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Sunday, March 4, 2007

doesn't it seem a little weird? o.O
when i got on the computer a few minutes ago, i received a PM from my friend, katie. she told me half the pics in her portfolio were missing. i checked out my portfolio, just to see if any of the pics were there. 7 out of 36 pictures appeared; that's it. and it still said i have 36 pics, but then what happened to the other 29? and i really don't wanna re-submit them; i already had to do that once. but isn't that akward? that so many pics are gone when only 7 are still there? i checked 5 portfolios: mine, katie's, 15385bic's, taytay's, and kylie's. only taytay's, mine, and and katie had missing pics. what's going on? i PMed adam and asked, hopefully he'll get back. i also left a comment on his post. so i hope he answers back. i really don't wanna lose any pics: especially that temari chibi one i drew that i got alot of votes on. i worked hard on these pics, and now only 7 will appear? i don't undertsand why. what's going on; does anyone know? it's not happening to everyone, but i happen to be one of the unlucky ones TT.TT if anyone knows, can you please tell me? please!? i'm starting in a horrible mood.... not knowing why these pics won't apperar TT.TT
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