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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

yo people!! what up!? lol im hyper for some reason :P gah! Naruto will be on in 6mins so have to type fast (rush rush). first off, i wanna tnx IWMA (iwantmyanime) for the Shikamaru art trade pic!!! i really luved it!!!!!!! i really cant tnx yiu enough!!! am im also glad you liked the 'sexy' Axel pic hichi thought was no where close to sexy when i first drew it! but seriously, you have the pic!? lol i read ya comment and your post (lol)! i still have tons of manga to read. gotta finish Fruits Baskets and the Naruto vol 12... and then dread the long wait for more manga... lets see... i have tests to study for, so i really cant stay on :P eh, i hope i do well!!!! i got 2 tests back today (both high grades) and one yesterday (i got an F) but my mom didnt kill me. it was the night i was multitaking. so, i hopoe i do well on the tests tomorrow!!!!anyway, i have to go (how 3 minutes fly by). so ill ask you guys:how was your day? kk, time to eat KFC!!! lol
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