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Saturday, January 27, 2007

bit of a slacker today. i feel like that's nothing new. gotta prevent myself from staying up so late (lol). i'm soooooooo tired! look, i'm actually addin in gramer to my posts. how scary. i never do that :P so, uh, i guess i can start with "hello"

it's like, 4:00p over here. *sigh* i don't think i really did anything all day. all i did was listen to music, go on the comp, play some video games, draw some pics, and eat nachos while i was in the car. doesn't that sound so exciting?

i'm skipping around in this post... i shouldn't do that. oh well. not like it matters. i'm not the only one (people who do this know what i mean). so, tomorrow i'm thinking of submitting new fan art. i drew a hinata pic today. i was pretty bored. have you ever drawn a pic that you liked and then all of a sudden a day or 2 later, you don't like it anymore? that's what happens to me. i mean, i even look at the pics from my past. horrible. they're the worse things i've ever seen. i improved alot. that's good news, though! :P

ah.... i smell soup. now i'm hungry... i ate so long ago. well, i have today to tell you all: i'm NOT clumsy! i read your comments. i'm fine now. i guess i just had an 'off' week. that's it. *sigh* i'm bored. i guess this means my post ends here. how was your day?

...i think this post came out very long... o.O (whoops!)

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