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Monday, March 12, 2007

hihihi =D
hihihi today's been a good day. nothing really happened, and i'm just in a good mood ^^ (ok, so i'm hyper too, but that adds to my good mood) so, what can i say? *thinks* it's nice out. nice and warm ^^ no need for jackets =D i ate lunch outside (for once). it's nice to get away from nasty cold weather *nods* what else? *thinks* alot of people like the vincent picture i'm making, but they all thought he was a girl. that's when i said "no, he's not a girl! he's just an amazin' guy who slept in a coffin for 30 years~" and some of them stared at me like "what the heck...?" lol it's coming along though. i still have to outline it and make him look more like a guy instead of a girl :P since i haven't outlined it, it looks like i made a mess out of the paper (lol) so i have to fix that. 've been listenin' to alot of j-pop ^0^ i wuv j-pop. the j-pop fav. singer/band winner is... *opens envelope with a piece of paper inside with the winners name on it* ...L'Arc~en~Ciel and Utada Hikaru ^^ (nobody else got votes; isn't that sad?) since i'm turning into an ff7 geek (all over again) i decided i'll show you a pic done by XxAerithXx!!! it's cute, isn't it? aerith is over-happy with the idea she's braiding sephiroth's hair :P
(took out on 3/17)
how was everyone's day?

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