanna play. just PM me and ill tell you what you need (this is if you want to play. you dont have to) and well see what you get! i did one with my friend who we were playing MASH with another friend and we made the most retarted jobs for her and everything. we went hysterical, but we made her one that we didnt be funny at. yes, same with you. if you wanna play i wont make fun of you, it; ill do it like youre suppose to play. by the way, outta all my grades i got on my report card wensday... i only got ONE B!!!!!!! i got Principal's List (no, that doesnt mean its bad it means you do really, really well). besides that, now im gonna have all the weirdos call n' me. lol anyway, how was your day? ill write later! cya!! ^^
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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

august 15, 2006 - Kylie wrote this and posted this on her site
I've got a best friend who's nice as can be
She sticks by me, talks to me, does everything
We like the same guy
We have SO much in commen
Because we're best friends
We talk very often
Even though we can't meet, our friendship remains true
As true as the sky and the sea are blue
She's my BFFL, my Best Friend For Life
I'll say it again, she is SO very nice
I'll say this once since nobody knows
My best friends name is Rose.

-Kylie (kybeary) posted this on her site on the 15 of august, 2006. i really luv how it came out. tnx you for writin this Ky!! ^^

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Les Miserables - and more in this post: so please read ^^
heyy guys! the good news is... today didnt suck!!! i mean, despite having a cold cuz my throat feels like its in a knot, i had practically no school today!! XD i just had spanish, some other period, and had an ornament sale!!! so i had almost no school!!! its gonna be the same tomorrow... and most likely friday since i get out early!! :P tnx you, my school!!!! so, nobody hates me, Kylies back (im very happy :) and she doesnt hate me), and i have practically nothing else to say. lol
any of you ever heard of "Les Miserables"? its actually means "The Miserable Ones" and i got lyrics for its one song, "On My Own"! they go like so:
And now I'm all alone again
Nowhere to turn, no one to go to
Without a home, without a friend,
Without a face to say hello to.
And now the night is near
Now I can make believe he's here.

Sometimes I walk alone at night
When everybody eklse is sleeping
I think of him and then I'm happy
With the company I'm keeping
The city goes to bed
And I can live inside my head

On my own
Pretending he's beside
All alone, I walk with him till morning
Without him
I feel his arms around me
And when I lose my way I close my eyes
And he has found me

In the rain the pavement shines like silver
All the lights are misty in the river
In the darkness, the trees are full of starlight
And all I see is him and me for ever and forever

And I know it's only in my mind
That I'm talking to myself and not him
And although I know that he is blind
Still I say, there's a way for us

I love him
But when the night is over
He is gone, the river's just a river
Without him the world around me changes
The trees are bare and everywhere
The streets are full of strangers

I love him
But everyday I'm learning
All my life I've only been pretending
Without me his world will go turning
A world that's full of happiness
That I have never known!

I love him
I love him
I love him
But only on my own

you guys have no idea what Les Miserables is, do you? do you guys even know what RENT is? i wrote lyrics to it one day and you guys acted like you never knew 'em. well, anyway, how was your day?

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

people hate me... TT.TT i bet you do too!!!!
i seriously have this feelin people hate me - whether its on or off the internet. i asked my friends. they said they didnt hate me or anything, but some of you people on theOtaku hate me. yes, im like, absolutely positive you hate me. you say you dont, but:
"what kills me more are the lies you tell me and then what will kill you is everything you said and if you ever wanted to be my friend and i decided i really started to hate you. you cant take what you said back - no matter what you say or do."
well, if youi dont hate me, then you dont. but please, dont be mean to me. alot of people have been getting mad at me - on or off. so please, i hope your not mad at me. i mean, im not mad at any of you guys, and i have no idea what i did wrong if i did, but im absolutely sorry about it!! just please dont hate me...!!

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