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Saturday, January 20, 2007

my new site looks!
hi guys!!! how does my site look? i got a Gaara bg and changed the colors. does it look good? i know the bg is sorta small, but i still like it ^^ its currently 1:03p over here. Naruto's coming on tonite... i wanna see it!!! lol ive been Naruto addicted for the longest time... its my favorite thing!!!!! i may keep my avi though... i was thinkin of changing it to a Naruto avi but i dunno... right! i forgot to tell you, thursday, i had pocky (w/ strawberry cream). it was soooooooo good ^^ my friend bought it to school. she told me where you could get them (right by where my mom shops for groceries!) so we may pick some up. pocky is soooooooooo good!!!!! im trying to think... ah, im bored :P we went outside for 15 minutes. its soooooooooo cold!!!!!!! >< so im in here, typing up this post, and then ill finish up my manga and do some h/w :P i have a huge science test coming up... i hope ill do well. so hows the weather by you guys? it hasnt snowed at all today... i miss it already! so, until i write another post later, how is your day?
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