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Monday, January 29, 2007

oh, God! what a day today was! well, it was a monday... i hate mondays. but, today was a good monday ^^ (suddenly, i'm commenting days of the week?) it was lots of fun, other then me having some homework. bleah... homework makes me wanna throw up but it's finally finished (i think). i actually never came back on myO last night... i was suppose to, but didn't. lol this is strange. i never post on mondays... (or i rarely do). i got home from school and pushed myself to finish my work so i can read my final Fruits Basket manga. i didn't even read it all *weeps* and it's been... 2 weeks since i got my manga. and i have about 3 weeks to wait until KH:CoM manga comes out. yep... another 3 weeks or so TT.TT anyway, i was reading the Furuba manga and started crying. that's rare. i usually don't cry. actually, it's more like i never cry (when at sopmethings i do but only if they're really horrible or something like that). i wanted to stop reading but i was like "NO! i have to know what happens next!!!" it was hard to read. tears were coming down my face and my eyes grew a lil blurry so i couldn't exactly read what happened, but i still saw the words. it was sad... very sad. i stopped crying and then told myself i had to stop reading the manga for awhile... to prevent myself from crying again. but i kept reading on... i really don't listen to my conscience (sp?)... or at least not all the time. o.O i did stop though. i read a third of the book. i also continued drawing my Temari pic that i plan on submitting on theO sometime this week. i really do. i also have another pic i wanna submit, but i'm holding off. deciding whether or not i want to. but i'm defenitley gonna try and submit my Temari pic... and hopefully my Hinata one after i outline and color it. i outlined most of the Temari one. just to color it in... and then it's big moment arrives. lol has this been a long post? *sighs* i must stop here, before i create boredom for everyone :P how was your day?
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