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Monday, January 15, 2007

my intertnet connection is really lousy today. im on the laptop cuz everytime i sign on with the regular comp cuz no websites can be displayed whatsoever!!! >< damn crummy connection... so, im really sorry iwantmyanime. i WAS gonna post our trade art but since my dad has to fix the comp, i cant post it anytime soon... sorry. gah, and its gona be forever before Naruto comes on... im REALLY bored... *sighs* i cant think of what to do... im listening to Naruto music right now (Orange Range is on). can ytou believe it? school is already in session tomorrow... and i have MORE Presedential Testing... and what sucks more then that is that im pobaly gonna ache for 3 days (again!) because i dont train... i hate training. i mean, whats the point of pres testing anyway? all you do is get a piece of paper sayin you got National or Presedential and its signed by the president and your principle. *sarcasm* wow!! i got a piece of paper signed by the president! *ends sarcasm* seriously people, IT IS A PIECE OF PAPER!!!!!!!!!! anybody could get one - anyone could copy the paper and pretend they got Pres or Natio - ANYONE!!! not worth anything, is it? so, um, bug deal. the school expects alot out of you. whatever, i mean, were kids (yatta yatta) and theres no point. is not like were goin into a competition, is it? so, does anyone besides me think Presedential Testing is worth all the trouble or anything? do you guys think is pretty lame? i do. anyway, how was your day?
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