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Sunday, January 21, 2007

im not a shirker!!!! >
well, hi (i guess). today was all fine until i got yelled at TT.TT and then it went fine, and then everything got all messed up again and now i guess its fine...? im talking to my friend. :P im trying to think. all of a sudden, i was trying to think what type of people im like from Naruto. well one, im Neji. i (sometimes) think something is predetermined or that i can see whats gonna happen. and then, im also like the lazy ass Shikamaru. im not a complete shirker (only when i think i am - in other words, when im bored and i watch tv. but thats not being a complete shirker, is it? im not as bad as Shika-kun. at least i HAVE an imagination!!). then, im like Naruto (sometimes). i get all hyper sometimes. and finally, im like Temari in a way. i may be a girl but i kick ass. so, i may be like more characters, but i dont know. i was just thinkin about that. oh! and i saw last night episodes and thought it was a little disapponting that Shika didnt have a new justu but wt? i mean, it was still good and my lil bro actually thought the 9th Sound Ninja was gonna cut Shikamaru's head off when right away i reliazed it was Asuma (sensei). 'scuse me for turning this whole post into a Naruto-addiction post. very sorry!!! well, besides that, i may not be getting pocky *sigh* and i have to study for that huge science test tomorrow... -_-" i havent been in the mood to study for that science test but i have to... later. my mom said i could at least spend an hour on the internet but then im not allowed on anymore tonight... eh... now im getting in trouble... better end this post here and now. how is your day, guys?
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