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Saturday, March 10, 2007

i wub j-pop!!!! ^.^
heyy! i haven't been on for awhile?i think that's been hapening lately o.O so, i guess i should ask: how was everyone's day - er, - week? mine was good, i guess. sis, why are you so depressed!? *continues* i'm sorry i haven't been to any sites all week. and i'm sorry for all the requests/trade arts; they're almost done!!!!!! i'm upset though... i made 2 wp's last night and submitted and they never appeared TT.TT i'm sad... but i guess that's life. i'll just have to submit them again, won't i? here's the first one. it's tifa lockhart (from ff7) but this version of ff7 is "last order" (aka, last order: ff7) unfortunately, it wasn't big enough at first and it created pink on the bottom -_-" gotta watch out for that in the future

and the second one is vincent valentine (another ff7 character) but from the ff7 called dirge of cereberus (aka, dirge of cerberus: ff7)

nm to say.... i'm bored. so, what's up? i'll try and visit some sites today, but i'm busy, so don't expect to get one (sorry!) *hugs* can you guys forgive me? by the way, here's a poll :P

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