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Monday, March 26, 2007

i have a cold... *cough*
*hugs* tnx to everyone who visited my post yesterday (and today - hint, hint! Angel Zakuro and 15385bic :P) *hugs* if i hug you all i'm afraid you'll die, so i'll stop. anywayz, tnx--! (ah! there i go again!!!) *hugs* ok, i'll stop now.

hm... so, what to say? right, i've been palyin' FF3 and when the Bahamut boss came up (Dragon's Peak) i didn't know i was suppose to run away. i didn't get that message until the 4x i battled it ^^; i agree with 15385bic, it is sorta hard. i changed Refia into a thief.... i wish i just left her as a white mage but if she attacked, usually it would only damage 2% of the monster, and what happens if the HP of a monster is over 200??? then that would be bad, so i changed her. i seem to be in a huge ff3 craze, so i'm drawing Luneth (as a real lookin' person, or so i'm hoping ^^;) but why continue on about this?ok, let's face the fact: i'm too much of a video game fanatic; it will never get off my mind.

to all of you who visited, glad to hear you didn't kick your comp and do anything bad (besides sakurie.... she sounds like she did something bad) so, yeah, what else to say? *thinks* i had alot of homework, like that's nothing new. seriously. tnx God school is almost--... somaigawd! school is almost over!!!! yay!!!!!!!!! ^^ (i actually noticed that during the week.)

i hope everyone is feeling fine... i have a sore/scratchy throat that's been bothering me today (no! i don't have allergies!!) my mom says it's a change in weather. i hope so. who knows how long i'll be able to put up with this. i mean, it's not that bad but it's not absolutely teriffic either. i think i'll survive though.

i guess that's it. i'm not posting at 8:30p again :P this time it's almost 6p. anyway, how was everyone's day? and i hope you're not gettin' a cold like me either.

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