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Sunday, March 18, 2007

thanks to the people who visited me ^^
to everyone who visited my site yesterday... thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs* i felt so bad when no one visited on monday. i need people to come and 'm glad some did ^^ *hugs again* thank you thank you thank you!!!!!! *never stops thanking* so, what can i say besides thanking everyone to death...? *thinks* right! i agree with everyone all about how we notice people are turning emo (corn, get outta there! don't celebrate!) because i hate the idea of thinking i'm emo. i may like the dark but that doesn't mean i'm emo. sure, sometimes i get really upset. how do i cure? i just read manga, draw, etc and i totally forget what happens (so, see? i'm not emo!) and i hate the idea people cut themselves. i only cut myself when i'm not paying attention to cutting the paper :P and just because my site is dark, i'm not emo! the only reason my site is dark is because i liked the vincent bg (and it's dark) and if i had gotten a light bg, it wouldn't go well with the somewhat-dark vincent one. le's get off the emo subject, cause it will go on forever if i don't stop. yes, i'm a senior otaku and it seems like all my friends ae becoming that too (now i won't see 'otakuite' under their names anymore)! i really can't say much more since i have to get off TT.TT well, i'm looking for a new bg theme (thinkin of changin it to a naruto theme with akatsuki or something on it). well, i'm still looking; i'll probaly have a new theme before i get off. ah! i found one: for now it will be itachi (yup!) ...i have to go now... -_-" hopefully i'll get on later. how was everyone's day? (yay! and my wp got on ^^)
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