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Friday, January 26, 2007

promise to KIRSTEN and ACE
hi guys. i havent been on for almost a week... how sad (lol). my HTML is still a lil messed up (even if it doesnt look it) so i turned my site off. i may have to do that again sometime... this week was so boring and was horrible. i almost got myself killed like a gazillion times... i almost tripped down the stairs, almost choked on Pocky, i hurt my hand, i had about a nosebleed everyday... ok, maybe only 3 days (one day was durin PE. i ended up getting hit in the face with a ball!) and well, i ended hurting myself somehow, somewhere, sometime. what else can i say? funny... just saw a Naruto commercial.... Shino action figure? since when? weird... oh, and by the way, KIRSTEN and ACE, if you are reading this continue to read it!!! this is my promise to you guys who get sick of me writin about Naruto all the time; my promise: i will STOP talking about it soooooooooo much!!!! my promise!!!!! ill end here. anything special going on? this week, last week, next week, the week after next week, the week after the week after next week (so on and so forth) nothing special is going on.... so booooooooooring!! every week is boring.... i have to submit my fan art sometime soon.... oh, one more thing: theres a mini Naruto marathon tomorrow night (i dont know when. i think 7-10p). ok, i have to stop talkin bout Naruto. Axe and Kirsten will hate me for talking about it. anyway, how was your day?

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