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Sunday, March 25, 2007

welcome back, sis!!!! *hugs*
yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ky-chan is finally back!!! i'm so happy =D i'm also happy you had a great time sis *hugs* i love you! i'm also sorry for the people (including sakurie) who will kick their comp because mine user profile was off - and yes - it was off (so sakurie, no computer bangning, please!) so, how should i start off?

well, this weeks been awfully busy (not to mention this post is being posted at 8:30p) so i never had the chance to get on. so i'm sorry to everyone i haven't visited (and Rei-syn's PM i never got back to her). please don't hate me!!!! unfortunately, i can't visit anyone's sites, so tomorrow i will, kk?

friday i went to GameStop and got FF3 (which is an awesome game). i've been playing it non-stop. although i can't say i'm really far in the game: i'm supposedly headin' to Dragon's Peak to find some guy names Desch or somrthin' orother :P i had to play the game 4x from the beginnin' cuz i'm not the type of person to look into an insruction manual :P i was about to ask taytay how you save, until i read the insrtuction booklet. i'm so stupid (15385bic, don't say i'm clumsy!!!!!) so now i can talk to people through the Wi-Fi connection. can i talk to any of you guys? first.... you'll have to tell me how (besides talkin' to Mognet and then sending messages by clickin' a button and.... wait! is that it?) so, i have all my 4 characters: Luneth, Arc, Refia, and Ingus. i didn't want them all to stay as freelancers, so i changed their jobs.
Luneth: warrior
Arc: black mage
Refia: white mage
Ingus: red mage
i'm on Dragon's Peak right now... why do i keep talkin' 'bout FF3??

well, i played some FF12 yesterday and i wasn't so use to it. it's nothing like any of the FF games i adapt to so well; i didn't expect romance from a wedding in the beginning and seeing a prince and princess (what's-his-name and Ashe) kissing since they got married and all and then i had to listen to some guy speak and i'm not very use to it. but i'm getting there, i know that much.

what else can i say? *thinks* i really don't know. this whole pose has been mainly about FF (more like FF3). right! i remember now: when i was watchin' Naruto last night, something happened at one of the scenes where Kakashi visited the stone with all the KIAs (Killed In Action) because Obito's name was on it and something happened and they didn't play anymore Naruto so i got upset. they didn't end it; i didn't get to see how it ended!!!!! so, i guess i end here *hugs* how was everyone's day?? and once again, sorry i wasn't on!!
p.s. my new bg bg is one i made and just submitted: tell me watcha think =D

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